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  1. The facts are obvious. No one plays fpp. Id say less than 10 %. I love fpp but at 30 fps its a dizzy mess. Hopefully November performance patch we get higher frames. Fingers crossed. If frames were 60 at 1080p id be playing fpp all day. Its really that simple.
  2. Thats not the case at all. Its all started when you guys used i different asset loading near 1.0 release. Had nothing to do with last patch. You guys have no idea what youre doing. You guys tell yourselves that certain problems are this and that, but you are wrong so offen. You break the game and say its last patch but its been like this since 1.0 release. Play doh buildings since this new asset loading was implemented. To say its only since last patch is not right. Sometimes i wounder if you guys even play the game. And theres no point doing bug reports because you guys dont lissen to your player base. I mean 80% bugs on all the pts servers we had you guys just chucked on live servers. After warning after warning of people saying dont put these in live servers you did anyway. So tell me Andy whats the point of reports when noone gets lissen to. Whats the point?. Its known by all of us that pubg corp cant use the engine or dosent no how to. Stop band aiding this game and fix the dam game, no more excuses. No more spin, fix it.
  3. Had the game shut down last night also. Was in a boat and bang crash. With a message plz check ventilation of xbox. Mine site on a low line entertainment unit with nothing but air around it. Also crashed about ten times with smoke grenades in the final 10. Mostly ergral. Is this damaging our console. And if so what is pubg corp doing about this. We might have to go above them and get Microsoft involved. I play 5 others game all 4k xbox enhanced and not once have they shut my xbox down. Xbox x 4k tv.
  4. Since 1.0 ive been overheating when throwing grenades, driving a boat but mainly smoke. As soon as i start pubg fans turn on very loud. Dosent happen with any other game. Xbox sits on top off low line entertainment unit so ventilation is fine. Like i said only happens with pubg. Is this shortening the life of my xbox x.
  5. Yep have had the same problems, especially in those concrete slabs of buildings.
  6. Lets fix a game breaking bug when it goes live. Typical pubg corp in the to hard basket. Ill guess plenty of players that play type b will play a couple of games and go f that. When no one plays pts cause of said bug how do you guys "pubg corp" expect to get feedback. I mean this is a joke, has to be. Player base is dwindling cause of these simple problems, but dont worry will fix it before it goes live. Like all the other bug that were reported last pts that made it to live servers. This is getting dumb. Lossing interest in what was the best concept in the last 10 years. Sad really is.
  7. Yep been like this since they implemented this new way of dealing with loading assets. Two patches ago loading on x has been horrible.
  8. All i did was contribute to a mnk thread. Your saying im complaining, what are you talking about. Your just tooting your own horn mate relax, its a forum thats what there here for. Your saying on one hand that im making up stats, which i wasent it was figuratively speaking but your doing the same thing saying game is losing players by the day. And were are your stats on this. See ok for some but not others, grow up.So not just tooting also a hypocrite. Relax its a game have fun.
  9. 12% win rating and 2 kd is nothing to boast about, and if you read my post again i said LET SAY 3 to 5%. Meaning there is no way to tell it was figuratively speaking. My point was with increased recoil bad/average players will look to mnk, now who nos how many but ill give you a fact. It will increase mnk user. Its that simple. And im not complaining about anything mate, im simply stating what could happen in a mnk thread. Ohh and if we going to blow our own ego heres mine. 18% win rate 70% top 10 in over 2000 games with k/d over 3.
  10. Ill correct you cause you are wrong. Its a massive advantage. Looting no, moving around no, driving no but anything involving shooting it is equivalent to having a 2 to 3 kd to a 15kd or more. Its so on point that the recoil on the pts would not matter to a mnk cheaters. So really if we get the recoil on the live server the gap will be even bigger. Not looking good.
  11. With the way the pts has done recoil theres going to be Lot more now. And thats a fact. If it lands on live servers with the recoil pts has lookout. Go from lets say 3 to 5% to about 15%. And you cant blame them, put pc recoil on a console and all the casual/daily players will convert.
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