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  1. I used to be an SA player. I now only play OC and these things are a daily issue to me: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AlJP5jCsjoWchkFIHCr8b1xrxlgi https://1drv.ms/v/s!AlJP5jCsjoWchkA-elR2SGQ15xe8
  2. Sks ripper


    Anda, youve already answered me a few days ago, unless the account is being handled by different people. Whenever I play TPP solos i get placed in OC, ever since the update its been like this. I play on an xbox x with a wired connection on a 25mb service. My GT is sKs RippeR x and there is nothing i can do to change servers. Uninstalled the game twice. Changes dns Servers. Changes Mac address on xbox. Waitted for over 10 minutes for the Red OC logo to change. Nothing. Locked to OC. My zone is SA and the only way i can play SA is if i TEAM up with a friend from Brazil. Otherwise OC for the last month
  3. Sks ripper

    A P18C full of blanks

    M&K police is spot on! Busted! You should think about it twice before sending a video like this. How does it feel to play M&K against joystick users. Unfair advantage, good thing your aim Kinda sucks
  4. Sks ripper


    Hey man, sorry to hear this. Dont feel bad as you are not alone on this one. It is happening to a LOT of player, me included. I have played only OC since the update. I have the same issues you have and get killed for stupid reasons. Check the other posts and youll se it happens to players in EU and in SA like me. They say they are investigating, in the meantime we are suffering with this.
  5. Sks ripper

    Wrong region. Need confirmation.

    Hello Andy, your information is inaccurate. I could be waitting for hours and the icon never changes, this is a fact. Red solid OC icon, even if I play during the morning, the afternoon or the evening. I have a 14 hour difference with Australia so at 5pm my time it should find Servers in my location. It still sends me to Australia, where the time is 7am ? Doesnt that sound strange? And why would it send me there If NA servers are half the distance to me? Please do not give me the scripted answer as we already know how matchmaking SHOULD be working, which is not. Thanks
  6. Sks ripper

    Wrong region. Need confirmation.

    This is an issue already but my guess is they are not doing anything. Their player base will keep schrinking as we get tired of this and move away to other games, even though we dont want to, they are pushing us to do that.
  7. Sks ripper

    EU server not available

    Comment the other posts regarding this. I play OC since the update. Every day, every time.
  8. Sks ripper

    EU player on OC or SA Servers

    We are all on the same boat guys. Ive played OC since the update. Uninstalled the game twice. Reset my Mac address, updated dns Servers on xbox, still the same. OC every game and you know how it goes. Die pretty much to anybody you come across. I should be playing SA or NA but nah, pubg does not feel I should.
  9. Sks ripper

    Switch servers? Xbox one version

    I am an SA player with the same issue. Ive seen a few posts about this issue and cant seem to find anything stating you guys are aware of the issue. The Vikendi update locked me down to OC, all my games anytime of the day. I should be placed in SA or NA but have never player Tpp again in those Servers. Only OC anytime of the day. GT is sKs RippeR x.
  10. Sks ripper


    Lol to this answer as its Bull. I have played OC Servers since the vikendi update unless playing FPP (which I no Langer play) where I would be places in NA. All other 99,9999% of the times I would go to OC, NEVER SA and NEVER NA. No matter what time of day, OC all the way. I live in SA btw...
  11. Sks ripper


    sKs RippeR x. Same issue 99% of my games. Im an SA player playing nothing but OC everyday everytime.
  12. Sks ripper

    Why this game join me to OC server

    SA player here playing OC since vikendi update. Lag, desync, die to anything all the time. Impossible to win a cqc right, sometimes I would see blood and then when i die their health is 100%. Just ridiculous. I am so desperate for a similar game to this to come out so i can quit and forget about it. So frustrating
  13. Sks ripper

    Wrong servers

    *sarcasm was intended. I cant play a match without desync and lag. I am an SA player.
  14. Sks ripper

    Wrong servers

    I can share my GT: sKs RippeR x. Oceanía all the way since vikendi update. Nothing but good times.
  15. The vikendi update brought nothing but trouble. Havent played my Server since then. Only OC 99,999% of the time. I am in SA so woul usually play SA or NA which is bearable but OC? Wtf.