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  1. Yawallek

    Ssd help choose

    I got a Kingston 240gig works perfect.
  2. Yawallek

    Why are the frames so garbage?

    Totally off topic but that almost instant death is annoying af. Which pubg at least gives you time to react.
  3. Yawallek

    I will quit if..

    I'll only quit if the game runs better entirely on the ps4. Then I'm out!
  4. Yawallek

    just gonna bitch for a second

    Are you serious?? So this why I keep face planting everytime I stop a bike😐
  5. Yawallek

    Pubg free on Ms Store right now

    I've earned back my 30 bucks since December so I don't mind if they doing it to possibly boost the player base a little.
  6. Yawallek

    PUBG on PS4 - What you think?

    That's why they haven't been fixing shit. Been to occupied with the ps4 release and making more millions.
  7. Yawallek

    PUBG Dev says they can’t fix game lol

    If this is for real and they battling to fix the game and use the engine then why the hell are they holding on to it? Why not just sell the rights to some other dev that knows what's going on. If they going to cling to something that they can't fix then they deserve all the shit they getting honestly.
  8. I guess it's not a huge deal, just annoying sometimes with the guy that won't stop putting bullets in the back of your head.
  9. I agree with this, it's ridiculous how you get matched with other players online in a training mode. It should just be an offline play around type mode.
  10. Yawallek

    Pubg vs blackout...

    I have a hunch the battlefield royale might take more players away from pubg than cod will. Battlefield might be a little more tactical than cod which pubg players might prefer. But who knows, I'm just a battlefield loyalist? I guess the best battle royale you could dream of getting would be a fully working pubg, although it looks less and less likely with every update.
  11. Yawallek

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    Rubbish! Should have just put it with the main game it's already buggy as hell, why not add a few more bugs.