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  1. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/predatorjuice/video/75250999 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/predatorjuice/video/68101213 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/predatorjuice/video/65417109 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/predatorjuice/video/66394221
  2. For me it a very intermittent problem some games are fine others I close all doors and then there are two guys in the same room as me, no sound at all, seems to mostly happen on Vikendi.
  3. I changed my sensitivity to 15 and that seems to have done the trick, try it and let me know as I only had one game after I'd changed it and I seemed to travelling the same as others but it wasn't a massive jump.
  4. To start with I had no problems with the old parachuting system, however ever since they changed it I seem to plummet to earth way faster than my squad mates every time. I'm pushing forward on my left stick looking at the horizon doing 190 kph, same as everyone else and I fall at a much faster rate. And advice would be appreciated.
  5. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/predatorjuice/video/75250999
  6. I haven't played the new update yet but after reading this all I can think is, 'why can't the loot go back to the way it used to be, if you land hot and survive you are kitted out in areas like Pochinki, Nova, School, Military Island, Severny, Shooting range and Georgepol.' Apologies if I spelt any incorrectly.
  7. Congrats my friend such a good feeling when you get that first solo chicken. I barely play solo anymore I might start again, I bet your heart was racing.
  8. YES!!!! Harold is back!!!! I am so glad you popped up again I missed your bragging, you are the BEST!!!! I am in awe of your awesomeness, I mean the world would suck if it weren't for people like you and your incredible brilliance. Your modesty astounds me. How is it possible to be as good as you and still remain so modest. Love you man!
  9. @Harold Brock you may be very good at the game, I am not. You are a d***head, I am not.
  10. @Tomes05 I too have an X and SSD and he's not wrong graphically it was excellent, I could see every building and every vehicle as soon as I left the plane, every tree had rendered in immediately, the game was great. It's a shame that they've done this too us, I still love the game even though I seem to be getting worse but if they would just go back to how it was every X owner would be thrilled. There wasn't any dsync or frame drops, all in all it ran smoothly. Luckily I don't get the problem that others are talking about my game still runs quite well, just not as good as it did.
  11. Would a good could counter to your opinion be to have the rifle able to take a scope and just reduce the spawn rate of it to that of a Kar98 for example? I do like you idea to have it trialled on the PTS, isn't that what it is for? Every time I see a video about how good the rifle is I always think lucky shot because the iron sight on it is awful.
  12. There is no argument to end and the results from the poll should tell you everything you need to know, people want the rifle to have a scope, end of discussion.
  13. All this does is highlight how powerful the rifle is, we know that, this is about putting a scope on it to make it more useful.
  14. There is an N/A option at the bottom.
  15. 240 views and only a handful of votes, come on people whether you agree or disagree with a scope on the rifle vote. It's the only way change will happen on this poll or any other.
  16. And why wouldn't people want it, it exists in real life so why can't we have it in the game?
  17. I looked into it the other day and the company that manufactures it added the ability for the rifle to take a scope in 1982 if I remember correctly. Nobody said the rifles in game were 100 years old. If they were could we get a musket with accurate reload times please?
  18. You've gone off topic. Please see other posts regarding this. I raised this post to see if others wanted a scope for the Win94. And thanks to @PUBG_Andymh5 he confirmed that developers do listen to us and another person has taken it upon himself/herself to start a poll regarding this. If you're interested please vote.
  19. @PUBG_Andymh5 I started a poll earlier on today in relation to this topic so you can get a better understanding of what people would like for the Win94, but it seems to have disappeared, any ideas?
  20. Aside from our map selection which is nothing to do with PC. The only way to get change is to use this forum and put suggestions forward, not just complain about everything. Thanks for your input but you are wrong.
  21. Hi @PUBG_Andymh5, Personally I'd like to see it have a scope permanently attached and perhaps to keep others happy have two variants available in-game, the other not being able to take any attachments as it currently is. It doesn't have to be one of the scopes currently available but maybe something bespoke like the VSS has, a vintage style scope to go with the age of the weapon.
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