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  1. I think if there was to be such a signal that there may also be people that exploit it and whip out a firearm as soon as willing pan fighter steps out of cover with pan in hand.
  2. Why not make pts free for all, instead of just owners of the full game? That way potential new players could try the game for the week the pts is on. Might just get a few more players out of it.
  3. I saw the revive timer start as you approach him. As for what to call it, I think the phrase is "you got pubg'd"
  4. Camp dong - kampong on sanhok Tactical Sock. - Tactical stock. Badger. - bandage Shatgun. - all shotguns Decantered sight. We laughed a little too much when one of our squad said this accidentally.
  5. Wow!!! Whip em out and measure them fellas save us all reading this pointless arguement.
  6. UK based. Check Over 30. Check Old school. Check Decent headset. Check Decent player. Errrrrr!! Team player. Check I'm handy and can hold my own in fights but wouldn't describe myself as a decent player.
  7. Variation is the key to keeping it fresh. Map size included. Otherwise all maps would play similar.
  8. Nope. I believe you only get credit for the squad win if your alive at the end or dead and spectating your squad mates.
  9. I bought a reconditioned one that had a faulty charge port but I charge my spare batteries in my standard xbox pad while I game. The second hand elite works just fine after 15 months of play. Payed £38 for it.
  10. And yet pubg WTF still releases a YouTube video every day with all the random stuff going on.
  11. Anyone else had a game on Miramar since the last update? I play solo duo and squad all on quick start, all maps.but no Mirarmar in something like 30 matches
  12. Your gonna have to explain this one to me??? Granted you dont have to take every fight and custom matches maybe different but by and large my previous statement is far from false on every level! Dont just pipe up and not offer an alternate explanation, that just smacks of keyboard warrior.
  13. I would love a death cam so I can watch how I died and learn from it.
  14. In solo your supposed to fight everyone you meet. Not have a chat, swap gear and other pleasantries. If that's your bag then play squads. I'd be careful meeting up in solo regardless of engaging in fights with unknowns, especially with the new banning protocol in place.
  15. I hate that stupid curved run players do when they are right next to you. You know, the one where they are so close they can outrun your tp aim even though you have it set to max speed. I have tried hip firing with no aiming pressed on my pad recently and have actually started killing more of these players that exploit the curve run. Usually I end up yelling "f@#k you" when I kill one of those players.
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