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  1. ColonicBoom

    Let's face it

    You're still not getting use out of the full movement of the stick though - the turn speed maxes out at about 50-60%, which is where aim acceleration would kick in if you had it enabled. If you push it any further than that it doesn't move any faster. Basically, all of the turn speed is crammed into half of the stick input so a lot of potential precision is wasted.
  2. ColonicBoom

    Fix the freaking 4 times scope please

    Yeah, the cross is a bit blobby too I suppose - I still prefer it to the other 4x reticles though. Are you playing on X1X with a 4K monitor though? That probably makes quite a big difference. You're right that the 6x/8x is by far the best though. I don't understand why they don't just make all the reticles nice and sharp. It doesn't improve the game in any way to make any of the reticles suck - I'm looking at you 2x and 3x scopes. They both look like they were drawn with a crayon that's glued to a drunk's forehead. You can actually see the pixelated 'corners' on the circle of the 2x scope and I think the 'dot' in the middle is actually a square 🤣
  3. ColonicBoom

    Let's face it

    We also need developers that actually play on console - the controls are a dead giveaway that they don't play on console. The 'analogue' (movement) controls are still clunky and awkward. For example, there seems to be only two speeds/angles at which you can parachute now, full speed ahead or floating along like Mary Poppins. And the sensitivity curve (when turning/aiming) still doesn't use the last 40-50% of the stick ('full stick' kicks in at about 50% input).
  4. ColonicBoom

    Dear Devs...

    That's a great idea. But instead of implementing this, the devs will give us some new in-game currencies, slower rendering*, terrible matchmaking and worse hit detection (probably because of the terrible matchmaking)... Oh wait, we just got that update didn't we. *Anyone that disagrees with this needs to copy the game to their console (so not on their SSD) to see how bad it's actually become - it's amazing how bad it is on Vikendi.
  5. ColonicBoom

    Throwing smoke grenade warning

    If you do this too often, the smoke will start coming out of your xbox
  6. What if he is Bill Gates though 🤯
  7. ColonicBoom

    EU being put into OC

    Yeah, it certainly does make a difference. OC is a bit 'out there' compared to EU and NA though, not really near to either, you should be better off with Asia servers (assuming there are some). I'm very near to EU servers (because I live there) and relatively near to NA servers but I couldn't be much further from a server than OC, yet PUBG somehow thinks they're viable servers. What sort of ping are you looking at from OC to NA out of interest? It's nearly 300ms to OC from London, UK. It makes no sense at all. EU should always (ALWAYS) get thrown onto NA as a backup because it's 3 times the distance (and 200ms slower) to OC.
  8. ColonicBoom

    Fix the freaking 4 times scope please

    I don't understand why they bothered with the changing reticle, the basic crosshair (like when it's on a Kar98) is by far my favourite. I hate all the noisy crosshairs like when the 4x is on the AK.
  9. ColonicBoom

    PUBG unplayable in the weekends??

    No, unfortunately it chooses automatically and it doesn't choose well (bit of an understatement). Squads are fine because we get 50/50 EU or NA. But Solos like to default to OC for some reason, matchmaking time has increased five-fold (conservative estimate). These OC lobbies aren't much fun to play because doors don't open for half a second (same for picking up loot), everything feels horribly delayed and shooting people feels even more unnatural than PUBG does normally (with it's awful slapdash ported controls). At 300ms, the whole thing feels like the internet went back 15+ years. Doesn't make any sense to take us from our local (+ NA) heavily populated servers at peak time to dump us on the ghost-town servers on the other side of the world. Whichever devs coded the matchmaking need to be in charge of making coffee and nothing more. My router has that feature built into the firmware.
  10. ColonicBoom

    Region lock doesn't work

    It is, OP put South Africa, that's why I was laughing.
  11. ColonicBoom

    Region lock doesn't work

    SA = South Africa 🤣 But yeah, the matchmaking is a mess now. Basically it's the complete opposite of what everyone wanted. I'm off for a few games on the OC servers with a 290ms ping - woooo, fun times.
  12. ColonicBoom

    New Parachuting

    I haven't managed it yet but I have found plenty of new and amusing ways to kill myself while trying
  13. I've been getting loads of OC servers, even after waiting for the red 'OC' to disappear, then waiting 3-5 minutes for it to actually find a lobby. Then it puts me into a lobby with 60 people so I have to wait another couple of minutes for the lobby to fill up, while some **** constantly punches my character in the groin. Because the waits were so long, I stayed in a few of them today (I'd normally just dashboard out) and checked the ping... My ping (from London) to the OC servers is 290ms. Just in case anyone in Western Europe wondered exactly how bad it really is. NA servers are 85ms for comparison.
  14. ColonicBoom

    PUBG unplayable in the weekends??

    Yep, it's gash now. How do we stay in our own region now that it's automatic (and completely broken)? I'm in London and I always liked to stay in my own region, matchmaking was quick, connections were pretty good (compared to now at least). I ping EU servers in 10-15ms and I ping NA servers in 85-90ms. Since the Vikendi update, the game puts me on OC servers quite often - with a 300ms ping - at 7pm on a Saturday evening, which is peak evening time in the EU, I expect there are plenty of people on the NA servers too at that time. But that'll be 7am (maybe 6 or 8am?) in OC. That's some badly broken matchmaking any way you look at it.
  15. ColonicBoom


    I've had at least 5 this evening playing TPP Solos (largest player base I assume). Maybe I've only played 3 games out of 50 on the OC servers but I dashboard 9/10 lobbies as soon as I see the server name says 'OC' (along the bottom of the screen in the pre-game lobby). These dashboard quit games don't show up for me on any stat websites or on the app, so I expect they don't show up in your list either. Based on the games I've played today, I reckon I get 20-25% OC servers when playing Solos. I got OC several times between 6-9pm this evening (Saturday), which has got to be the peakest of peak times for EU and NA, but it still thinks OC (6am!) is a better choice. I stayed in a few of them today so I could check the ping, it's 280-300ms. That would be just about acceptable if I lived in Bhutan but I live in Western Europe so it makes no sense at all - logically I should be locked out of the OC servers by default, no matchmaking system should ever see 300ms as an acceptable lobby when there are far more players in EU and NA (85ms ping). Anyway, the majority of my last 50 games (virtually all of them) will have been played with my squad. I don't think we've ever got a Squad game on OC, they're probably split about 50/50 between US and EU servers. Which is still a massive fail as far as matchmaking goes - we've gone from choosing to play nearly all of our games on our local server to being thrown anywhere with no choice. If you're not aware, the time to find a match has increased a huge amount since this update dropped too. It used to be 15-30 seconds normally, up to 90 seconds if it was really late at night, then almost straight into the plane for the drop. Now it's around 3-5 minutes to find a lobby, then I have to sit in the lobby of 60 people waiting another couple of minutes for it to fill up. Whatever they've done to matchmaking is a disaster in every way - it doesn't need fixing, it needs rolling back.