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  1. TheRegulator81

    Wins to Games Played

    Pretty mediocre but then I am not all about stats. A lot of my early games were hampered by slow loading on an OG console. I get a lot of top 10’s, and also play 1 man squads just to mess up games for others 😂
  2. Does anyone else encounter bad lag in the customisation menu? The rest of the game runs fine (One S) but this menu is always slow as heck and very garbage overall, can’t often see the items, the ember animation down below is jittery. Annoying as.
  3. TheRegulator81

    Get one shot headshot to the head

    I had the same but hit with Kar98. Lvl3 helmet full health and full med health. I thought a lvl3 helmet would save you from a 1 shot with the k98
  4. TheRegulator81

    What’s your longest kill?

    575m I am sure, sks out of C block top floor, some dude crawling around on the southern side of the base
  5. TheRegulator81

    Drop your best M24/Sniper related clip.

    Had a couple of shots at this guy crossing the field, missed. He runs in the dead ground with just bits of his head visible and I got it. 521A4737-919E-46CC-A351-D775D4DBA22C.mp4
  6. I like it. Have won 2 dinners playing 1 man squads. Makes for a good change of pace to solo.
  7. TheRegulator81

    Kar98 clips

    Zig zag fog headshot 2AA1E569-6C66-449B-BC42-76EB9C615975.mp4
  8. TheRegulator81


    Before vikendi I avoided sanhok like the plague. Never really got into it that much. Had a squad win which was my only real win aside from a few top 10 so I just stick with the larger maps. Since vikendi came into the mix, I just choose quick play and get any map, gettings heaps of vikendi, so I actually play out the sanhok map. Even finally snagged my first solo on it recently. Its like anything really, too much of something and you get bored. I do hope there is a better map select select option in the future.
  9. TheRegulator81

    Flying vehicles on Miramar

  10. Have had issues just now on Miramar with vehicles hitting invisible objects and also flying into the sky.
  11. TheRegulator81

    Flying cars

    I’ve also just encountered it badly on Miramar
  12. TheRegulator81

    What is your favourite niche weapon?

  13. TheRegulator81

    CANNOT hear foot steps

    I have run right up behind players who never seemed to hear me (unless they play with no sound). I have not encountered it myself yet.
  14. I have experienced a bug where I am trying to loot a players gear, and it will not let me choose the amount of items I wish to pick up, example - dead player has 6 First aids, I want 2, it won’t let me. It will only let me pick up all of that item.
  15. Xbox One S. I have been experiencing extended load in screen times a lot recently on the battle Royale maps. More often than not I can hear the plane flying across the map and often get kicked out at the end of the flight path before I even load in. I do do not have this issue in the test server.