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  1. TomatenFisch

    Game starts with only one player

    The next one with 3 Player ..... PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. TomatenFisch

    Game starts with only one player

    Update Another game that started with only two players. I think it would be good if someone would comment on it! PLEASE
  3. TomatenFisch

    Game starts with only one player

    the ID from the game...
  4. TomatenFisch

    Game starts with only one player

    No, it starts and immediately the message appears. Winner Winner ...
  5. Game starts with only one player
  6. I couldn't pick up the gun at this point.
  7. TomatenFisch

    No Miramar lobby

    Today missions: get 100 damage on Miramar! Hey Dev Team. I CANT GET A MIRAMAR LOBBY!!! Why your has a Suppart Forum when your not answer?????
  8. TomatenFisch

    No Miramar lobby

    After waiting for more than two hours for a Miramar lobby one with only 2 players was started! Would someone please comment on the facts! PLEASE
  9. TomatenFisch

    No Miramar lobby

    AND SO ON ::::
  10. TomatenFisch

    No Miramar lobby

  11. TomatenFisch

    No Miramar lobby

    Since the Vikendi update, I no longer get a lobby for Miramar. I have been waiting for a total of several hours for a lobby in the European main time (17: 00-22: 00). It is now displayed just 2m 47 s waiting time, but even after 20min no lobby. And please build a way to select the maps you want to play. Not one or all but zb. Erangle and Miramar selectable. Thank you very much.
  12. Moin, (sorry for my english) two bugs, the first one killed me same times, the second one killed me in the zone: cars drive under the way when you parachuting. if you parachuting and a other Player drive a car you dont see him because the car ist driving under the way: and this one is new for me: cars disappears zhx for fixing