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  1. Jason183

    PUBG doesnt have to worry

    Lol I haven't gotten back on PUBG since BLOPs4 came out. So much to do on COD, with hardly any issues. Get bored of blackout? multiplayer, bored of Multi? zombies. PUBG is an existential threat to itself, and compounding other badass games coming out, pubg will be a thing of the past. My advice to the devs, scrap the PUBG project and build PUBG 2 from the ground up, no ported bullshit. And save the "Oh, you're not a HARDCORE pubg fan!" I have over 160 wins and 1000 more kills than deaths. I played the fk out of PUBG, but its time to move on from a game that clearly cannot be fixed.
  2. We get it, you hate cod. lol Looting is perfectly fine for me, much faster than PUBG, and once you get the hang of how it all works, its rather simple Nothing is blurry for me, you must need glasses Guns have plenty of character, each one has certain attachments that work for them, allowing you to really customize your play. Each gun has different effective ranges, but there are still certain weapons that standout as all around good guns (like the M416 for PUBG) I'll agree with sound problems, not your issues, but I dislike the fact that I can hear someone's footsteps over 100meters away and it sounds like they are right outside my building. The difference in sound from 100m to point blank is rough, and has taken me a long time to remotely figure it all out, Im sure with time i'll nail it down, but PUBG did a lot better for distance:sound relationship.
  3. XBOX 1X Hardwired Connection Samsung T5 500gb SSD external drive Repeat Bug Steps: -When in a game after death, spectate and immediately leaving game through start menu causes consistent reproduction (not 100% reproduction) of this issue. Turns to a PUBG loading screen with the loading wheel and won't ever go away. Resolution to fix - quit out game and restart. Not sure if map based
  4. Jason183

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    This is because the time is American, they can't have the server running all the time, so they kept it open during american evenings, which is middle of the night for you guys.