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  1. I’ve had times where I was in a fight and simply flapped my big thumbs around on the controller and pulled the map up accidentally or the inventory, and got dead. Has even happened to me in the final 2 once 😕
  2. The last 15 games I played on quick join I got: Erangel -1 Miramar- 3 Vikendi-4 Sanhok-7 i don’t mind the maps but I get jack of the same ones over and over.
  3. I love the QBU, just a shame to only get it on sanhok
  4. Enjoy the other games. I generally feel there’s too many people looking for a reason not to play this, as opposed to finding more reasons to stay. I enjoy this game far more than most FPS these days (and I have played a LOT over the years). Lots of my regular squaddies are gone, but I keep playing on solo. Some games i tear my remaining hair out, others I am on fire, so it’s actually keeping me motivated knowing that I can go from first player dead dropping hot, to dropping hot and being the last man standing within a few games. You’ll be back.
  5. Just back out to title screen or change your game settings under the play tab...
  6. Stop sooking for gods sake. I am happy to get games on OC, even if it means a few minutes wait. NA desync is atrocious and I’ll only play it if it throws me there. OC is not dead, and not toxic, perhaps it’s just you?
  7. Found a flare gun last night in sanhok and waited a while to use it. Shot it it in the best place I could find with some cover and fuck me did they come running. Ended up getting rolled and there was about 5 bodies on the ground at the end of it. I have only managed to live long enough get one flare crate out of 3
  8. Take them however you can get them. I had one on the weekend where I came up against the last guy and he poked to throw a frag at me and I shot him up a bit and he ballsed up the throw and blew himself up. Ill take it.
  9. After this game I damn near refuse to put anything other than a compensator on my Ak/beryl unless I don’t have one. Couldnt hit him to save while running, then potatoed even harder with the sawn off and mini, at least I won but it was ugly. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/theregulator81/video/74469240
  10. That would suit me fine, though this Sunday morning I am out already at that time 😕 hopefully another
  11. I will keep an eye out. Any idea what day/time they might be run? (I’m on Sydney time)
  12. Both of those were from only 4 days ago, back to back games. I don’t think the boost is still in effect is it?
  13. Yes I have it too, not sure why. I just looked at some of my screenshots, I had more bp for a 4 kill win with less overall hitpoints than a 9 kill win.
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