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  1. I am pretty much done playing this game for now because of the hackers. It's just so disheartening getting into the top 10 / getting really good loot then dying; but then I think "ah well played", I watch the Death Cam and it ends up being some ridiculous hacker. Each time that happens I wan't to keep playing less and less. There are reasons for people leaving this game, and I will probably join those people VERY soon.
  2. I know a lot of people complain about this, but seriously, it is getting really bad. I could make a montage out of the horrendous desync / hit reg incidents I have come across. I could show so many examples, 2 of which literally happened in the two games before this one. Sorry for complaining, but it's really getting on my nerves now. https://gyazo.com/fca3a29c7d0b8945466af70ff84e78d3
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