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  1. caprichromis

    next week it's the right one?

    72 % of negative votes... It demonstrate pretty well how confident we are... now we are used to. the result of one year of poor management (update/communication) by this company... happy birthday. btw where is the xbox community manager? ah I forgot... we don't have any... sigh! blurp!
  2. Pretty sad 1 year Birthday... Not half of the real problems have been resolved in one year... The predictive loading thing worsed the loading on the X... PUBG the only game that have an empty map while in the plane!? Wtf? I have an SSD, but at 300 meters the buildings are looking like shit, how we are supposed to snipe in such conditions??? Nice competitive game really. And all the aditional issues... well sad.
  3. caprichromis

    Anyone still getting invisible parachutists?!

    Me too X and SSD Samsung 860...
  4. caprichromis

    Anyone still getting invisible parachutists?!

    Yes happend often... It was better before the last update, you could see everyone landing. Off topic / Another issue: The vehicules spawns must be the first thing loaded, you can't see vehicles by landing with parachutes (or very late), pretty annoying.
  5. caprichromis

    next week it's the right one?

    Sorry to say that, but frustrations and disappointment are already here. And with reasons, custom games delayed, performance update delayed for 3 weeks, and we even don't know if we are getting Vikendi soon... But ok, still tryIng to wait patiently and hoping for some great technical/improvements update. Thanks for the hard work btw.
  6. caprichromis

    1 Year Anniversary news?

    Pretty pathetic, but at this point who cares??? This game have the worst community management ever seen, the worst communication and beside this they are unable to keep the schedule... it's always been like this, so not disappointed.
  7. caprichromis

    Been gone since BO4 released

    I agree with you guys except one thing. The vaulting system is not working well in PUBG, this could more responsive and more precise. It's feel clunky but after a couple of games, you don't feel it no more. After 3 months break, I came back and I (and my friends too) have to say that PUBG is hurting the eyes very bad after a couple of games. Even headache sometimes. A result of the poor frames per second I guess. But for me PUBG is the ultimate BR. Blackout is fun but the sound is the main problem, the perk system/armor have to be more balanced too. I'm checking every single day for the next big performance update, this game deserve it.
  8. caprichromis

    Recommend a headset

    Rig plantronics 500 pro esports dolby atmos compatible here... great but not cheap (I made a small Christmas gift to myself).
  9. It seems that a lot of people are into frustration... but why? Xbox team has nothing to do with the PS4 team I guess?! So... waiting patiently for the next xbox update, tomorrow, day after, next week...we are waiting for 6/7 months for overall improvements already, so not a big deal. Hoping for technical improvements and smoothness overall. Fingers crossed. I wish to play this game in good conditions.
  10. caprichromis

    The graphics are terrible now

    Yes I agree, if this game reach a standard level for a 2018 game! After a good 3 months break, I gave a try this week, and I have to admit PUBG is fun and intense but... It's look like sh*&t really, and this game is devalued by all bugs and medicore execution. After 6-7 months, waiting for real technical improvements still...
  11. caprichromis

    Even LESS Communication from Devs

    And to be honest, they have so many issues to resolve. Why not have a real xbox community manager sharing real informations? State of investigations, short or middle therm fixing plans, internal testing results, collected feedbacks, summary of fixed issues... and this for each big category, graphics, movements and mechanics, matchmaking and servers etc... etc... Not this "fix pubg" joke. Maybe to demanding, but at this point they have to be honest with the community, players were suffering for months about this game. It's only a game but we all pay for something that never happens, finally we all are customers...
  12. caprichromis

    Even LESS Communication from Devs

    Now we will be 2x more informed that they can't figure out what's going on with this game and can't fixe it for now. Smart move. It's only been since update 14 pre release that we are waiting for some real technical improvements... hum let's see... 6-7 months? I would not put any hopes in that new update. Wait and see.
  13. caprichromis

    fallout 4 or pubg?

    Is mediocrity life? I expect more from life... lol
  14. caprichromis

    Pubg mobile best device to buy!

    Op says he wants "better graphics and smooth gameplay"... Hum. How to say it gentle... buy a PC but certainly not a console to have a smooth experience for the moment.
  15. caprichromis

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    the game you spend more time messing up with the control settings... trying to find at least a way to go trough doors and windows...