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  1. So I have died on two occasions (recently) now due to my buggie flipping and then exploding.....for no good reason. It’s not even a bad or high speed crash. It’s a few soft rolls of the buggy and the BANG. It explodes and imm dead. I have the footage from both occurrences if required. Please address this issue.
  2. Jed

    Vanishing BP balance

    Hi, so.....recently you guys released an update and gave everyone loads of BP. I didn’t spend all of mine. I’ve been away for 5 days, i’ve Come back.....and all of my BP has gone. Why?
  3. Still getting the odd ‘lost connection to host’ (although it is FAR much less frequent than it was before, I got it twice all day compared to every few games or so.....I run mine on the 1X). And one of my friends, one of which has never got it before, got it several times (he’s running it on the standard X1).