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  1. I did 3 solos vikendi, and 2x miramar Installed the game on my internal Xbox one X harddrive, for me everything seems to render in air, so far so good
  2. For me its the Astro Modkit that made a huge difference for me hearing footsteps,closed back and the isolated ear pads
  3. I didn’t see anyone talking about 120hz option on xbox and Freesync 2 ??? Is there a difference between playing on regular freesync or Freesync 2 does 120hz help with anything
  4. Yes i knw ots is def more precise,but in close encounters like small rooms or rush inns i prefer hipfire as it has saved me plenty of times, I guess im just gonna try out 15+ for the snaps
  5. People with 15+ General sens how do you guys manage to hip fire ? In certain situations i like to counter with hip fire, mine is currently at 12 with 5AA, Do you guys just control the hip ?
  6. Im currently using TournamentV2 preset, make sure you turn dolby off and xbox audio settings to Stereo, i also recommend you get the Modkit makes you pinpoint footsteps much much better
  7. Samsung 40inch 4k hdr XboxoneX 240gb ssd Asus 1ms 144hz monitor regular controller Astro a40tr headset
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