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  1. a month ago, I don’t know for sure all the buildings we had bypassed and loot the appearance of loot, that is, nothing really changed with optimization, and I didn’t miss anything, I just didn’t see normal graphics with my own eyes, then in 2017 I played xbox og
  2. No, I bought xbox one x at the end of spring 2018, and even then the graphics were bad, and I was sorry that I didn’t catch the graphics that was in 2017 (((I hope all the developers do the editing and release the graphics settings, since on the most powerful console low quality grass, it is not nice
  3. Here is an example of the fact that in 2017 the graphics were better, and that now it is bad on the Xbox X, with the 2017 graphics it would be much more pleasant to play 4k, agree? so I hope that the pabg team is working on settings for 3 options for Visual Quality, because they promised last year
  4. All that I don’t like now is the quality of grass, even in youtube quality you can see that it was better then, but I’m not happy with the fact that the developers cut the graphics?
  5. https://pp.userapi.com/c840734/v840734257/5c9d0/qL0kOsXoT9s.jpg
  6. in 2017, the graphics were better for sure by a lot than now
  7. I also have both consoles, lado. The quality of buildings is different, but the quality of grass is the same
  8. worsen graphics due to stable FPS is not optimization ( the xbox one x graphics is almost identical to the xbox og, this is sad, although the xbox one x is 2 times more powerful than the xbox og, well, the developers themselves promised to set up the graphics last year, so I ask whether the work is going on or not. The game does not look beautiful, on the PC at the minimum settings the game looks better, is this normal?
  9. I m not talking about Dynamic resolution,I'm talking about Visual Quality
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