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  1. Photon mkUltra

    Using Beats headphones with Astro A40 TR MixAmp

    Absolutely agree. The Astro MixAmp is ridiculous in combination with a good headphones set.
  2. Photon mkUltra

    Is there any talk of PUBG2?

    I know, but PUBG has been an unexpected monetary juggernaut. A PUBG(2?) sequel designed from the ground up for next generation consoles seems like no brainer. Seems like an almost guarantee for financial success.
  3. Photon mkUltra

    Tips to avoid tilting

    Solid, reasonable plan.
  4. Photon mkUltra

    I May Be The Best Ever

    This is probably an accurate observation ☝️. Observers want to see that action and I greatly admire players who are skilled at getting kills. But personally, I get the most intense feeling of adrenaline/satisfaction when I get that dinner. There's nothing like it. I've had 10/11 kill matches, but that feeling does not compare to being the last man standing. I'll take a win over anything.
  5. Photon mkUltra

    Video's of why we hate pubg

    That sucks
  6. Photon mkUltra

    Dream loadouts please folks...

    Check out WackJacky 101 on youtube for some great insight on weapons, attachments and such. Probably best to do a bit of research on his channel for info on recoil, rate of fire. Then hit up the range and get a good feel for how the weapons respond to you. Everyone has their own preferences... There probably isn't a "best" set up.
  7. Photon mkUltra

    How is the sound for everyone?

    I have the Astro TR40s with MixAmp. I downloaded the "Vertex" preset. Works great. The mids and highs are loud and up front. Good for footsteps and such.
  8. Photon mkUltra

    How is the sound for everyone?

    I agree with this. When I play PUBG, I always have my Xbox settings set to bitstream out/Dolby Atmos and my optical headset or receiver with Dolby surround sound on. I always hear sounds coming from the correct rear speakers. If I disable surround sound, Dolby, or Dolby Atmos... I only hear sound through left and right channels.
  9. Photon mkUltra

    Flare Gun

    I found my first one last night during phase 2 with about two minutes remaining. I find a nice, secluded spot close to the edge of the zone (the blue is about 150 feet away) and I fire the flare at a wall in order to have the parachute drop close by. However, the flare bounced and rolled all the way to the blue zone and I didn't get shit! 😞 The moral of the story is to ONLY fire the flare gun straight up in the air.
  10. Photon mkUltra

    Aim Acceleration

    I play with AA maxed out. I also play with an elite controller and have the right stick set to "smooth". PUBG is the only game I play with AA.
  11. All I can say is HOLY GOD. If you have Beats headphones and an Astro MixAmp, play PUBG with that set up - it sounds so sick. I plugged my Beats EP into my Astro A40 TR MixAmp and I WAS COMPLETELY BLOWN THE 'EF AWAY. It's so loud, immersive and the bass sounds so full. The simulated surround sound is flawless - I can immediately tell when sounds are coming from behind me. It's totally ridiculous. The explosions and guns are f*cking deafening! The crack of bullets snapping all around me when I get shot at unexpectedly is about to cause me to have a stroke.
  12. Photon mkUltra

    Is team killing down?

    I mostly play Solo. But when I do play squad, I almost always play as a random. I play approximately 10 squad matches in a given week (sometimes more, sometimes less). I get team killed anywhere from 1 to 5 times per week. Most of the time it's because I didn't accept someone's party invite. Team killing seems about the same to me.
  13. Photon mkUltra

    Why am I not being placed in my native server?

    Happened to me two matches in a row this past weekend. I'm an NA player and I was placed in EU matches. Solo, TPP
  14. I want some salty messages. My Solo K/D is 1.21 so I celebrate every kill by standing over dead bodies and doing emotes... But I NEVER get salty messages! What am I doing wrong???
  15. Potential burn in on OLEDs is a legit concern. Check the link the OP included: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=nOcLasaRCzY