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  1. DeCypherVII

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    There's gotta be a better way to cycle maps, I can have the playlist on "all" maps and it'll give me sanhok 7 times in a row. Also the ghost chutes and people running right up to me with me not hearing them is getting quite annoying.
  2. DeCypherVII

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    Also the movement is really sketchy now. 2 patches ago it was actually working really well, not it honestly makes me not want to play lol.
  3. DeCypherVII

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    Lol for the joker and harley quinn set you're basically paying 20 dollars PER SET. That's ridiculous.
  4. DeCypherVII

    The Mutant

    I feel the same way dude lol
  5. DeCypherVII

    Smack in the face

    It's basically 20 bucks for the fuckin nurse outfit lol thats just ridiculous
  6. DeCypherVII

    Xbox 1.0 Update #2 - Feedback Topic

    This update is pretty good, honestly I was ready to have something to complain about. The only problems I have are still the same old shit with smg's still magically getting long distance kills on lvl 3 armor like its not there, and the qbz just 3 tapping me with lvl 2 or 3 armor and knocking or killing me. But other than that its running good, and I'm enjoying the hell out of the new guns.
  7. DeCypherVII

    I Pray Blackout does not kill PUBG

    Try not being a fuckin douchebag
  8. DeCypherVII

    I Pray Blackout does not kill PUBG

    It won't. I personally don't get the adrenaline rush in a top 5 situation in blackout like I do in pubg. And idk man, I just really don't like not being able to lean out and peek and whatnot lol
  9. I thought it was fun, after a few matches got a little tired of it and moved on. I do like that air drops were dropping everywhere though.
  10. DeCypherVII

    guns hitting vehicles and walls

    Exactly dude lol. I feel its mostly a problem with a scoped weapon. Can't tell you how many times I've leaned out from a rock or tree and shot the tree. But I've also had situations where I'd be peeking, exchanging gunfire, and watch the guy peek a tree or corner and I can literally only see their ear and like an eighth of their helmet. And BAM they would headshot me. Blows my mind, how are they doing this because if I do it i shoot the tree lol. This game.
  11. DeCypherVII

    September 18th Hotfix Feedback Topic

    I have been killed by the QBZ in three shots more times than i can count. Kinda ridiculous. Also still sick and tired of being killed after moving behind cover.
  12. DeCypherVII

    guns hitting vehicles and walls

    Its also because the characters are like 5'2 ?
  13. DeCypherVII

    Could we possibly have a bit more volume?

    While I agree with this, for me usually the sound is fine. I want it to be louder in general, but I think mostly i want more consistency. While its mostly consisent, I have those few times where i don't hear somebody run right up on me. I definitely turn my volume down on my headset when a plane flies over or when i'm driving lol that shit is ridiculously loud!! I only have turtle beach stealth 700's though, which are great but i do want the ability to turn them up more and blast my ears off if i want lol and you can't do that with those.
  14. I know right!! Use a trauma kit and boost up to 200 health and get lvl 2 or 3 armor and boom, your the juggernaut lolol.