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  1. Verty


    Plz dont complain about game if your buying the cosmetics, the devs are so concentrated of monopolizing this game that your contributing to the problem. I no the devs are split up developing different parts of the game but if kids didnt buy these cosmetics the devs in charge of code/etc would be larger. They'd have no choice but to get it right. Your part of the problem and you dont even no it.
  2. Verty

    Still going on

    Im not sure always throw it. But literally cant use grenades. Cant attack houses l, cant smoke you name it, it just stutters when i switch back to weapon.
  3. Verty

    Still going on

    I have to wait for a fix to play. Every game it happens. if anyone nos a work around plz share
  4. Throwing grenades and swapping back to weapon and it stutters forever. Was in the pts enough players were talking about it so howd it make in the release. Ffs game breaking
  5. Verty

    Vikendi promotes camping

    Sanhok is the worst for this. People sit top of a mountain lying down in a bush and wait for footsteps. This is why i dont like sanhok.
  6. Verty

    MASSIVE DESYNC (I legit did 0 damage)

    Happen 2 out 5 games for me. I feel ya
  7. Verty

    Individual Map Selection

    Ranking in this game is stuffed anyway, look at the people using mnk with 40% headshot . Theres plenty of them. Got 3rd on oc server then 1st the next season now play na servers cause theres on oc players and cant get past 15th. Some of players in the top 30 to 40 are using esp hack and mnk. So dont worry about the rankings its for the cheaters.
  8. Verty

    Individual Map Selection

    40 to 50 mins, its 33mins for the big maps and 24 mins on sanhok. But i agree ill be leaving till i get the map i wont. Ssd loads in quick so should be not as annoying.
  9. All i wont is frame rate priority, and the bug when throwing a grenade then back to weapon. A few bugs is inevitable, but there game breaking.
  10. Verty

    ask pubg

    Its higher than 1% but no one really nos. If i was to guess around 3 to 4%. But like i said just guessing here. The problem is with people leaving to play other games but mnk wont, so the percentage will only get bigger in a year or so.
  11. Verty

    Is vikendi fixed?

    They better of fixed throwing grenades and switching back to weapon only to get your gun going spastic. You had to drop the gun and pick it back up. Bad when last 2 alive
  12. Verty

    Getting all

    Are we getting all that the test server had or just the map. Eg: frame rate priority
  13. Verty

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    The facts are obvious. No one plays fpp. Id say less than 10 %. I love fpp but at 30 fps its a dizzy mess. Hopefully November performance patch we get higher frames. Fingers crossed. If frames were 60 at 1080p id be playing fpp all day. Its really that simple.