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  1. Got twitch prime activated? Seems to only connect for me when it is.
  2. Everytime I pick up a grenade in the start, I cannot press X to unholster it, like I can with a weapon. I used to be able to do this but past week no dice.
  3. Sounds like the monitor is switching to a HZ it cant display. Try to delete the gameusersettings.ini file then relaunch.
  4. With the level of whining on display here, I'll just state right away as a tester I got the game for free. Since then Ive built my steam wallet to 500$ because of PUBG. -For free. I have a choice of wanting to use my prime or amazon. Its not forced. Its actually a bonus. For free. You need to get your head bashed in for the lack of understanding. Ok so you bought your game. Now go fkn play it and stop complaining about what the other players care about. And plenty care about free cosmetics. If you dont care about free stuff, then off you go from this thread. Marketing by Bluehole is being done wisely. Its a free choice, to get free stuff. We dont have to buy keys for real moneys to unlock crates like 99% of other games do. Now, dismiss yourself from the thread please before you make a bigger fool of yourself. If thats even possible.
  5. Battleye blocks something random every day. Its clearly not supposed to block windows system files. But why does it block different files every day? It doesnt make any sense. PUBG has killed my network a couple of times too, and it makes just as little sense. The woes of early access are becoming plenty.
  6. Install Windows 8.1. And dont use Windows 10 until its properly fixed. Thats the best tip I have. Work around the problem, instead of working WITH the problem.
  7. I would adress microsoft. And stop updating it since everything worked before. How about system protection? Just roll back before the update. Basically always works.
  8. Damn:\ On a sidenote, I DO get motion sickness on boats, but only if I'm NOT on deck. Not being able to see and predict the waves motion throws me off. But once I'm up on deck its no problem. Could be a correlation there.
  9. Im so glad Im not proned to motion sickness. I have a few friends who just cant play VR games because of it. I wouldnt be able to live without VR gaming in my life ^
  10. They just wanna steal the most h1z1 players they can. Make PUBG familiar enough, add some arcade and 3rd person will make sure of that. We havent heard any reasons so its simply time to assume. PUBG isnt really bringing anything new to the BR genre. More or less the same package under a new name. Thats how corporations do it.
  11. If you play on EU, try playing on US. Its a much smoother experience for many.
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