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  1. PredatorJuice

    Alternative to SSD?

    I got a SanDisk 240gb SSD and enclosure from Amazon UK for £38. Made the world of difference.
  2. PredatorJuice

    PUBG Cheaters - How to stop them?

    @PUBG_Andymh5 rather than give us the political party line why don't you guys release some evidence that you are banning the teamkillers and cheats. Personally I don't believe you when you say Bluehole takes it very seriously because it is still happening. It is a daily occurrence for me to get teamkillers and it is always for no reason at all, I nearly always play with randoms because of my shift pattern and lack of time due to personal circumstances. I tried to expose two of them on this forum recently only for YOU to ban me for naming and shaming them. Here's a thought, why don't you do something about the teamkillers and cheaters and don't punish those of us who have had enough and want to publicly shame the people who ruin the game for everyone else. I followed the link you gave me and it was a waste of time. You have a great game but your companies complete lack of empathy will undoubtedly be your downfall.
  3. PredatorJuice

    Flying cars in game!?

    Didn't cause us a problem but it did make me laugh. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/predatorjuice/video/68289144
  4. PredatorJuice

    CANNOT hear foot steps

    I'm also experiencing this on all maps I often hear people from further away but then nothing and all of a sudden they are right next to me. It happened to me on Erangel I was on the upper floor of a three storey in Severny, I took a couple of shots at someone outside he then entered my building, I heard him/her moving around for a few seconds then nothing, I sat still waiting to hear where they were going then all of sudden they are charging up the stairs with a shotgun and I heard nothing. I had gone from listening to their position to getting shot in the face, at least 10 seconds had passed from the sound of them downstairs to being on top of me.
  5. PredatorJuice

    Buildigs Not loading new map

    The buildings render in just before I land, as do the weapons but sometimes I cannot get to them as the inside of the buildings haven't rendered yet again only on Vikendi. Miramar is still a nightmare I have to jump as far as I can. One X, External HDD, wired broadband.
  6. PredatorJuice

    No option to leave team

    I had no option to ready up, sort it out blue hole this sort of thing worked fine, fix it already.
  7. PredatorJuice

    No option to leave team

    Why?!!! Why did they do this?!!! I mean what the f*** was wrong with the old way, one of the few things that actually worked well.
  8. PredatorJuice

    Career Stats

    It gives all the shit hot players with unbelievable stats to start again and brag some more. This game is full of self important wankers.
  9. It wasn't directed at you in particular more others who keep mentioning it is totally believable in solo or duo. It's my opinion and you won't change it.
  10. I'm calling bullshit on this.
  11. Thimbles gaga from what I've seen is always playing Solo, I will reiterate my point, I do not believe it's possible to get 24 kills in a SQUAD game, I repeat SQUAD for anyone else who comes back mentioning solo or duos. You are entitled to your opinion, I do not agree with it but I respect it, my opinion will not be swayed until I witness it for myself. Which will more than likely be never I've never witnessed anyone get more than 10 kills in a squad game.
  12. PredatorJuice

    Hit detection

    Watch the video I put on earlier for proof.
  13. PredatorJuice

    What Is Your Favorite Aspect Of PUBG?

    This is exactly why I gave up on Blackout very quickly. This game is a rush at the end.
  14. PredatorJuice

    Hit detection

    I had the exact same issue not long back, simply he shot first by a fraction of a second and yours doesn't count. Sucks I know. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/predatorjuice/video/66394221
  15. PredatorJuice

    Training mode 1v1 practice