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  1. I would second playing around on the training ground, also, there is more YouTube help out there than you can shake a stick at. I would suggest wackyjacky’s videos, especially his earlier ones on the how-to. For mixing it up, work on long parachute drops away from the flight path, and aim for smaller compounds in order to get looted up. Also, it’s a hard game, most of my friends that have been playing for a year plus, including myself, still hover around a 1.0 kills/death ratio
  2. I think the Vector is like the K9 or M24, very high skill/high reward guns. Sure the UMP is easy to use/control, but the Vector wins that fight 10/10 times in the hands of a skilled player
  3. Make sure you delete PUBG off your Xbox after moving it to your external
  4. Was driving east and when I got to the mountain in the middle it went under the mountain, when I went away from the mountain I was flying about 20-30ft above the ground, had to hit a building to stop.
  5. My own or others, sometimes I can, sometimes it’s completely silent. Surface underfoot seems to be irrelevant as I was able to duplicate silent movement in sane building as normal noise
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