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  1. OzPrime

    The end of PUBG

    Yes, there are of entitled players hers complaining about the dumbest things that have nothing to do with performance... However, he did pay $30 for a product that is no longer a Game Preview title, so he IS entitled to have a relatively polished product at this point. If they are still having problems with rendering in Vikendi, then is should still be in the PTS. There should be no stutters or frame rate drops on a vehicle on any map (without an SSD) at this point, but there are. As long as there are solid issues with the game and performance, consumers are justified in complaining about a product they bought that is promoted as a 1.0 release. I can't help but wonder about the negotiations between MS and Bluehole and the simple question of "Can you get this game ported over to (minimum base) Xbox One and running well?" Is this a case of over-promising and under-delivering by the suits?
  2. OzPrime


    On a related note, is is just my imagination, or do I hear a Molotov sound (glass crash followed by fire), when I land hard and roll at the end of the drop? Can anyone else confirm?
  3. Bug Description: Rain drops on "screen" appearing indoors Location: Erangel Evidence: See image (hard to capture on a screenshot) Xbox One Version: One X Connection: Wired Game Mode: TPP Solo
  4. For those who keep complaining about not being able to play the map they want to play: There are simply NOT enough players to sustain a solid player base across 4 maps and 8 different modes all at once. Giving you specific map selection options will kill everybody's matchmaking time and we'll all spend more time waiting for matches then anything else. Also, we've already seen in the PTS when BH closes specific modes (FPP, Duos, etc) because of a shrinking player base. So, it's either this, or we lose FPP, or 4 Man Squads. or wait times as long as a typical match. Every single one of those options would piss of a good portion of the players, and things will get worse much quicker. Unless the player count increases substantially, individual map selection is probably NOT going to happen.
  5. OzPrime

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    "Over-complicated" is a good way to describe it.
  6. OzPrime

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    So far so good. The building interiors in Erangel needs more polish though (the Vikendi interiors look so much better with no light bleed in the seams). The Play menu screen is kind of a mess and doesn't seem to be intuitive for controller use. Also, may I suggest the FPP/TPP switch be made a toggle instead of having to actually move the switch to one setting of another? I sound like I'm dragging on it, but overall it looks good and performance continues to improve. Nice job, BH.
  7. OzPrime

    Change The Color Of The Circle

    Here's an idea: They could alternate between black and white as a flashing indicator, so it would be very visible on just about any color map.
  8. OzPrime

    Stuck on nook..

    Bug Description: Stuck in small crevace Location: Vikendi, on the outskirts of Tovar Evidence: See Video Replication: NA Xbox One Version: Xbox One X Connection: Wired Game Mode: TPP Solo OzmodiusPrime_PLAYERUNKNOWNSBATTLEGROUNDSPublicTestServer_20190109_02-13-39.mp4
  9. OzPrime

    Circle color

    Really, Erangel and Sanhok should have white circles. Miramar and Vikendi should have black circles.
  10. OzPrime

    Major server issues

    I get the "Unable to Connect to Server" after every match, but most times it only takes a few re-tries to get back in.
  11. OzPrime

    Xbox One x graphic options feedback

    Things look like you're playing through a screen door on Performance Mode. Not too bad, but the minor boost in fps, almost doesn't warrant it. I'll be curious what happens when they get the dynamic resolution up and running. Considering they rushed this map out because of all the complaining, it makes a good first showing.
  12. I'm having that issue as well. Couldn't win a gunfight if it was gifted to me these last 2 weeks. A server RESET at the very minimum would probably help.
  13. OzPrime

    Xbox One X vs OG PS4 - impressions.

    Smooth menus will be a nice improvement when we get it. The whole UI seems very un-optimized everywhere. Even during a match it doesn't seem to update as quickly as the rest of the game. Good post though, thank you. Now, assuming they aren't working on a secret Switch port of the game (LOL), we'll see what BH can do fully focused on existing platforms.
  14. OzPrime


    Honestly, I don't fully understand it myself. I'll walk up to a door to get an idea of my height and it seems roughly ok, but the whole thing feels off compared to other shooters. That's why I'm curious about the FOV adjustments. It also doesn't help that the wait is WAY too long for FPP matchmaking, and I hope that improves soon as well.
  15. OzPrime


    Well, it's my biggest issue, but not the only one. Hoping that a better FOV will make it feel a bit better. At this point, I'm not expecting a made-from-scratch FPP experience like Battlefield, but it definitely needs improvement. This version of PUBG really SHOULD have been started from the ground up as a console shooter.