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  1. Rock1obsta

    Will xbox pubg survive ?

    I really don't follow games that closely. I'm only speaking from personal experience, I've tried the other ones and they're all missing the tension and excitement that Pubg has. Either you gotta build, or be forced to squad up, or it's just not fun. Perhaps I should amend my previous statement to for me, Pubg will outlast all contenders, as it was a bit hasty.
  2. Rock1obsta

    Will xbox pubg survive ?

    Sure fortnight is miles ahead in terms of players, but it'll fizzle out before Pubg. Considering most of fortnight players are kids, they're gonna get bored and move on. Pubg will stick around simply because it was the first and best BR out there.
  3. Rock1obsta

    Will xbox pubg survive ?

    Pubg will outlive all contenders in the battle royal genre.
  4. Rock1obsta


    Firestorm is gonna be EPIC. You got DICE, arguably the greatest FPS devs out there, creating a sandbox battle royal. There's nothing left to say. Battlefield stomps all other FPS's without even trying. This will be no different.
  5. Rock1obsta

    Need hit markers

    We absolutely do not need hit markers. The best thing about this game is the lack of any hand holding. Never ever change that.
  6. Rock1obsta

    Did I really miss every shot

    This happened to me yesterday. Dude was in front of me shooting, and somehow his bullets spanged off the fryin pan.
  7. Rock1obsta

    SMG strafing

    Running sideways while shooting.
  8. Rock1obsta

    SMG strafing

    I mean, you should be winning those fights. AR's shouldn't be winning against smg's when you're in a hallway.
  9. Rock1obsta

    Frags - too OP?

    I'll take the win be it from guns or 'splosions. Makes no difference to me. On topic, I haven't noticed grenades being too powerful at all. I score the occasional kill from one, but am rarely killed by them.
  10. I love the fact that there's no aim assist. The absence of any safety nets is what appeals to most of us who stick through despite the issues. No AA, directional hit indicators, nothing. It's based solely on your skill and how much you practice and pay attention. It definitely doesn't hurt.
  11. Rock1obsta

    Night - hmm, not quite what I expected

    Does the night map come up at random? I don't see an option to pick it.
  12. Rock1obsta

    Is There Anybody Out There??

    I think it's much easier to get kills and avoid being killed in TPP just because you can peek. I prefer the challenge of not being able to look around corners while hiding, it's much more tense and exciting. I can tolerate TPP in games like GRW since it's a single player story but I feel it makes multiplayer easier for everyone when you can look around corners and upstairs without actually sticking your head out. Naturally Everybody is gonna do this. The concept of pubg is so excellent though, that I can't help but play, despite my misgivings about the view. At least it's FPP when aimng down the sights so there's that.
  13. Rock1obsta

    Is There Anybody Out There??

    I agree. I'd love it if they added a FP only mode to GRW. It would be even more amazing than it already is. I'm not too educated on the hardcore scene, but I'm pretty sure there aren't any e-sport shooters where you can see your character(except Fortnight, they'd be foolish to ignore the runaway money train that it is even though it's extremely lame imho) It's hard to retain immersion when you can see your guys back at all times. I love Pubg, and I play in TPP but only because it's the only mode available. I'm at a loss as to why people prefer this way. The only reason I can see is that it's easier to play when you can use the camera to peek around corners and up staircases.
  14. Rock1obsta

    Is There Anybody Out There??

    Lol, or maybe I just like it better. I don't like shooters where I can see my character. Regardless of the popularity, I don't like it nearly as much, it takes away from the experience. Elitist....sure guy. Whatever you wanna think.
  15. Rock1obsta

    Is There Anybody Out There??

    I understand you disagree, tell me why though. I'm always interested to see someone else's perspective.