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  1. If we are to end this generation with the reduced graphics will play,and only the new generation will be the game to look like?On PC, even with minimal graphics settings,PUBG looks better than on xbox one x(
  2. What still 60 fps?graphics cut for the sake of a stable 30 fps,and you dream about 60 fps ,when normal graphics back on the xbox one x and 30fps will be stable,then 60fps can be thought of
  3. I have the same situation sometimes,you want quick match to play,in such cases, I jump in there where a lot of people,it's simple...and limited area in firestorm as only 64 people can be on the map,it would be 100,there would be no restrictions
  4. as if PUBG itself is not hardcore ,and the cod arcade shooter..played in the hardcore blackout,delusional and for the fact that you do not know where the zone
  5. Should we then expect to customize the graphics for the xbox one x,when the dynamic resolution will be released?
  6. personally for me, the 60 fps is not needed,I want good graphics on xbox one x
  7. Вчера я также играл в BF5 FS весь день, а затем решил сыграть 1 сольный матч с Пабгом и сразу взял топ 1 с 5 убийствами. В общем, ничто не заменит пабг, пабг навсегда))) https: // xboxclips. ком / Slipknot666Cory / 6274f9e4-c311-4746-830e-828aa0a97a82 https://xboxclips.com/Slipknot666Cory/8e2bcc10-fb4e-4300-a8d7-d6fa09fff074
  8. Personally, I miss the good graphics on the xbox one x, and now it is trimmed (
  9. The last patch on the X began to be worse at home. Before the patch, I played from the outside railway, and everything was fine. When everyone weighed badly at that time, in general, I don’t even have Gorlovka in simple places and the usual bad load in the beginning, I rocked, it was better earlier (
  10. Есть PS3 ещё xbox 360 и ps2,и уверяю я далеко не буржуй
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