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  1. ciuxui

    An Update: 7 days no play

    yeah man, i feel the exact same way . they need to fix the game . they had like 1y to make some changes . but it's getting worse and worse . they add with every update some new clothing, instead of adding buildings at the start of the game . or at least make a new pass : building pass - everything will render when you land -10$.
  2. ciuxui

    Unreal Engine Version?

    t my kids will be fully grown when this will happen sorry for the hate . but i'm disappointed . p.s. - i don't have kids yet.
  3. ciuxui

    Update already

    they should release a separate game for the players that play on xbox one x , why should my console be capped , ????? because the other can't run pubg properly? sell the game only for xbox one x , and that should do it . maaaan . i'm starting to hate this game so much. and it's an amazing game . but the devs ... ?????? they made milllions and millions ,and they can't hire better devs to work on the game . or the game is so broken nobody can fix it . unless they remake it from 0
  4. nice , you just paid 130$ to play a broken PUBG . well played . BlueHole should sell SSD , so they would get richer and richer . and doing nothing to improve this amazing game
  5. ciuxui

    Update already

    i already paid for the game , why would i need extra devices to make it run better? they shouldn't release the game untill it was playable. i was a pubg hardcore player , i event bought the xbox one x for this game . but the devs seems to don't know what they doing? and they made loads of money . and the game improved by 2% .1 year ago , the game was running fine on the x , but they capped it . NO CAP. .
  6. ciuxui

    Played around 8 hours a day until...

    aaaand it's 60 fps .
  7. ciuxui

    Feb 8th dev update

    this game needs to be repaired .30+ fps , (give all daily players a ssd , for better loading) and go install APEX . return to pubg in ~1.5 years . maybe then , some of the problems will be fixed .
  8. the knock must be done by an enemy ,otherwise it doesn't count.
  9. ciuxui

    Lone Survivor Dilemma

    you have 3 more months to get over 6k points mate .
  10. maybe u have better connection with eu servers?
  11. ciuxui

    Are the challenges messed up?

    you need the vikendi pass .
  12. i hate them snakes .
  13. ciuxui

    Are the challenges messed up?

    i don't think that u have to jump out. i did all of them inside . the bombing must be on when u stop .
  14. ciuxui


    BlueHole should sell the game with a free ssd for xbox !!! #iWantBuildings
  15. ciuxui

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    no leave party button?