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  1. They never promised that they'll release a patch every two weeks..also, they provided an update that they are working on it...Strat working for Bluehole if you want to get updates everyday..
  2. I agree that the players are not playing FPP and I am a bit disappointed too being an FPP player.. Don't u feel that they have a choice too and even they feel the same way if all the players are playing only FPP..
  3. If you are player of PC from day one you should b knowing already why there is no such feature till now... Even PC doesn't have map selection from day 1.
  4. I think they have already mentioned this in the December patch notes..
  5. They don't want to give a date till they are sure.. For multiple reasons, it might get postponed and our community has some players who like to whine about it..
  6. It's just been 10 days give them some time..They have a life too...
  7. They have mentioned in the previous community weekly posts that they are going to implement the similar way in Console...I think it will come up with this update..give them some time...
  8. What can they going to do if the players are not willing to play on the EU/OC servers
  9. Is this still happening on PTS? I thought it is fixed after the recent patch of PTS..It didn't happen to me after that ..!
  10. I think its better if they are taking time on Map selection. Else, the matchmaking times will be worse due to a low player count as players will be divided among the maps..
  11. 😂The monetary reward point though LMFAO..
  12. Yeah, there is one important update..It's Wednesday today..😂 #JFF
  13. Whatever achievements that you have completed before 1.0 launch, will not be added. There was an issue earlier with this and they cannot add them now..sorry dude, This happened to alot of players..
  14. This entire thread looks like me arguing with my 4-year old niece..😂
  15. This is where the logic 'Rests in Peace'
  16. You don't have all the items and features on PS4 which are available on mobile. How do you expect to connect them?
  17. You are using the PTS. Which is also called Public Test Server and used only at the time of Testing period. There are two version of the game..you are trying to launch the version which is not opened and calling the Devs as XXXX..IT CLEARY SAYS YOU ARE ONE, NOT THEM...
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