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  1. Yep. If I wanted this, I would play on Miarmar. Erangel is my favorite map, by far, but not with this new loot rebalance. Luck used to be part of the equation here, but now it's "You get a gun! You get a gun! EVERYBODY GETS GUNS!" I hope they reconsider a dial it back a notch or two, but I'm not hopeful on that. It's like playing BF1 on their sniper friendly maps.
  2. Here's a thought: Remember how BAD the input lag was at the beginning? It slowly got better over time as the game was optimized, but we all kinda compensated as best we could. After patch #7 though, the responsiveness seems to be incredible. It almost feels TOO responsive now, because some of us are used to the sluggish controls - myself especially. I have to wonder if a lot of the problems we're having it because we have to relearn how to play with little to no input lag?
  3. Sometime in 2020.... "Patch #12 - Optimization of menus. We have completed optimization of menus by removing all the images and graphics. It's text. Nothing but text." (I kid, Bluehole... the game is coming along nicely now. Keep up the good work!)
  4. I'm having a similar feeling because my guy will suddenly start to drift forward for 3-4 seconds then stop randomly. I've turned up my dead zones (25 now) but it's still doing it.
  5. ...and here I thought it was just me feeling this.
  6. I know there are still issues here and there, some people are waiting for 60fps, and I'm probably in the minority here. But this is the first time this game has felt like a 1.0 game, as opposed to last December. It's running fairly smooth, and they've cut a LOT of the fat out of the code. The initial rendering, one of the biggest issues has been improved and mostly rectified. PUBG feels so much better and more polished then before. Yes, there's still much work to do, but update #7 was one of the last big puzzle pieces that needed to be placed. Really, I wonder how the community reaction would be if it left Game Preview now instead of last year.
  7. Has anybody has any issues with their character drifting slowly without input? I haven't had this issue since they put in movement dead zone settings. It seems to happen at random when I'm stopped for no reason. Changing the left stick deadzone from 10 to 20 made it happen a bit less frequently, but it still keeps happening.
  8. Ok, color me impressed. Trying to stream all that data through the S's tiny ESRAM must be a nightmare to develop for.
  9. Those who play TPP, like myself do get it. We just don't agree or care.
  10. Here's an idea: They could alternate between black and white as a flashing indicator, so it would be very visible on just about any color map.
  11. OzPrime

    Stuck on nook..

    Bug Description: Stuck in small crevace Location: Vikendi, on the outskirts of Tovar Evidence: See Video Replication: NA Xbox One Version: Xbox One X Connection: Wired Game Mode: TPP Solo OzmodiusPrime_PLAYERUNKNOWNSBATTLEGROUNDSPublicTestServer_20190109_02-13-39.mp4
  12. OzPrime

    Circle color

    Really, Erangel and Sanhok should have white circles. Miramar and Vikendi should have black circles.
  13. I get the "Unable to Connect to Server" after every match, but most times it only takes a few re-tries to get back in.
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