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  1. caprichromis

    New client for xbox one X

    Dear dev's team, did you see what you have done to all these angry people? Upsetting meanings, hot debate and they are all loosing their minds... Pls! Dear dev's team, make something happend for the good and health of PUBG Xbox community! Or at least tell us someting! A devs bi-weekly post maybe? Ok I'm out. (I agree with you guys, this game is running like crap)
  2. caprichromis

    Load / Render

    Funny, PUBG is the only game that needs a SSD to load stuff. So, what's the point? PUBG Xbox isn't correctly developed for this hardware? But we know this from 6 months or so... My point is, we have different current state of gaming experiences between consoles and SSD or not.... Is that acceptable to call this game a full release after so much issues? We are not on PC, we can't upgrade our console.. this game must run correctly on all xbox platforms.
  3. caprichromis

    Load / Render

    1. The fact that we need to buy a SSD on a 2018 game to render/load stuff is a shame. 2. The fact that you can't see the building's complex and the city's in the plane is another critical problem. You have to remember exactly where are the houses location, why? The map is empty. Shame. 3. Yeah with SSD loading and rendering is better, now you can hot drop at pecado, hacienda... Ah wait, I forgot!!! then suddenly being shot through walls or under the map by non SSD users... COME ON! This game runs like crap. Plain and simple.
  4. caprichromis

    Cave is Toxic

    That's an other exemple of how poor this game is developed... An other company would have pushed an patch after 2-3 days... but we are stuck with PUBG mediocrity's developement, and it's become common and insignificant, at least for the dev's.
  5. caprichromis

    What are the devs gonna do to fix the perfomance

    That's what we keep saying here for months... why? how is that possible? why keeping stuck in this poor version, it doesn't work for 1 year and 3 months, it never work correctly, and every update is a joke. Sad story.
  6. caprichromis

    For the love of god

    I agree, but that doesn't mean the execution/performance must be so awful. It's not an excuse that the game is great (gameplay), to give us such broken update again and again. Imagine if the game was polished? Without all these raging issues? Afterall we are here for the love of this game.
  7. caprichromis

    Xbox Update #5 - Feedback Topic

    Feedback report after playing most of duo's. Sorry in advance for the negativity, but the team must be aware of these issues! After 7 months "full release"!! 1. After the last update, loading/rendering became worse, for SSD user, and non-users too I presume. -For SSD users, being shot through walls on hot drops is a nightmare. -For non SSD users, loading time for furnitures, staircase etc... etc... is a big issues too. Having to wait for object to render to loot. As the early game is crucial on PUBG, is a shame to see how it's working right now. 2. Some lag, refreshing rollbacks are new now. Suddenly the game seems to refresh for 1 second, or whatever... pain for the eyes. 3. The sound seems to be off again! , own footsteps are behind sometimes, direction is weird in some occasions. -The wind is too loud on Vikendi by night. 4. The crates/personalisation menu lagging like never, it's sad to see that on a 2018 game really. 5. Canted sight, you have to adjust your aim switching from 4x and red dot. Switching is not aiming at the same place. 6. The 2x scope as always and that from ages. 7. Character issue, when someone is aiming at you but he is clearly looking in an other direction! 8. FPS drops, with a lot vehicles, lot of squads... but that's common... 9. The loot on Erangel seems to decrease game after game!!!! What about he loot in the big sheds? what about the loot in Novo on the crates? the same about Georgopol south on the crates? We went to Military base, to loot the U houses... it's empty!!!! Come on!!! what about the loot in the hospital? what about the loot in "the kinder houses"? well you get it??? that's enough for now. Can we have a statment about how and when the rendering issues will be adressed? Before June was OK on the xbox one X. Or do we have to wait another 4 weeks to have an other broken update??? thanks for the hard work... yeah it's sarcasm.
  8. caprichromis

    PUBG still broken

    Being shot trough walls become a nightmare with this update. For the people having a SSD, the non-SSD users can shoot you trough walls and furnitures. Every single hot drop is a huge mess. It's simply game breaking issues, unplayable or you have to land far away to avoid enemies?? What the hell is this? This game will never run correctly on xbox. Shame and desperation. Beside this, the last update gave us something nice... some environnement lags, 1 second refresh or rollback whatever... great! Pfff... boring really. And all the common issues reported from ages, still not adressed...
  9. caprichromis

    People just don't care anymore

    Subjective meanings... Being shot trough walls and furniture, having play doh buildings... after 7 months of full release... I consider this a shame and game breaking. Playable but not skilled at all. Beside this apex has a lot of issues too... just saying.
  10. caprichromis


    After 7 months of "full release", are we still suffering with loading/rendering issues, really??? There is no words, sadly this game will never run correctly on xbox. It's only playable and it's a shame at this point. Is PUBG a skilled game? with all this issues, and worse on early game! Blah! Update after update, content is added and it seems that performance is a side subject. Minor bugs are fixed, but the rendering... Come on! What about other graphical options discussed in a dev post, what about FPS, what about resolution options, matchmaking, map selection, 2x scope, sound issues and FPS drop when 2 teams are fighting, what about CQC fights hot drops... etc... etc... Sad story. Or the best joke ever made.
  11. caprichromis

    Patch Delayed, no suprise..

    What can we do... simply wait and hoping for a nice update. As a day 1 player, I'm not really surprised, we are used to wait for "working" updates on this game. PUBG, the best game with the worse developing management (on Xbox at least). I really think that the xbox dev team is too small. Beside this, it's the only game that you have to fight against enemies and the game itself (glitches, bugs, bad mechanics etc...) Pretty challenging! I still play regulary, and sometimes it's really fun, sometimes it's a raging piece of crap. Not a skilled game at this point, but pretty fun.
  12. I remember the good old days, when Novo was a high loot spot...was there yesterday, it's empty! On/inside the the blue containers a few smoke, backpacks and if you are lucky a shotgun... Erangel needs definitly a better loot balance, we are waiting for this for AGES! Is that so hard to increase the loot? I mean technically? If you see the custom games (on PC) you can increase the loot pretty easy, so I mean for the dev's could be easy I guess. Lazyness - slowness !
  13. caprichromis

    This update....

    I'v been very critical towards this game, reported bugs and gave my feedback after every update. I have to say that, surprisingly, the game seems to work a little smoother/better for me last weeks... still some potatos fights, some crazy mechanics, but I'm enjoying yet again (after a big 3 months break late summer). Having said this, there is a huge amount of broken things, bugs, and improvements to make about PUBG on xbox. It's clearly always on a beta state at this point (Rendering!!! Smoother UI! Map selection! Performance/FPS increase! etc.. etc..)
  14. caprichromis

    I'll pay for sahhook

    And then... what happend for the people who hate Sanhok (like me tbh) and enjoy Vikendi? I think he best way is: 1. Erangel / Miramar 2. Mini royale Sanhok 3. New map Vikendi 4 Quick join And after Vikendi pass, map selection. I play most of time quick join and leave Sanhok, but yeah if you want to play exclusively Sanhok you have to leave the other 3 maps... Not really fair.
  15. caprichromis

    SSD Passenger with OG Xbox Driver

    1.0 full release! nice...