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    Feedback for the developers reguarding the game.

    I can wait for 1 more hour in the game to get a match but please leave the game...
  2. Sushant chowdary

    2 Weeks now and no Patch...

    They never promised that they'll release a patch every two weeks..also, they provided an update that they are working on it...Strat working for Bluehole if you want to get updates everyday..
  3. Sushant chowdary

    Lightening has struck!

  4. Where do we have death cam and replay on console?
  5. Sushant chowdary

    Bug pantaloni

    Molti giocatori stanno affrontando questo problema e il suo problema tecnico..PUBG ne è a conoscenza probabilmente ..
  6. Sushant chowdary


    I agree that the players are not playing FPP and I am a bit disappointed too being an FPP player.. Don't u feel that they have a choice too and even they feel the same way if all the players are playing only FPP..
  7. Sushant chowdary

    Isurgency: Sandstorm

    You are joking right?
  8. Sushant chowdary

    PUBG is dying again at the hands of Apex

    I got to give it to Apex that the game runs good..but you can never compare it to PUBG..
  9. Sushant chowdary

    Can't go ADS while prone anymore!

    Posting a video will help them
  10. Sushant chowdary

    Map Selection???

    If you are player of PC from day one you should b knowing already why there is no such feature till now... Even PC doesn't have map selection from day 1.
  11. Sushant chowdary

    PUBG Console Proximity Chat

    Ah..Beaten to death topic..😳
  12. Sushant chowdary

    DLC Code for the disc version of PUBG

    A lot fo them
  13. Sushant chowdary

    Survivor Reward Duplicates

    The writing on shirt says it all.. DO IT
  14. Wanna leave my Mother earth after reading the Vehicle suggestions...
  15. Sushant chowdary

    Is this a glitch?

    One message from Andy to cheer up the players😂
  16. Sushant chowdary

    Fix the Server ASPA!

    ASPA 😆
  17. Sushant chowdary

    Smoke grenade bug

    I think they have already mentioned this in the December patch notes..
  18. what???????????????????????????????????????????
  19. Sushant chowdary

    Vikendi ps4?

    A lot fo them...
  20. Sushant chowdary

    Who is your favorite PC player??

    Tough to chose between doesn't matter and I don't care..
  21. Sushant chowdary

    Xbox One X Full Shutdown

    I don't think this is an issue of the game..Sounds like a hardware issue.. I replaced my console anyway
  22. Sushant chowdary

    Vikendi ps4?

    They don't want to give a date till they are sure.. For multiple reasons, it might get postponed and our community has some players who like to whine about it..
  23. Sushant chowdary

    Where is the updates?

    It's just been 10 days give them some time..They have a life too...
  24. Sushant chowdary

    Game hub STILL is counting wins as TWO!

    Hope they don't blame PUBG for Gamehub stats as well..
  25. Sushant chowdary

    European Servers

    They have mentioned in the previous community weekly posts that they are going to implement the similar way in Console...I think it will come up with this update..give them some time...