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  1. Zedman

    The end of PUBG

    Isn't all the problems just part of the beauty of what makes pubg.....pubg? In all seriousness, I fu€kn love this game. It's the 1st game I have found that I'm not bored with b/c each game is different and never the same. Yes the coding is a tad shite, yes you get shot through brick walls when you play in a different region....and yes you fall through the map and swim in a massive underground ocean that was around with the dinosaurs roamed the ice planet. But hey that's the game. Love it or go back to COD cause I am thinking it is what it's is. Love it or leave it baby!
  2. Zedman

    The OC? Why!?

    To be fair, we in the OC region have been putting up with this for months. It's nice to play a game without lag for a change.
  3. My tv is 54 inch Sony, started sitting back in my lounge...but now I sit maybe 1 metre away from the screen. Almost feel like I'm in the game HAHAHA. How close do u sit, and do you feel like it helps you see the enemy.
  4. Zedman

    Raining in Erangel

    Man that thunder is insane! Loved the storm! Adds to the tension. More!!
  5. Zedman


    We had rain on Erangel last night...complete with thunder! Awesome!
  6. Zedman

    More Rain/Fog Weather Matches

    I had one rain game....sounded so cool when it was raining through my headphones. Looked up at the roof to see if it was dripping. The fog is cool too!
  7. Zedman

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    On another post peeps are saying it's only Type B...Type A is apparently ok
  8. Zedman

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    On a positive note...the graphics look like they have been uped! But yeah double tap left bumper fixes it...till u aim again
  9. Zedman

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    Just tried to turn and I think the Titanic turned faster
  10. Zedman

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    Controller is so heavy...partner says the same thing....like your running through mud?? Playing with type B
  11. Zedman

    Matchmaking not working

    Maybe not enough peeps have downloaded yet?
  12. Zedman

    No play options

  13. Zedman

    No play options

  14. Zedman

    Reconnect Controller Bug

    Ok....great to know Im not the only sad bugger with this drama
  15. Zedman

    Reconnect Controller Bug

    Just happened again....stalked a player....open up on them....bang controller turns off and then back on. I start shooting like Ray Charles and then im dead