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  1. my biggest issue with the game right now is people walking through objects and getting to guns first and/or shooting me through walls and floors. Half tempted to go back to internal drive from SSD.
  2. rondo101

    Better aiming

    Left stick movement feels like you're wading through treacle, and FPS makes it feel worse. Aim isn't too bad imo
  3. rondo101

    SSD vs Standard internal.

  4. By changing the stock pads I've found that the noise isolation is much better. You still get the soundstage from the open back, but it's less easy to hear my voice or other noises in the room as it was with stock, hence my question. Even increasing the mic monitoring to full with the vmoda I get no mic sound in the headset unless i put the mic right next to my mouth. Whereas an old set of turtle beaches (audio quality very much in the "hot garbage" category in comparison to my SHP9500s) would allow my to hear my voice loud and clear when the xbox audio menu slider was full right. Where have you mounted the modmic magnet on the SHPs?
  5. @dgood8635 have you changed the pads on the SHPs yet? I got the modhouse audio 3d printed adaptors (to avoid butchering the stock offerings) and Brainwavez HM5 pads. Sound isolation is loads better and it increases the lows. I use vmoda boom pro. My friends can hear me fine but it doesn't seem to work with xbox's mic monitoring. Does the Modmic give any sound in the headset with mic monitor? My wife complains that I shout too much.
  6. Or, in the absence of the map selection feature we all want, a valid work-around to play the game as we enjoy it? *edit - to clarify I don't generally do it. But after the 7th consecutive game on Miramar the urge is strong.
  7. rondo101

    Headset Required

    Top end Turtle Beaches and Astros will have some sort of sound compression built in (TB call it "super human hearing"), which will lower the loud sounds and allow players to run the overall volume higher. Mixamp (and TB's TAC?) allow users to change the EQ, bringing footstep frequencies forward. They use large drivers (40mm for Astro, 50mm for TB), which should give a better quality sound and I believe the Astro A40 can be setup with an open back, which improves the soundstage and overall immersive-ness of the sound. Any headset is an improvement over using your TV or speakers, but the top end models add an even bigger advantage.
  8. rondo101


    to avoid the OC server issue, just wait a short while before readying up
  9. Bug Description: When landing on the flat part to either side of the wrestling ring roof, if your character touches the rounded edge you take damage. I've been both knocked and killed, with the reason given as "damage from falling" Location: Pecado wrestling gym roof. Evidence: Connection: Wired Game Mode: TPP solo, but it has happened in duos and squads too.
  10. rondo101

    Show and tell - Whats your settup

    Wat? >Spend $$$ on 4K >Degrade picture quality by leaving protective plastic on >Plastic gets just as dirty 🤣 Just clean your room!
  11. I had 52 messages from someone salty after I killed him
  12. rondo101

    Show me your desync clips

    Desync team killing?
  13. IMO the introduction of Sanhok created almost a new game. No time spent hunting through an entire town to find an AR/DMR/bolt action - just get looted and fight on a level playing field with the best kit. Short, all-action, game play meant more bang for your buck(time). Those of us that enjoyed that style of play relished the opportunity, and selected only that map to play. You could hot drop boot camp knowing that when it goes tits-up, you just drop it again. Vikendi is nothing like Sanhok. It's slightly different to Erangel & Miramar, but has more in common with them than Sanhok. I understand the playerbase is small, I understand Vikendi is the event pass cash-cow, but support for Sanhok only again seems to be pretty sizable? Hell, I'd pay for another Sanhok event pass if that meant being able to play just that map.
  14. rondo101

    Can't connect

    See Andy's pinned post. XBL issues again.
  15. rondo101

    Oceania server finally fixed

    i'm eu and got put in the oc server earlier