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    I like pubg but come on apex is fun and just shows even on console you can get a battle royale working just fine. I'm in favour of them throwing this pubg in the trash and starting again from the bottom.
  2. Yawallek

    Broken ass game

    I have a one X and an ssd and no the game is not perfect. Stop lying.
  3. Yawallek

    My idea for the next map.

    I agree an urban map should be their next project. What would really be cool though is if the game took place in one giant high rise and eventually squeezed all the players to a certain floor in the building.
  4. Yawallek

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    Rubbish! Should have just put it with the main game it's already buggy as hell, why not add a few more bugs.