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  1. ciuxui

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    no leave party button?
  2. ciuxui

    Reworking redzone.

    Make RedZone Great AGAIn.
  3. ciuxui

    Vikendi actual time

    Hello , when we can find out more about the vikendi pass?
  4. try playing with kar98/m24 supressed and vss 😆 it's amaaaazing
  5. ciuxui

    Question in regards to supply system

    yeah , my bad . sorry . can't wait for the update ❤️
  6. ciuxui

    Question in regards to supply system

    no, they stated that u should redeem all your rewards by tuesday . the actual rewards sistem will be eliminated , and the new one will be in .
  7. yeah , if you win with 0 kills, you are the lone survivor
  8. and with the new FOV slider 😆
  9. Server/region will now be decided automatically depending on the player’s local region
  10. ciuxui

    Hype AF

    i can't wait 3 more days .... ❤️ THE HYPE IZ REAL
  11. ciuxui

    High level players

    same here mate , no issues at the start of the game , just playdoh buildings , the fps is pretty decent
  12. ciuxui

    KD ratios.... thoughts?

    thank you mate
  13. ciuxui

    KD ratios.... thoughts?

    what's this ? i play on EU , not NA .
  14. ciuxui

    Hardcore / Competitive Mode on Xbox

    there should be DBNO , but the headshot should be insta kill