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  1. Rock1obsta

    PUBG unplayable in the weekends??

    Yeah I imagine that would suck. I haven't been switched out of mine yet, so figured you could change it somewhere like before, my bad. Sometimes it says my game might be wonky because I'm in NA servers, but I'm in North America anyways so I ignore it and wait for it to go back to normal. You really can't pick your region anymore?
  2. Rock1obsta

    PUBG unplayable in the weekends??

    I'm not saying it's not, man. I'm just suggesting everyone stay in their own region. If everyone did, there wouldn't be a shortage of players in these places and people wouldn't need to roam. A better solution would be ping lock, where you could play anywhere as long as everyone had a similar ping. This way wild different ones can't cause things like being shot behind cover, etc.
  3. Rock1obsta

    PUBG unplayable in the weekends??

    The vast difference in play quality between players is staggering. I started in March of 18 and it's never been unplayable for me. The very worst thing to happen was buildings not rendering all the way before I land occasionally. Other than that it plays great. I play on an Xbox one S 1TB and I also stay in my own region. I would wager the majority of problems come from people NOT playing in their own region, thus fucking it up for others who do. A ping lock is necessary to keep people in their own areas.
  4. Rock1obsta

    MiniRoyale back ? (with all the maps)

    Right. If people decide to wait in a queue, that's their choice. We know it might take longer, but not as long as playing a different map or backing out and coming back in.
  5. Rock1obsta

    Salute to Andy

    I believe I have the distinct honor of being the first one to take a shot from his banhammer.(which I deserved, no doubt) If I remember correctly, he wasn't yet a moderator when I joined last year, and I posted something stupid and before I knew it, he gave me a timeout. I wouldn't wanna hafta sift through all these posts day after day. He's doing God's work....lol.....
  6. Rock1obsta

    Leaning left while ADS-ing - FPP

    Maybe you're clicking it twice by accident? Does it do it every time?
  7. Rock1obsta

    An Update: 7 days no play

    Is BF V your first one?? Dude, you gotta play 3,4 & 1 also. You can only play 3 n Xbone or PC, because its backward compatible, but the Xbox one servers are always full. Still!! 4 is more modern with slightly futuristic vibes but no stupid jet boots or wall running garbage. I got hooked on 3 back in 2011and haven't looked back. Best Shooter out there IMHO.
  8. Rock1obsta

    An Update: 7 days no play

    I would love if these guys paired up with DICE.
  9. Rock1obsta

    An Update: 7 days no play

    I don't think it's a listening problem; it's more of an inexperienced dev team problem. When a game works better in it's preview(read:beta) state than it does in it's "finished" state, it's time to find a better team or or teach the one you have.
  10. Rock1obsta

    Let me ask you this

    Because it wouldn't be out of preview yet if they kept the warning on the screen. Since it's considered a full release, they're not able to put the disclaimer on it.
  11. It was like this until people complained.
  12. Rock1obsta

    FPP Players in TPP Game

    I can always get into FPP living and playing in North America as well. Takes less than a full minute most of the time.
  13. Rock1obsta

    My favorite complaints on this board

    Planned obsolescence is a very real, and very shitty thing for customers to deal with. Unfortunately, alot of tech companies follow this bullshit, cough *apple* cough.
  14. Rock1obsta

    My favorite complaints on this board

    This is absolutely correct. If a game is made for a console, it should run on that console, period. There are no exceptions or excuses. If Respawn and Treyarch can do it, there's literally no reason Bluehole can't. That said, I do understand there are things beyond their control, namely shitty internet connections. However, their staunch refusal to ping lock the servers is a poor decision on their part, and needs to be remedied as soon as possible. There's no reason I should be in servers with people who's ping is over 100-150ms when I am consistently under 30ms, just no reason at all.
  15. Rock1obsta

    How many players?

    Last time someone posted a few months ago it averages about 400K an hour, with peak times around 850K to.a million. I'd assume it's still going pretty strong. If you search function the forums you might still be able to find the link