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  1. That was me. It was a bad idea then and it still is now. Player-side issues go a lot further than bandwidth, bandwidth is almost irrelevant unless you have ridiculously low numbers. I'm pretty sure PUBG needs nowhere near 4mb though.
  2. It took us 15 minutes to find a squad game and then it started with about 50 people. At 8:30pm 😫
  3. The flies at Pai Nan sound like they're the size of elephants. If there's an enemy nearby and a fly turns up while you're listening for their footsteps - you're in trouble.
  4. And in a boat, it's almost impossible to heal in a moving boat. Strangely, you seem to be able to heal more easily on Erangel than you can heal on Miramar. Even if you're in a field on Erangel and a flat road on Miramar.
  5. Your aim was good, just a bit unlucky there. If I'm having an aiming slump (worse than normal) then I'll stop playing and try again the next day, in case I'm just tired or burnt out. If it's the same the next day I'll jump into the training mode for 30 mins and see if I need to adjust anything. I felt like the 6x and 8x were suddenly very sensitive so I dropped them down a couple of notches. Then I noticed I was over-aiming with the 1x as well - jumping beyond the enemy to his left then his right (basically painting around him) - so I dropped that down as well. I've put the 1x back up again now though. The 6x/8x have always caused me a problem because I like to use them zoomed in to 6x/8x but I also like them zoomed out at 3x/4x. If I set sensitivity for zoomed in, then zoomed out is waaaaaaay too slow. And if I set sensitivity for zoomed out then it's way too fast when zoomed in. Can't win. That's why I want a separate sensitivity slider for the zoom function of these scopes. Yeah, sometimes you can't even tell. If I'm not yawning and my eyes aren't sore then I judge it by repeated arse-wuppings.
  6. I'm pretty sure I've seen it once within the last week but not when I ran up to the vehicle like the clip above. I think the one I saw was through the scope like @fSucee mentioned above. I'm still seeing vehicle tyres that won't blow out too (I reported that bug separately). When you shoot the tyres, the bullets go straight through the vehicle and you can see them impact the sand/dirt behind the vehicle.
  7. Yeah, I'd prefer things like this to be a bit more responsive, over-the-shoulder aim too. I always feel like my character is fat and a bit drunk.
  8. The lead developer (a cat named Marmalade) is busy working on it at the moment. Marmalade is easily distracted by things like cotton, squirrels and the wind, so unfortunately it's taken longer than expected.
  9. Good idea. It seems stupid that it's between the inventory and the weapons.
  10. I'll have a go. It should be clear pretty quickly which of us don't play FPP 😂
  11. Everyone was cheating except for me. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
  12. Oh it came in alright, it nearly hit me in the face, it was a great throw! I was sure the grenade was going to get me so when I landed outside without taking any damage inside my head I was singing "I'm alive, I'm alive!" And then I was dead 😐
  13. Just remembered I clipped this one. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/colonic-booivi/video/72065363
  14. Woah there, I was shooting you in the side not the back! I think. Couldn't believe I didn't drop you to be honest, I hit you a few times with a QBU, you must have been hurting. Then I lost track of you when you pushed me and you threw a beautiful grenade through the window of my hut as I climbed out of the back window. It didn't do any damage but my ears were ringing so I couldn't hear you and you went the opposite side of the building to what I was expecting 😤 Good play though, I can admit the better player won 🍻
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