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  1. 5 levels is cool but a skin you can only get from doing this would be much better. Love my vikendi glasses.
  2. I'll be on but might be like 30 min late
  3. Damage could be reduced a tad from bullets to vehicles. Certain vehicles explode way too easy. Tuk tuk is a death trap, no time to even pull over to get put before it explodes. But the collision definitely needs to be addressed, especially damage to people hit by cars. People can take a hit from a vehicle going almost full speed and walk it off no problemo. Handling, turning radius especially could also be greatly improved. The forums got really loud in complaining about end circles in the beginning, but the issue wasnt the cars, it was the lag and desync. Now they've fixed the lag and desync so it's not hard to hit people in cars, but they left the cars nerfed. Including a link to clip of me hitting a guy at full speed in a mirado, and it took 3 hits to kill him completely. I've shared this before but if you havent seen it take a look.
  4. Been playing on a 4k 65 inch vizeo p65 since pubg came out. Recently switched to a 28 inch 4k 60 hz Samsung with freesync over hdmi. Not only is it much much easier to see stuff on a smaller monitor up close than it is to see on a big screen across the room, the resolution is way better on my 4k monitor than it was on my 4k TV. Shouldn't make that big of difference, same resolution right? Well it did. Game looks way better on framerate priority on monitor than it did on TV with it on resolution priority. Also the p-65 was actually high rated for video games with low input lag supposedly, but the new monitor has only 1 millisecond of lag, super noticeable, had to lower my sensitivities because I wasnt adjusted to this level of responsiveness. Also recently switched from the a50s to the new a40s, and there is also significant input lag on the a50s compared with the wired a40s. A50s had a little more bass, and were way more convenient not having wires but a40 are superior for shooters. A50s were good though, and if they ever fix the barely noticeable input lag thing I would rather have wireless. Xbox x with Samsung 500 gig solid state hard drive, elite controller, dr. Dabber switch, 2 cats, & bad attitude. I set up my desk so I could see the 65 inch behind it, which I use for mixer or youtube while playing. Would share pic but I guess the pics from my phone are too big of file to share? Wtf
  5. Before, the sniper comp and suppressor and flash hider offered better recoil etc, but they were also much heavier than ar comp or suppressor to balance their extra usefulness. Since they offer no difference now, are they the same weight in your bag now? Or is the sniper stuff still heavier?
  6. Never know, I had a buddy get an accidental 500 plus meter kill the other day. Not saying people arent cheating , but sometimes crazy shit just happens that's hard to explain. I'm gonna ask him for the pubg look up link...
  7. I'm asking this because I'm wondering if we had a separate aim acceleration slider, one for scopes and one for general, I would turn it off for scopes, but leave it on for general maybe? In other games aim acceleration only affects free look if I'm not mistaken. I've been playing for a long time with aim acceleration off, but been experimenting with it on again, and with lower sensitivity my long scope game has improved, but my cqc fights are more difficult, seems alot more jerky with aim acceleration on. Trying to find sweet spot.
  8. I only have used it if nothing else is available as a dmr, but been running it just to complete challenge for the fun of it. And its decent. 5 tapping someone at midrange really fast is easy. Burst is way more effective than it was before , especially at close range. But I still would only use for close range if I cant get to another gun in time. Will try and include clip of smooth 5 tap with double barrel finisher...
  9. I'll be there, my math sucks but that about 4pm eastern standard?
  10. I didnt know you guys were doing warmodes, I wanna get in on that next time. Im decent at warmode. Wanted to this time but I had something else going on right then.
  11. I'm an invert as well, its the only way I play, feels way more natural, like I have my thumb on the stock of the gun. If I push down on the back stock of the gun, the front comes up right? I think I'm this way because of early flight simulators or halo? Cant remember which OG shooter came with inverted as default? Was it goldeneye? Sorry if I betray my age lol
  12. I recently lowered my sensitivities and significantly improved my game the past few weeks. Had them too high, was too jerky, overshot the target and had to keep over correcting. Higher sensitivity is good only if you are able to make very delicate movements in high stress situations. I have a tendency to grip my controller way too tightly, and swing it around wildly while yelling obscenities. Lowering my general to 11, really helped me place the crosshairs on target before I zoom in, which is huge. And lowering my long scopes to 5, I hit so many more shots now its ridiculous. Before at higher sensitivity levels, my scope was all over the place. Big help not to zoom in until you have crosshairs on target. Also lowered my vert sensitivity multiplier to like 63, that really helped too, but maybe because I use long stick on right? I use elite controller , long stick on right, medium stick on left, right stick on smooth, left stick on instant. Ots is at 6 or 7, was worried about hitting people in vehicles at this lower setting, but I just pick a spot the car is about to be at, fire at that one spot until the car catches up to my bullets, and I usually take out more people in cars this way, than I used to tracking cars at higher sensitivity. It also helped me to turn off aim acceleration completely, was too hard for my muscle memory, I'm way more steady of a shot with it off. I have the paddles mapped for each lean, and one for holding breath. Everyone's hands are different but these settings work best for mine.
  13. Same here, I think I have my vert sens multiplier on like 63, and I forgot to mention how much that helped me out to slow that down a lot. I use long stick on right side, so I think that adds a bit of vert sense multiplier naturally, but at default 100, I overcompensate way too much, hard to put crosshairs on anything that fast. 15 scope is still slow though you are right. But I've used a 15 scope twice in the actual game maybe.
  14. If you are losing Cqc fights because of over correction you need to lower sensitivity. And your long scopes never need to be above 5 sensitivity to acquire any moving target, if you think they need to be faster, that's because you are zooming in too far away from target and tracking unnecessarily while in zoom. Dont zoom in until your crosshairs are right over the target. Zooming in before you acquire target is incorrect. Fast sensitivity doesnt mean shit if you cant put the crosshairs on the guy. If you are heavy on the sticks like me, I would suggest turning aim acceleration completely off, and compensate with 11 general sensitivity. Up close 3rd person aim is good, but if they are right in front of you its faster not to aim at all and just pull trigger depending on weapon. Just my opinion.
  15. I think having one that didnt disappear would help train you atleast, I try to picture where it is already. There used to be something like this for old shooters, a USB thing, and it did help, probably why they added this feature to the monitor. Just curious because I thought I saw it mentioned previously.
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