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  1. Slipknot666

    Apex Vs PUBG??!!!

    i play both games
  2. 60 frames only thanks to the engine, games from EA and Activision, their games almost always went to 60 fps on consoles, the fortnit to 60 fps thanks to their cartoon character, the game is not at all demanding on the hardware, and PUBg is demanding
  3. Not so high online as a PC, so only on a PC is there a choice of cards
  4. I have xbox one x and SSD and everything works fine
  5. Slipknot666

    Give me my Sanhok back

    We don’t see any card choice as we’re not high online, I think they will be able to add more cards to the selection, and Sanhok remains a mini card, but this is unlikely because they will have to write it all separately, since much is a port with a PC in particular, the new interface and the new selection of maps
  6. Slipknot666

    Give me my Sanhok back

    And most of all, I don’t think why many Vikandi didn’t like it, this is a new game process, this is something new .. and a new experience ..
  7. Slipknot666

    Give me my Sanhok back

    I like all the cards, today Sanhok got out of 4 matches, and played with pleasure, I’m satisfied with all the cards and not one bothers, I don’t understand why so many people don’t like Mirar, because there are no crampers there, and the matches are very dynamic
  8. Slipknot666

    Just curious

  9. Slipknot666

    Did they add bots?

    maybe he illegally uses the keyboard and mouse
  10. Slipknot666

    Did they add bots?

    He just started playing, and it happens that he did not have time to find the loot and he went to kill everyone) And so you could check his statistics through a nickname easily)
  11. Slipknot666

    Did they add bots?

    This is skill
  12. Slipknot666

    Vikendi promotes camping

    As for me, the jungle is more suitable for campers, because there they were killing me most often from behind)))
  13. 1080p FPS is excellent and more stable, the same problem with loading buildings, but ssd helped me fix this problem