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  1. Zedman

    Game hitches and FPS drops

    Yes, about a 4 sec freeze, 1st when you land and the 1st time you pick up a item. Also had a pan fight straight up with some guy and found both of us to swing very slowly. It was a good 5 seconds between swings.
  2. Look, I've been playing this game since day 1, just like many of you out there. I got so many of my mates into it. We would crack the beers and settle in for a night of drinking, shooting (the shit more then people) and always get close to that KFC. We have only won a handful of rosters, have many top 10s but not many number 1s. My point is, we have always had fun playing pubg. The quirks like hitting a branch in the UAZs and exploring and killing everyone left us in stitches..cause it was just 'pubg'. But as time went on, we have all to a point, stopped playing. B/c even though there were flaws and such, it was always fair when it came to firefights. Now, I do feel we are at a disadvantage being in Australia (OC) as we are always moved to NA servers. We find it unplayable b/c of the 1 to 2 second lag disadvantage we get. The game is no longer fun, and there are peeps on here that will say, 'Ok see ya, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out'. And that's fine. But the biggest feeling is disappointment. This game is so unique and different just like each time you jump out of the plane..It's always different. Just wish they could finally get the game sorted.
  3. Zedman

    Do you still play PUBG?

    Still play the game, but b/c of rendering issues and the massive desync when playing out of region, this cool game so bloody frustrating. Hope they sort it before another realistic battle royal comes out and steals us away
  4. Zedman

    Why is the community so toxic?

    Because people at the moment are complete assholes...Not sure if it comes from the doom and gloom media or what, but some people are genuine knobs and get kicks from taking the piss out of others. Brush that shit off mate, their breath (or in this case keyboard strokes) don't mean shit.
  5. Agree...but how can the game be on a level field i.e we jump butt naked with no gear, when really it's favoured to what server your on. Total crap.
  6. Hey guys, I'm in Australia, and love it when I get to play on the OC servers (doesn't happen often) as I get no lag, no desync and a fair crack at this amazing game. Just had a game, on the NA and shot this dude in the head maybe 4 times with the AK....he shoots me once with the double barrel (had a Lv 2 vest and heml on) and I'm dead. And yes I know the Americans hate it when they are thrown onto our server and the fine people from europe/uk etc move to another server. It makes the game, that is so challenging...hence the reason I've been on since Day 1, so much bloody harder. Is there ever going to be a way to fix this. We find when the servers are NA, we just don't play anymore...can't see the point as we get killed through desync so much and shot from around corners...you guys know the drill. Hope there maybe an answer 🤞
  7. Hey, has anyone been inside a house (in particular our snow map) and all of a sudden your standing outside.....on the roof??!!! There is no spoon!
  8. Zedman

    Xbox Update #5 - Feedback Topic

    The colour for the colorblind have changed...purple blood is now Gatorade colour, the 2nd is the colour of Smurf blood and the 1st does bright pink blood (deuteranopia). Also the sight colours are now changed too.
  9. Zedman

    Purple blood..

    Changed to the 1st one, does bright pink blood (deuteranopia) looks funky, better than Gatorade. The blue is Ok....like when you shoot a Smurf
  10. Zedman

    EU being put into OC

    I'm in Australia and find when on the EU or NA servers you get shot when around the corner, people always have the drop on you and even last night when I drove a car through someone, it went straight through and didn't kill or knock them. Really sucks and hurts our game.
  11. Zedman

    EU being put into OC

    Yeap, we on the OC have been put into NA servers for such a long time, makes a difference doesn't it??
  12. Zedman

    The end of PUBG

    Isn't all the problems just part of the beauty of what makes pubg.....pubg? In all seriousness, I fu€kn love this game. It's the 1st game I have found that I'm not bored with b/c each game is different and never the same. Yes the coding is a tad shite, yes you get shot through brick walls when you play in a different region....and yes you fall through the map and swim in a massive underground ocean that was around with the dinosaurs roamed the ice planet. But hey that's the game. Love it or go back to COD cause I am thinking it is what it's is. Love it or leave it baby!
  13. Zedman

    The OC? Why!?

    To be fair, we in the OC region have been putting up with this for months. It's nice to play a game without lag for a change.
  14. Zedman

    Raining in Erangel

    Man that thunder is insane! Loved the storm! Adds to the tension. More!!
  15. Zedman


    We had rain on Erangel last night...complete with thunder! Awesome!