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  1. ColonicBoom

    Combat tips for beginners please guys??

    Use the training ground. Practise controlling recoil without a grip or compensator. Practise with guns you don't like. Practise following moving targets. Practise snap aiming on moving targets. Learn the optimum distances for ADS, OTS, Hipfire. Learn them, then really learn them, then learn them some more. In game... Don't fire until you're actually on target, don't full auto unless you can control it. Loads of people fire when they're nearly-on-target, thinking they can make the small adjustment while they're full-auto - they can't and then they're dead. Say 'NO' to prone (nearly always). Get comfortable with 'lower value' weapons that are common at any drop site. The Uzi is a great example. If you don't know how to use it effectively, you'll hesitate to use it and you'll die. But when you do know how to use it effectively, you won't panic and you'll probably be the one leaving with the loot - used properly, it's devastating and often overlooked. Get into plenty of gunfights. Kills = Confidence Confidence = Kills.
  2. ColonicBoom

    idea for being downed??

    That's an interesting thought. I wouldn't be 100% against it but I should think a lot of people would.
  3. ColonicBoom

    Best crossbow kill ever!

    Nope, must have been lost in 'the great purge' of 2018. I did find this though, look at him twitch 🤣 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/colonic-booivi/video/59250551
  4. ColonicBoom

    Best crossbow kill ever!

    I've got a crossbow kill at that same place. I went for a shot and my friend dropped the enemy, my shot missed the enemy and dropped the enemy behind him. I'll try to find the clip, it was a few months back...
  5. ColonicBoom

    idea for being downed??

    Mine is that you can use meds while driving across a field (usually) but it all falls to pieces when you turn a corner on a relatively flat road. And it's even more difficult in a boat too. This one makes no sense. I once had to piss into a milk bottle on a moving speedboat and I was almost 100% successful - legit precision (well, 95% precision anyway)
  6. ColonicBoom

    Lens Glare

    I didn't expect to hit him really, it was just a have-a-go shot. We didn't even hang around to finish him, we just bolted for the circle, got a few more kills and then choked the win and got 2nd place 😡
  7. I had a fun one that lasted a good few days. He clearly held a grudge and was great fun to wind up, I annoyed him to the point that he looked up my stats and started sending me comparisons with his own. He insulted me a lot though, so he deserved it all.
  8. ColonicBoom

    A Cap?

    There's a cap? I didn't get a cap.
  9. He couldn't see you because you clearly shot him both eyes 😎 (would also be something that you could send that would wind him right up)
  10. ColonicBoom


    Nice. The first one is ridiculously intense - I honestly almost cried when I got mine 🤣 So true. I thought I was having a heart attack, it was pounding. I had sweat dripping down my ribs and I was shaking like a shitting dog. Only video game that's ever had that kind of effect on me.
  11. Nice win. Every kill counts. And an 11 kill win is a well earned win. I'd have had much more fun replying to the person you killed though... I'd have said "max hax" or something and baited him into a comms ban 🤣
  12. ColonicBoom

    Lens Glare

    That's a fraction before I took the shot... Both enemies completely obscured by snot on the lens.
  13. ColonicBoom

    Lens Glare

    Yeah, that was only yesterday. I haven't noticed it for a long time, not where it actually affected me anyway. It might look like it didn't affect me because I still hit the headshot but I couldn't see any part of him when I took the shot. Couldn't see any part of either of them actually. I changed to the second target because I saw him lie down, thought he'd hold position a bit longer and I could estimate where his head would be. Most of the time it won't block a shot so perfectly, then you don't even notice it. If I'd been 25 yards left or right then it probably wouldn't have covered the enemy at all, I wouldn't have paid it any attention and I wouldn't have recorded it. I only clipped it because I was so pleased with myself for estimating his head's position exactly 😂
  14. ColonicBoom

    God, this game is good.

    Epic run in the middle!
  15. ColonicBoom

    Big thought on maps selection!

    100% agree with this.