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  1. https://streamable.com/pw1or Whipping your mouse around too fast and proning just after, effectively detaches your head from your neck for a split second, whilst the animation catches up. Reproduce: - Be running, whip your mouse left or right and prone just after. - See your neckless body. - Profit??? Video above.
  2. Update on this, the issue is still occurring. Image below.
  3. Both ultrawide resolutions, looks like us 21:9/32:9 folks where forgot about during the making of the new lobby lol
  4. Correct. On Live Servers the lobby fills the screen, on the latest Test Server - as seen, that isn’t the case.
  5. As you can see with the attached screenshot, the lobby is black-barred on both sides of the screen on ultrawide resolutions (2560x1080, maybe 3440x1440 too), leading to a rather ugly main lobby. This is on the latest test-server client. Update #23.1. Monitor: LG34UC79G-B Pls fix
  6. With the AC enabled and Fullscreen selected within the game, the Volume UP/DOWN Windows OSD are displaying a layer above the game - indicative of Borderless Windowed behaviour. Example here: With the AC disabled and Fullscreen selected within the game, the Volume UP/DOWN Windows OSD no longer displays above the game., even when spamming the VolUP/Down keys - indicative of Fullscreen Exclusive behaviour. Example here: The above is the same with and without MSI Afterburner/RivaTuner Statistics Server running, too. To note: I have disabled Windows 'Fullscreen Optimization' globally for the EXE and within Windows via the Registry. DXDiag and MSInfo32 attached, which have my full specs.. DxDiag.txt MSInfo.txt
  7. Video displaying this: As you can see, if i am to zoom in and out of the map.. the marker zooms in from the right side of the screen back to where it was before. I also show that on the minimap the marker seems to be following the other person in my Duo, and pressing N to enlarge the map shows the marker in a different location.
  8. They've done this for the longest time i've played
  9. The tree spirtes wobbling is just due to the fact you have a lower view distance so the LOD's are closer, thus why when you get closer to the tree's they go from 2D sprites to 3D assets .
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