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  1. Since the last update, I'm seeing really inconsistent results from hitting and being hit by vehicles. 1) I've hit people at high speed and had them bounce off several times, still alive. 2) I've hit people at high speed and killed them. 3) I've been insta-killed on full health when clipped by vehicles doing about half speed 4) I've been killed by vehicles that looked like they missed me (as has a friend). It is really inconsistent and feels like it isn't working properly. I do like the decreased acceleration on the vehicles (although the dune buggy now seems to have no advantage at all).
  2. Lots of fun but really laggy. The P1911 is horrible. It's a death sentence.
  3. I was having problems on TPP - couldn't get a game after getting one in seconds several rounds in a row prior. Cancelling matchmaking wasn't having any effect. Returned to title screen and problems went away.
  4. The red dot is aligned with the barrel, so it's pointing in the same direction but not at exactly the same spot. I wonder how that compares because the laser sight is under the barrel.
  5. The grayscale guide pages that pop up during loading aren't useful on Xbox 1X because they aren't up long enough to read. I'd estimate they are only visible for a few seconds. Perhaps don't have them as loading screens for 1x. Xbox 1X with external SSD.
  6. I am getting a bug on the Play menu where if I change my play list (for example, from all to just Battle Royale) then the previous selection shows behind the new one. It's like the text overlays the previous text. Xbox 1x with external SSD.
  7. If you are in matchmaking you can't do those things, which is how it is now in production. But I'm not having this problem on PTS outside of matchmaking.
  8. HandyPalad1n

    What I like

    The laser sight is awesome. Popped it on a UMP and had a hip fire party. Good fun. The Mutant is fun. The new vehicles on Sanhok are both really in character. Making it so weapons retain their auto fire if you drop them is great. Domes wins there.
  9. I hear you. On the other hand, how realistic is it that I can't work out whether I'm picking up the knife or the fork from table in front of me, and half the time I pick up the wrong one. Perhaps the brightness could be muted (as already suggested) or instead of a highlight There are could be a prompt (x to pick up [item]) or maybe an option in settings to turn toggle item highlighting?
  10. Getting shot through that cover, by a guy who moments ago sounded like he was somewhere else, but he's actually behind the invisible wall on the warehouse roof. ?
  11. HandyPalad1n

    PTS drift

    I'm finding that even when I'm healing or in inventory I'm having to correct for drift and also my camera is rotating even when my stick is central. Going to try the sensitivity and deadzone and see what it does.
  12. HandyPalad1n

    PTS drift

    This is dead on. No one was asking for less sensitivity, so all they had to do was increase the max end, but keep the standard sensitivity the same (like going from a 1-5 scale to a 1-10 scale, where 1-5 are the same as before. Frankly, they keep changing rather than improving the game.
  13. That would be awesome - if you can turn it off. ?
  14. Hi There is also an invisible object on the roof of the office building in the set of 3 buildings north west of the Junk Yard. Here is a link: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/handypalad1n/video/58727833 Xbox 1X with SSD drive.
  15. Even on Type A, something is off with the sensitivity. So much of this game is muscle memory. I don't want to adapt how play to a different environment and then have to adapt back afterwards. I love the new weather and inventory options, but I'm sticking to the live server too.
  16. I also noticed that internal lighting seemed darker when it is overcast. All of the light is from natural sources, so it would be darker inside on a cloudy day (assuming no artificial lights obviously).
  17. But what does it actually do? What's the difference in the game experience between having it turned on or turned off? Who knows? Maybe you can look it up in an online dictionary?
  18. Fog and overcast (ready to rain) on Erandle. Rain and overcast (cloudy) on Miramar. Regular weather on both also.
  19. Only thing I like is the weather. That is pretty sweet.
  20. I've had rain, for, and overcast, as well as the usual weather. I like it. Driving in the fog is awesome.
  21. I wondered about that too. No idea what it means.
  22. The general sensitivity (rather than the bug referenced for type B) seems sluggish (10-15 points below normal). Parachuting also feels off (somehow). I'm not much enjoying this PTS experience. The control issues mean I can't really enjoy or test out the other stuff.
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