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  1. Training mode is all well and good, but it's not "real world" (lol) practice. I tend to over-compensate in leading shots or above for a headshot with the AWM. It does sound awesome with a suppressor though.
  2. bullet drop between k9 & m24 are slightly different, so it'll be down to preference & muscle memory imo. Given the lack of L3 helmets (other than vikendi), lack of practice with bullet drop and absence of additional ammo, I sometimes don't take the awm for the same reason, depending where in the game we are. (obvs take the ammo and dump, just to be a dick). 1 headshot is gonna kill 95% of time.
  3. If the OP is about to buy one, don't change everything at once as it takes time to get used to. Make gradual changes and give them time to embed in muscle memory. I added 2 paddles first (lean L&R), then thumbstick sens, then more paddles. I now use 4 paddles in identical arrangement to @ColonicBoom, as well as disabling thumbsticks to avoid inadvertent leaning in button bashing mode. Standard thumbstick lengths, with right thumbstick on delay 3 notches from full left. Trigger stops engaged 0-1 sens.
  4. Astro mixamp has some sort of in-built audio compression - probably up against a hard limiter, possibly on specific frequencies - to narrow the dynamic range and bring footstep sounds forward. Turtle Beach utilise something similar for their "super-human hearing" on their upper-end models. The PC guys use voicemeeter Banana to do the same. I play regularly with a friend with A40/mixamp and he can hear footsteps before me. I have very good, non-gaming, headphones. If I had mine any louder I'd go deaf from shooting/redzone/plane etc. I don't think he's been "outheard" by anyone else. Not sure exactly how old you are chuck, but you lose the ability to hear some frequencies the older you get, so that could play into it.
  5. Disagree with thread title. This is much better. Thank you pubg team. And rotating "featured" map seems sensible to keep most people happy.
  6. I always play the game with the intention to win, but aim to get there by accumulating as many kills as possible. I want action, it's what makes this game fun for me, so will chase kills that tactically are probably not sensible in terms of winning overall.
  7. Bug Description: When trying to loot crate on the roof of the eastern-most building surrounding the courtyard in Paradise Resort, you are unable to do so. This has happened both times i've tried since the last update. Location: See attachment Evidence: n/a Replication: Kill someone on the roof of the building marked in the attachment; tray (and fail) to access their crate. Xbox One Version: X, SSD Connection: Wired Game Mode: TPP, solo.
  8. Agreed. It's either melodramatics or a bug.
  9. "Updates" are always pretty much the size of the full game.
  10. Servers aren't due back on for another 30 mins i think.
  11. Depends how many of those kills are other players through the floor/ceiling/walls when you land 🤐
  12. This is my biggest issue with the game right now. I've stopped dropping Pecado gym because I'm sick of being shot through the walls, ceiling or floor.
  13. Totally agree. Forum mods are there to ensure everyone plays nicely, and in line with the rules. I've done it on a (once) very active music board; it's a thankless task. If common themes arise, then alerting the dev team to these is likely all they can do. That said, these forums were most likely initiated in order to engage with users. What do players like/dislike, want/not want etc. In amongst the unconstructive drivel spouted by many, there are some nuggets of gold, and it's clear that the dev team do take notice (Erangal loot on PC for eg). Some of you need to realise how difficult it is to deliver some of the improvements being asked of them. If any of you had held a senior role in a corporate environment trying to deliver or obtain IT improvements, you'll appreciate how quickly changes are actually happening here in comparison. Where BH have fallen down, imo, is in supplying regular updates to the community of their roadmap and current progression along that road. That would be the role of Community Liaison, but they need something to actually talk about first. A weekly email stating "we're still working on what we discussed last week" is going to get tedious, fast.
  14. I was terrible at this game when I started. <1 k/d, dropped quiet locations and avoided gunfights because I usually lost. Played a lot of solo to try to improve. Started playing squads with people that played super-aggressive. Game improved immensely. Now >3 k/d and c10% win rate. Not amazing, but a definite improvement. I have good days and bad days, but more good than bad. Worst part of my gameplay is clearing houses and tactical/situational judgement.
  15. I've just looked up a couple of their gamertags. Some of them have clips on Xbox of them teaming. FFS.
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