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  1. HandyPalad1n

    PUBG limited edition controller exclusive dlc

    Yes, well everyone can see your controller when you play. 🤣
  2. HandyPalad1n

    Really inconsistent vehicle impacts

    Since the last update, I'm seeing really inconsistent results from hitting and being hit by vehicles. 1) I've hit people at high speed and had them bounce off several times, still alive. 2) I've hit people at high speed and killed them. 3) I've been insta-killed on full health when clipped by vehicles doing about half speed 4) I've been killed by vehicles that looked like they missed me (as has a friend). It is really inconsistent and feels like it isn't working properly. I do like the decreased acceleration on the vehicles (although the dune buggy now seems to have no advantage at all).
  3. HandyPalad1n

    So what's the niche for the Mk47 Mutant?

    I love the Mutant on burst fire with the laser sight for CQB hip fire. Head shot heaven.
  4. HandyPalad1n

    Is anyone able to answer this

    Great question. Why don't you test it? Get a squad mate to shoot your vest off and see what happens.
  5. HandyPalad1n

    "Hit" by a vehicle

    I think it's often shorthand for "I'm going to admit to a view you might not agree with, but don't take it badly." My favourite is "No offense but [something offensive]. People usually use this so they don't have to self edit. Hilarious.
  6. HandyPalad1n

    "Hit" by a vehicle

    I'm liking the nerfed acceleration and vehicle damage that came with the patch. However, both a friend and I have since died to vehicles that from our perspective didn't hit us. Anyone else had this?
  7. HandyPalad1n

    PUBG limited edition controller exclusive dlc

    Buy an Elite controller. You will never look back.
  8. HandyPalad1n

    PUBG limited edition controller exclusive dlc

    Question for those who have one already. How does it feel compares to an Elite controller? Does it have the same weight? Or is it more like a standard controller with some funky decals?
  9. HandyPalad1n

    An opportunity missed

    "bits", "he'd" and "snow". Damn, I can't type today.
  10. HandyPalad1n

    An opportunity missed

    I didn't say the game was unplayable. I still play, but they keep breaking it's while trying to improve other bits. Wacky Jacky recently tweeted that he's like the next PUBG PC patch to be bug fixing only. No new stuff. Get the game up to a higher standard before the shop map is released. I 100% agree, and I'd like the same for Xbox. We just got new toys.
  11. HandyPalad1n

    An opportunity missed

    People are pissed at the poor tick rates, lag, magic bullets, etc in Blackout. A great opportunity for PUBG to demonstrate "This isn't as easy as people think; were doing as well as a AAA game company. Come and play PUBG, it keeps getting better." Except the latest patch is a mess. And the message continues to be "we don't know how to fix some things without breaking others". Some stuff has been fixed (the invisible wall in the warehouse roof in Miramar and the crate selection in the customisation menu". But you are having to investigate the same movement problems that needed noticing when you laughed this on PTS. Opportunity missed.
  12. HandyPalad1n

    One Shot One Kill [Oct 18-21] Feedback topic

    Lots of fun but really laggy. The P1911 is horrible. It's a death sentence.
  13. HandyPalad1n

    Can’t get into a match...

    I was having problems on TPP - couldn't get a game after getting one in seconds several rounds in a row prior. Cancelling matchmaking wasn't having any effect. Returned to title screen and problems went away.
  14. HandyPalad1n

    Laser sight

    The red dot is aligned with the barrel, so it's pointing in the same direction but not at exactly the same spot. I wonder how that compares because the laser sight is under the barrel.
  15. HandyPalad1n

    Guide screen while loading

    The grayscale guide pages that pop up during loading aren't useful on Xbox 1X because they aren't up long enough to read. I'd estimate they are only visible for a few seconds. Perhaps don't have them as loading screens for 1x. Xbox 1X with external SSD.