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  1. Your aim was good, just a bit unlucky there. If I'm having an aiming slump (worse than normal) then I'll stop playing and try again the next day, in case I'm just tired or burnt out. If it's the same the next day I'll jump into the training mode for 30 mins and see if I need to adjust anything. I felt like the 6x and 8x were suddenly very sensitive so I dropped them down a couple of notches. Then I noticed I was over-aiming with the 1x as well - jumping beyond the enemy to his left then his right (basically painting around him) - so I dropped that down as well. I've put the 1x back up again now though. The 6x/8x have always caused me a problem because I like to use them zoomed in to 6x/8x but I also like them zoomed out at 3x/4x. If I set sensitivity for zoomed in, then zoomed out is waaaaaaay too slow. And if I set sensitivity for zoomed out then it's way too fast when zoomed in. Can't win. That's why I want a separate sensitivity slider for the zoom function of these scopes. Yeah, sometimes you can't even tell. If I'm not yawning and my eyes aren't sore then I judge it by repeated arse-wuppings.
  2. I'm pretty sure I've seen it once within the last week but not when I ran up to the vehicle like the clip above. I think the one I saw was through the scope like @fSucee mentioned above. I'm still seeing vehicle tyres that won't blow out too (I reported that bug separately). When you shoot the tyres, the bullets go straight through the vehicle and you can see them impact the sand/dirt behind the vehicle.
  3. Yeah, I'd prefer things like this to be a bit more responsive, over-the-shoulder aim too. I always feel like my character is fat and a bit drunk.
  4. The lead developer (a cat named Marmalade) is busy working on it at the moment. Marmalade is easily distracted by things like cotton, squirrels and the wind, so unfortunately it's taken longer than expected.
  5. Good idea. It seems stupid that it's between the inventory and the weapons.
  6. I'll have a go. It should be clear pretty quickly which of us don't play FPP 😂
  7. Everyone was cheating except for me. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
  8. Oh it came in alright, it nearly hit me in the face, it was a great throw! I was sure the grenade was going to get me so when I landed outside without taking any damage inside my head I was singing "I'm alive, I'm alive!" And then I was dead 😐
  9. Just remembered I clipped this one. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/colonic-booivi/video/72065363
  10. Woah there, I was shooting you in the side not the back! I think. Couldn't believe I didn't drop you to be honest, I hit you a few times with a QBU, you must have been hurting. Then I lost track of you when you pushed me and you threw a beautiful grenade through the window of my hut as I climbed out of the back window. It didn't do any damage but my ears were ringing so I couldn't hear you and you went the opposite side of the building to what I was expecting 😤 Good play though, I can admit the better player won 🍻
  11. It's definitely not the whole clan. We've wiped them a few times and killed individuals several times and none of us have ever had a message from Vulcan, he's not one of the players that constantly sends hate messages. Not sure if we're allowed to name specific people in here so I couldn't say that Keane's a pathetic little rat-f*** with serious emotional problems. I couldn't say that nearly all of the hate messages I've posted in this thread are from him. And I couldn't say that he looks up your stats when you kill him, then he abuses you for a week after. And I definitely couldn't say that Keane's sending abusive messages to someone else in my squad at moment, even though it was me that threw the grenade 😂
  12. I misunderstood before, I thought you meant you wanted the circle to close slower but always on the centre. I didn't like that idea because it would everyone would know where they could go and camp. Now I understand what you meant I totally agree. And for the same reason too, I hate it when the circle ruins a good shootout and it often does. It should work too, big damage if you go in the blue but it wouldn't matter if you could outrun it.
  13. I loved this match, it was a great final circle. I was really pleased with myself because of how I played it, I felt like I made the right decisions in the right order. 1st kill. I just assumed someone would be as high up the hill as they could get, on the edge of the blue. I see an enemy running up the far side of the hill at 0:52, I'm already watching that high hill side of the circle anyway. I felt that someone up there was more of a threat to my position. I see him get wrecked and I hear that the person that killed him is also high up the hill so I know for sure that someone else is up where I suspected. I checked the killer's name. 2nd kill. I heard the sniper's shots, he popped up almost exactly where I was looking so he made it easy for me. I see another enemy run up the hill at 1:13 (same place as the one at 0:52) but he doesn't get shot so now I know there are two over there. I think about bushing for a moment but gunfire breaks out in the compound. I only see one enemy but he's not shooting at me so I use the distraction to make a move. The ghillie suit surprised me, I just wasn't expecting him to come running out there. At 1:33 you can see the moment his name registers with me 🤣 I realise it wasn't the same name that I noted before, meaning that the enemy that I've been looking for this whole time is still up the hill. I turn to go up the hill and catch a glimpse of him straight away... There's definitely a time and a place for going prone but the final enemy shouldn't have. He should have pushed up the hill while I was shooting at the other guy. He should have been ready to take me (or the other guy) out immediately after one of us had died but he didn't do anything. Then I ran for the tree and saw him here, not sure if that's his gun or pan or what... No sure that's even him actually but I thought it was at the time.
  14. You've got to admire his determination. Once he's decided to lie down he's not getting up for anybody 😂
  15. Nah, not if you're watching the same clip as me. It looks like the rear of the jumped off the ground the instant @hugeAXE WOUND shot the tyre out. It doesn't look like the tyre burst, then it veered off-road, then it was airborne (so he could have braked/steered). It looks like they were all passengers from the moment the tyre went, I don't think anybody could have controlled that.
  16. Someone streamed me wiping their squad 😎 https://pubg.report/streams/f7c65508-6d74-48a2-a144-c9fb9172768f/1308623392
  17. "You muthaf***a dude!" He looks like he's going to cry when he starts texting his mum at the end 🤣
  18. This is a good one illustrating horrible plays (including my own play), it's 3 short clips but they follow immediately on from one another. A squad of grass snakes that doesn't check for bush-wookies. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/colonic-booivi/video/73780309 Even when one practically has his nose in my bush. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/colonic-booivi/video/73780302 And karma for the terrible player that 3rd partied me - Renz, you're the worst player I've ever seen. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/colonic-booivi/video/73780308
  19. I see plenty of people that run into the blue and lose a big chunk of health when it's 1v1, virtually guaranteeing their own death. I've seen a few just give the chicken away by refusing to come out of their camping spot, seems they'd rather die to the blue and finish 2nd than even attempt to go for the win. I've got some terrible play clips too, these are my favourite thing to record... People that I can only assume think they are invisible. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/colonic-booivi/video/74823890 People that don't pay attention to their 6 - this is the happiest I've ever been to see a 3rd party turn up 🤣 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/colonic-booivi/video/74469766 And here's a 2 minute masterclass on things not to do in a final circle (the enemies, not me). Sitting still. Going prone. Not checking your flanks. Not being aware of how much your head sticks out. Not taking advantage of enemies creating distractions. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/colonic-booivi/video/74823546
  20. We keep getting salty messages from certain members of the RIOT and ATR clans, those p***yc***s really can't take a death. One of them carries on sending you messages for a week after you kill them. Proper nasty little pathetic scumbags.
  21. Nothing is clear when moving the camera for me either. I suppose this would be fixed with 60fps, which isn't going to happen. I'm using a low input fast response 4K monitor and it's the same. I don't really miss people like you mentioned but that's just because I turn with a spin-stop-spin-stop, rather than turning in a fluid motion.
  22. They could make the grenades a bit rarer I suppose, I've been finding a lot of them on Sanhok too.
  23. I don't think there's an issue. Most people that are spamming grenades are so bad at it that they don't even cause a scratch.
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