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  1. In this order: 1. SCAR-L because it's my favorite weapon and it's prevalent on Miramar and Miramar is my favorite map. 2. M416 because it's prevalent on every map. 3. M16A4 because I love its accuracy at mid to long distances which is my favorite distance to fight. 5. MP5K because it feels extremely accurate and is my go to weapon to complement the M16A4 6. KAR98K
  2. Also run a LG, slightly less nice OLED B6 55 inch and agree with these comments. In addition, have traveled extensively with my xbox and so have played on a ton a of low, mid, and high end hotel tvs. I hooked up to on one new/very nice Samsung TV that was ~as nice my LG but otherwise my experience with a whole slew of flat screen LCD tvs is they are total garbage in comparison. Agreed. I've played on all sorts of screens as well and nothing even comes close to the OLED. It's just ridiculous.
  3. I running on an OLED LG C8 65 inch screen. Fantastic input response time. Visual quality in dark rooms is unmatched.
  4. Nice, a Boyz n the Hood reference.
  5. I understand the OP's point. PUBG is an extremely difficult game to "win" for gamers of average skill like myself. So I find a couple of other aspects of the game (not just winning) to enjoy. 1. I try to really enjoy each gunfight and the desperate situations that unfold form game to game. 2. I record each kill and each exciting sequence because I really enjoy editing my PUBG video clips. So that's how I deal with it - just try to find areas of enjoyment other than winning.
  6. No session is named "WainZ0r" What is the correct session title?
  7. Nice. I could see how being able to crouch instantly could be a nice advantage for me - especially at mid range distance. I'm going try it out. I'll map B button to a paddle. I know this will take time to get used to tho, it's going to throw off my controller instincts for a while.
  8. This setup works for me because my thumbs rarely leave the sticks: Type B Lower Left Paddle - Run/Sprint Lower Right Paddle - Interact (open/close doors, pick up items, reload, etc...) Low left stick with Instant sensitivity curve Tall right stick with default sensitivity curve Hair triggers engaged on RT and LT with 100% sensitivity
  9. They should just uncap the frame rate on the PTS.
  10. I'd love to hear info regarding this topic. I picked up PUBG in January of 2018 I believe and I can say it has emerged as my favorite video game ever. I may pick up another game occasionally for an hour or two, but I can't shake the pull of PUBG. It's requires such a highly degree if judgement, strategy and risk analysis. AN no two games are ever really alike. I'm definitely looking forward to what could be in store for this game on the new consoles.
  11. There's a hardcore group of PUBG players who will probably play nothing else except PUBG. It seems PUBG is very polarizing. Either people love it or hate it - seems to be very little middle ground. But PUBG's not going anywhere anytime soon. However to be fair, it's probably also not attracting new players either. This was actually a popular discussion yesterday on PUBG Xbox subreddit yesterday:
  12. This post is embarrassing. OP, hang your head in shame. Thirsting a "problem"? Enlighten us on this subject please. S/N: Your strategy for eliminating Thirsting is to implement prox chat and "Beg For Your Life??????? 😂😂🤣 Lawd Hammercy, where did you learn this strategy? Don't get your ass knocked if you have such a prob with thirsting.
  13. I actually vote Miramar for the preferred map. I don't understand why Miramar gets so much hate (I wonder if it's just a vocal minority). It's my favorite map by far. Wide open map with plenty of nooks and crannies, multiple elevation changes throughout the map, plenty of hills and ridges to break sight lines, variety of towns and buildings for excellent CQC situations, and lastly it has PLENTY of loot.
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