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  1. Astro A40 TR New 2019 model Nuff said
  2. Gonna have to give this a try out, you should definitely get the mod kit as it make the headset closed back and outside noise won’t bother you, also are you using this mix with the dolby button on the mixamp ON or Off ?
  3. Not sure if this helps internet speed: dwnload 150mbs, upload:25mbs @PUBG_Andymh5
  4. Hi i live on an Island called Aruba with is about 2:30 flight to the US, for some reason me and my crew are constantly being put in the SA or Eu server with gives us 185+ping we rarely get the US server with gives us 65 ping max I would gladly post pictures if needed but in the meantime pleas fix this, gr8 game, keep up the gr8 work Gamertaq: Xx MaJeSteR xX
  5. Yes thank you,srry about not checking first
  6. Hi yesterday i manage to get the loot glitch where i was unable to cycle in loot boxes,it keep reseting to the first item, Is there a way to reset this bck to normal during in game ?
  7. 80ping 95dwn 25upload on xbox test and im from Aruba island about 3 hour flight to the US
  8. I never thought of the 160 R and 110 L sticks, very interesting, and your setup looks indeed aggressive,gonna deff have a try out, thx for the input
  9. Ok im no tech expert but the Xbox one X or S does give you the option to play at 120hz , how do you knw that your playing at 240hz ? Also have you tried playing at 120hz does that make a difference o pubg ? Currently im playing at 120hz on Acer 144hz 1ms monitor
  10. Yeah no doubt about the PS4 joysticks, Battle beaver give you the option for 110gram of 160gram, 110gram is the same as the xbx 360 with was perfect back in the cod days
  11. I use all 4 paddles,it really takes time to get used to it,but once you do everything feels extremely smooth and comfortable,i can admiti im a better shooter now because of the elite in game app joystick settings and hair triggers,only cons i have i would really like for the joysticks to be more stiff,so im sending my elite to battle beaver to get them extra stiff
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