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  1. I personally enjoy the rush when entering a top 10 / top 5 situation if I get there by stealth or by killing my way there I dont mind. It's all about that end game excitement for me.
  2. Nope. I'm at 3,500 ish for each mode as I play all 3. Parachute looks sweet too.
  3. This question again!! Really!! Too many other issues to address before they implement the salty backlash chat option. Seriously it would be 10% funny and 90% salty bullsh*t. Just No
  4. Enemy footstep sounds would be a nice fix
  5. Yes, I have issues with footstep sounds. Sometimes none. In Saverny yesterday playing duo and someone is in the next house to the north, as we both open fire someone in the next house west of us knocks my partner and neither of us heard any footsteps. They must have been running around as these were the 1st buildings looted immediately after landing. yet no footstep sounds
  6. Twitter!!!! Really. What's wrong with posting it in your own actual forums PUBG. Some of us are not on Twitter and have zero inclination to join it.
  7. @PUBG_Lumos I'm not on Twitter so I cant vote for the next featured map. Why wasn't this vote put in the forums?? Before anyone says it, no... I'm not joining Twitter.
  8. Playing duo on Mirarmar a couple of days ago (18/6/19 approx) Vehicle appears to hit a very small slope and explodes. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/gazgolf/video/76198720
  9. Not hearing enemy footsteps is my biggest gripe with the game at the moment.
  10. In a game that's as hard a grind as pubg is, against a player base that for the most part is very good at ruthlessly killing each other. The red zone is not needed. It's just a noisy pain in the arse that has the potential to wipe you out at random.
  11. Yes. I agree. I also watch streamers of pubg on xbox and PC and would love to see zcritic skins, team thumbless skins and even a few that PC got. Wackyjacky, shroud etc I know I know.... "just fix the frame rates" yes, goes without saying but some player related skins as opposed to random skins would also be nice
  12. Zcritic has just announced he is going to run duos with Gaga at some point during the next week.
  13. Beryl with very grip shreds up close. If your inside 80m with a good grip and a comp, recoil is easy manageable.
  14. Bad gaming session was it? Seriously!! You joined the forum to make this post! There's a million threads with this kind of salty crap already here. There's even a few that are constructive to actually try help improve the game. Waste of money?? How many hours you put in? Nobody forced you to keep playing yet your still on it after 18 months. While I agree this game could have been something soo much more, your thread is 100% pointless. I dont know what's worse, the fact that you took the time to join and make this thread or the fact that I made such a long reply to a pointless thread. If cod, fortnite and apex are soo good then go play those.
  15. Phase 3 is ok for damage, phase 5 is the killer. I'd try to stealth in from blue at phase 3. Especially if someone happened to be just ahead of me.
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