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  1. Lifeline82

    10 grenade challenge tips.

    I ended up completing it with squad help, but did find 9 prior to that on Miramar, driving to and looting military base, so close.
  2. Just spectated a game today after dying and 2 of the final 4 people were under the map in the water, right in the middle of the circle. How is this a thing?
  3. Was driving east and when I got to the mountain in the middle it went under the mountain, when I went away from the mountain I was flying about 20-30ft above the ground, had to hit a building to stop.
  4. Lifeline82

    Cant hear footsteps

    My own or others, sometimes I can, sometimes it’s completely silent. Surface underfoot seems to be irrelevant as I was able to duplicate silent movement in sane building as normal noise