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  1. mamulator


    This is why the game doesnt function as well in FPP. It was added after the community asked for it. They shouldve never split the player base. Huge mistake. Dont let the community micromanage your amazing game concept into another cookie cutter shooter. All games shouldn't be the same. You guys should've appreciated pubg for what it was, not an actual 3rd person but a mix of the 2 since you can switch perspectives. FPP vs. TPP is a worthless conversation. You either like pubg or you dont.
  2. mamulator

    It's been two weeks?

    I've played this game several hours a day since it came out. I love it. But the support for our game is sluggish at best. 15 months now? The console version is the red headed step child of the family. I could list everything wrong for the thousandth time here on the forums but what would be the point ? Done spending money on stupid skins and passes until they totally fix this game. I spent considerable dollars to have the best version of this game on console. Pubg has let me and everyone else down who think they got an enhanced version of the game by getting an x. Cave jump? Maybe in a couple weeks for x users? Who cares. I'm over it. Firestorm here I come.
  3. mamulator

    Locking up in custom games

    Crashed every warmode I've tried since last update or 2, haven't crashed in regular customs though.
  4. mamulator

    Will xbox pubg survive ?

    I hope enough people leave xbox pubg for firestorm that it forces them to properly optimize it faster than they are right now. And hopefully they put playstation players in the pool like they did with fortnight.
  5. mamulator

    Xbox Update #5 - Feedback Topic

    It was headset related. I have astro a50s and my button on the headpiece had accidentally been set over on the chat priority side too much... my mistake
  6. mamulator

    New store is sick!

    Stuff is pretty kool, I had some leftover g coin got some stuff. Not buying anything else from pubg though until the game is properly optimized on xbox and I suggest everyone else do the same. When it is optimized i will buy alot.
  7. Just saw that. Why cant this be implemented?
  8. mamulator

    Night time and more!

    I like the wind sounds.
  9. mamulator

    Frame Rate or Graphics?

    I like framerate for up close and warmode, but honestly I dont notice a difference between the 2 unless there are like 50 people in a warmode, only then does framerate seem to help out, otherwise, especially with vikendi, resolution priority helps me pick people out of the complex scenery much easier, especially when using a scope. I use an sd, and I'm hardwired. I can see alot clearer with resolution on, and I do alot better with long shots. I hope they add the dynamic mode soon. Until then I'll be playing resolution priority unless I do a warmode. (If they ever fix warmode, I crash every game, even if I dont loot any boxes)
  10. We appreciate all your hard work, the game is definitely better than it was, but obviously still needs alot of attention. We paid the same money for this game that pc users did, so we expect the same response time for problems. If these issues were on the pc versions, you guys wouldnt let them be there for long. Please give the console version the same effort and resources that you do the pc version. We know that it takes long to fix this stuff, but timing is definitely a factor in keeping this game relevant. Please speed things up. When can we expect another update?
  11. mamulator

    The Cave

    Cave would be awesome if og users couldnt walk right in before the rocks load
  12. In other news, I still get the upper hand sometimes, guy sent me a salty message afterwards and I sent him the clip lol PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS-0216bbbe-f268-4d51-b2d7-4cf9eec28dd8.mp4
  13. mamulator

    crashed every warmode

    Xbox x, hardwired, with ssd, I crashed about 5 different rounds I played in, one of the rounds I didnt loot a single box or crate to see if that was the issue and I still crashed. My friend on an og only crashed once. Super embarrassed because I waited until I thought the game was atleast not crashing anymore to invite my friend back to play who hasn't been on in like a year because of how bad it was running back then. So I almost had him hooked again and warmed up enough to get into a real match which doesnt have any issues, and the game starts crashing. I know you guys were focused on vikendi and we appreciate it, but can you do something about this soon? I'll be lucky if I can get my friend back on again. If I do I won't bring him to warmode again obviously, but the warmode was a big selling point for getting my friend back on again. And now he thinks the rest of the game is gonna function like this too.
  14. mamulator

    crashed every warmode

    I posted this in wrong place, could someone move it to bug reports please?
  15. I crash every single one I've tried, I'm on xbox x, with ssd, and I havent tried hosting one yet. Also tried not looting any boxes, still crashed.