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  1. mamulator

    The UMP is overpowered. Change my mind.

    Not one time have I gotten killed by someone with an ump and thought they got me unfairly. If you can get me with an ump you deserve to. They just aren't broken like they were before. Get over it. It's not their ump, its you.
  2. mamulator

    PTS Mission crates rewarded!’

    this reward for the challenge is weak as hell. Those challenges were hard. Got 4 beige duplicates. WOW THANKS! Still super excited for vikendi, skins are not what keeps me playing, still pretty disappointing though...
  3. mamulator

    The UMP is overpowered. Change my mind.

    And the vertical grip works just as good. Lightweight grip working any better is a myth. Fake news.
  4. mamulator

    The UMP is overpowered. Change my mind.

    Surprisingly, they ARE nerfing the m16 a bit, because it shoots too fast on single. they arent doing anything to the ump because it's a trash gun already. It's for people who cant control recoil on other guns. They pay for it with range and damage. If you are consistently getting wasted by people with umps that means you are getting wasted by noobs. I suggest you drop into alot of training matches and mess with your sensitivities. It's not their ump, it's you. Get better.
  5. mamulator

    Two questions about update patch notes

    My framerate seemed much smoother with framerate priority on
  6. mamulator

    Custom Games after Vikendi Patch.

    Custom games take up alot of my pubg playtime now, please give the customs mode some love, it needs it!
  7. Monitor is better, but good big cheap 4k TV with low input lag I use is vizio p-65, works great. Different inputs on same TVs also have different input lag speed sometimes so watch out.
  8. mamulator


    Even with the light weight grip the ump isn't that great. The ump doesnt need nerfed. If you got killed by someone with an ump they would've killed you with any other weapon just as easily. It's not the ump it's you. Grow up. I pass on the ump any time another weapon comes along because they are all better. If they did listen to you guys and make the ump unusable again, you would find another weapon you wanted nerfed, and I'm gonna guess it's not the weapon you like using. The ump isn't broken, you just need to get better, adapt, and overcome. Period.
  9. mamulator

    Let us do 1v1

    Ya, I usually have about 5 or 6 people, we just set up 1 man teams warmode and start it when we get to 10 people, then just all land at same place, mainly just end up killing each other, lots of fun, cant wait till we can actually customize the custom games though, been in beta long enough
  10. mamulator

    What are the devs priorities ?

    Honestly the dev letter was a word salad. Seemed like they dont have much to tell us so they copied and pasted something out of a game theory manual, didnt really tell us anything. Pretty disappointing. What are your priorities? What is next? Seems like you are working on play dough building textures but you said its limited by hardware, I have an x with ssd, and from what i can tell, your main issues are the og xbox and its loading times, but what's weird is i didnt have any issues with buildings loading in until a few months ago. Give us a version to play specifically for the x, I guarantee a majority of the problems will be fixed. Quit holding the people back who are willing to spend more money to play a better version of your game. The old xbox shouldn't be your priority, because it is supposed to be an xbox x enhanced game. Starting to get frustrated.
  11. mamulator

    External SSD vs HDD

    * or to be fair, maybe it was broke.
  12. mamulator

    External SSD vs HDD

    Wow, first person I've seen say that they didnt think the ssd was worth it. There is 100% zero reason why you would be getting better performance with the HDD unless you did something wrong. Your fault, not ssd.
  13. Ps4 defaults are just closer to what feels comfortable to you I would assume, try messing with your sensitivities again on elite maybe? For elite I have my right stick on smooth, left stick on instant, hair triggers, and after a year of messing with their sensitivities, I find I do best with all of the scopes and over the shoulder set at 5, aim acceleration completely off because I'm heavy on the stick and play when I drink sometimes, and general sensitivity set to 15 so I can still look around fast. Everyone is different though. Playstation sucks btw.
  14. mamulator

    Elite Button Mapping

    Use the paddles for leaning and holding breath.