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  1. I read your post about changing your settings (after someone posted up the Zaastro video), so I put my 'general' and all scopes up to 15 and knocked a chunk of my vertical multiplier. My warm up game was a 9 kill solo chicken, then I joined the squad and we won 2 out of 5. I never felt truly comfortable with the settings but I can't argue with the results. I haven't been on since though, I'm away for a week, I expect to come back and be unable to hit a barn door with a dustbin lid.
  2. I may not have explained it as clearly as I thought I did. @SiXXX explanation might be clearer. The actions you see on screen, with your character moving and shooting, is happening 'locally' on your Xbox (client side). Then your Xbox communicates those actions to the server a fraction of a second later, then the server communicates that information to the other players another fraction of a second after that. The higher the pings are, then the bigger that fraction of a second is. Because of the amount of time it takes for the information to go from player > server > enemy (or back the other way), it's possible for our character to fire a shot / take a step / turn a corner / duck down, before our Xbox has been told that we've already been killed. The longer it takes that information to travel then the larger the amount of 'dead man walking' time we have before we get told we're dead. That's why, if you play waaaaaay out of region, you can get pretty far round a corner and still get killed. Or you can hammer a load of CQC bullets into an enemy and then get dropped without it showing any damage on the enemy. It works both ways. If you killed the enemy, it would take longer for them to be notified so they'd probably land their shot on you and then drop dead thinking they just got screwed. So the bullets don't actually disappear, you still see them hit the target (I've seen it loads of times myself too), you see the blood burst out of the enemy's face. But if the enemy's shot on you was actually first (based on the time-stamp / match clock on the server), then the damage is removed from your bullet because the game has decided that it would never left your gun in the first place because you were already dead. Apologies for being an arsehole before.
  3. I think that updates often make small unintentional changes to the sensitivities, it seems to affect some people more than others. I've been struggling since the patch on June 11th and only just got my shit back together in the last week. I reckon I've just gotten used to the change and I expect it's the same for you. Next update will definitely screw us both over 🤣😢
  4. I've explained why it happens and why it needs to happen in detail already.
  5. You wouldn't have said that if you did get it. Your Xbox is not in real-time sync with the server, my Xbox is not in real-time sync with the server and our Xboxes are even less in sync with each other. It happens because of data transfer times, differences in ping and processing time at the server and at the Xbox.
  6. I do too, I'm always dropping shit "by this tree, look now, the tree I'm by now, are you looking where I am mate?" 😂 But doesn't auto-run cancel when you start to manually select amounts (like drop 50 rounds of ammo)? I can't remember.
  7. I never understood why ammo doesn't grab in chunks of 50 anyway. Didn't we used to have to scroll up one bullet at a time back in the early days? 🤣
  8. Was that first one recorded before your computer had a chance to connect properly? Or maybe using a 1 second interval instead of 2 seconds? It's showing 100% packet loss so no connection at all to that destination. The ping looks pretty stable in the second graph but it's a bit squashed so it's difficult to see properly, if you could expand it then it'll be easier to see what it's doing (just drag the top of the graph up a bit - see image below). 0% packet loss at the destination is all good though. I don't think you need to worry about the packet loss at the first hop, it's not carrying to the final destination so it's probably just a priority thing where your router is refusing to deal with the request. I've dragged the top of the graph up so you can see the spiking in my ping. I've fully f***ed my connection for this graph to show why you need to expand the graph. This is over wifi, with QoS disabled, while other devices are hammering the network, basically I've forced the spikes - you do not want your graph to look like this 🤣 Note there's 100% packet loss on the 2nd hop, this is not a problem, this is probably just a hop that refuses to respond to the ping request.
  9. If you just want to test your line to see if there are any issues... Either connect your laptop direct to your modem (so nothing else can interfere), don't run it over wifi. Or, if you don't want to mess about connecting to the modem, just disable the wifi on your router so nothing else can connect. Along the top, set the 'interval' to 2.5 seconds. In the 'target' field at the top, type twitter.com and set it running for a few minutes. I use twitter because it's relatively stable. If your ping to twitter is high, try Google instead just to minimise the hops. Just run it for a few minutes (because I've probably forgotten something and will need you change something and run it again 🤣). It'll plot a graph for you, post it up in here and tag me. These are the settings I use, if you use these I'll be able to compare it more easily.
  10. I got it !!! I've no idea when or how I did it, I was just scrolling through the challenges today and saw it was done 😂
  11. I think we should have a 'quick-grab amounts' that we can set in our options. Could work for dropping things too. I hate how the left stick locks out when you bring up the 'quantity' menu. So I might 'grab amounts' set at x2 for 1st Aid, ammo at x50, boosts at x2. When we arrive at a loot crate, we scroll to the energy drinks and click to grab some, normally it grabs the lot and then your bag is full which screws you if you wanted 20 rounds for you K9. If they did it the way I suggest then you can just grab them in multiples of your choice. If you want 2 boosts then click once, if you want 4 boosts then click twice. If you want 100 rounds of ammo, click twice, etc.
  12. Need @PUBG_Andymh5 to confirm what goes on when it's a 3rd party. It would make sense for it to be the same as when it's a head-to-head but I don't know if it works that way.
  13. It's frustrating but it's fair (assuming the game/server has its calculations right), it just looks totally unfair because we only see it from our perspective. It's not just down to your ping though, it's the enemy's as well and any additional processing time at the server on top of that. For example, if yours is 40ms and mine is 210ms (it wouldn't be but it makes for a better sum). I could fire a shot that kills you but you still have 1/4 of a second to shoot me before your Xbox tells you that you're dead. Imagine if it wasn't a snipe-off, we could be CQC and you could be dead before you even fire a shot but on your screen (because your Xbox hasn't received news of your death yet) you rattle off half a mag into my face, chest and balls (everyone shoots the balls 🤣). It would look rotten on your screen because the enemy would appear to have sponged all your bullets. But it has to be this way because it would be even worse if you killed an enemy without taking a shot, turned around to wander off to the circle, then got completely rinsed by the enemy that you've already killed. We wouldn't know what was going on, we'd think there was another enemy shooting at us and we wouldn't be able to find them anywhere. Basically it has to be this way or it would be confusing to the point that it would be unplayable. If you don't agree with it then you don't get it. It's not dumb, it makes perfect sense. See above ^ A knocked/dead player can't fire a shot. If the time-stamp on the server determines that a player is knocked/killed, time is 'rewound' and any bullets fired before the time-stamp of the kill shot are deleted. The system is in place to stop impossible outcomes, such as being shot by someone that is already dead - it's the same reason that we get shot around corners, our Xboxes are not perfectly synced with the server, it's just down to the speed of data transfer and processing time.
  14. Isn't is already like that when you turn AA off ?
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