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  1. After a couple of games, we had to give up.... Update after update it' only disappointment here. I can't, I won't be stuck in such a poor state in PUBG. I play it only after updates, to see if improvements are working, all my mates gave up too, we are all agreed to say that PUBG have a good gameplay/game mechanics but it's not enough at this point: -Customization lobby menu, 2 FPS, unresponsive, it's been reported for years!!! How is that impossible to fix this???? -I dont want to say all again, but lag/desync is worse than ever... CQC fights are random and even long range fights are not smooth now, is that acceptable on a FPS shooter???? -Stability overall is what this game deserved, stability during landing and fights!!! After 1,5 year it's not the case, some bugs, glitch are ruining this game, more stabiltiy?when? -Sound is an important part for the gameplay, footsteps, vehicule engine... would this once be fixed? -Graphical look, draw distance, textures... why looks this game so ugly, blurry, hitching, texture roll-back etc.. etc...A real pain for the eyes. All this been said for months... nothing is improving, is getting worse. I personnaly dont' care about weapon mastery, special agent crap.... technical improvements are needed!!!!!
  2. We played a couple of duos with my friend, we gave up after 3 games... Desync is bad, hearing one shot insta dead, but I'm sure many shots and the server don't register the sound. No fun really.
  3. Behind all this, there is some effective issues pointed... And yeah, I agree after all this time of "we are aware of X issue, we are looking forward blah blah"..., we even don't have a smooth customizing menu (2 FPS maybe??!!) Come on! Crashing is back, lag or desync whatever is horrible. It's running still poorly, sadly... Take a break, and come back later. Or never... playing other games makes the comeback on PUBG painfull and sad... Maybe the next update will help a bit, ...ho sorry nevermind, it's been 1 years that I expected more real technical improvements, but that is only a dream.
  4. Not only randoms have the "over there" or "there" problem. Even my duo or squad mates makes me pretty crazy with this. Or "in front of me"... Nice call!
  5. I reported already this maybe 3 times, maybe one year ago...
  6. Hem... This is not clear to me.. Am I the only one? So the season have been extended to the 7th and then to the 14th and now till the new pass comes out??! When did the season ends, and when can we claim our rewards clearly? In an other way, when did the next season start, or is it not even precisely planned?
  7. According what happend in the past, this will never happen... I think we had maybe 2 working updates in 1,5 year... Everytime that a new update comes out, something messed up. (type B not working, sens messed up, rendering getting worse, lobby/matchmaking problems, graphics downgrade for the X etc..etc..etc..) It's an endless loop with these dev's... So waiting or not, I'm not expecting "good" results". The only thing we can 100% anticipate is the new pass... money! money!... (and this without technical improvements, as always). For those who are saying that this game runs good, take a look at the last Digital foundry video... 😅😅😅
  8. Let's give another try... another chance... 😒😒
  9. And now? Do we have to wait another 2 months for the next (content) update? As I see the game is still in a catastrophic state. Any courageous dev or community manager to say some words, meaning about the work made these last months? Some words for your customers (paying for a pass on a broken map let's say it clearly)? Or, it's all fine/normally ok for your company? What is the official statement about PUBG Xbox? Will this game finally run correctly on console? Can we expect a hotfix or a FAST reaction from the development team? Can we expect some explanations about the current state? What are the short time goals regarding the performance? When can we expect a STABLE 30 FPS at least? Can we expect a smooth game menu/or crate/item menu? These are some leggit questions that need to be answered, I Pay for an XBOX one X ehanced game, and it's far from a such standard at this point. It would be nice to have the DEVELOPER'S FEEDBACK at this point! !!!
  10. Hum... let's give a try this evening! Back on PUBG after one month 😊
  11. I 100% agree with that... It's been months that I reported bugs and made feedbacks like a huge amount of players, for what? For this broken version? And for all the fanboys... I can understand, this game is addictive, but come one 2019! Who wants to be stuck in mediocrity even if the gameplay/gamestyle is great and fun???
  12. I don't want to suffer on this game no more... It's running terrible. Playing other games shows me how this game is technically from an other planet. So far away from a 2018/2019 standard game. How Microsoft allowed such a game in their library? And worse, they had sell a PUBG bundle... The company behaviour and communication is the worse I ever seen in the video game history. And this is another point that I'm loosing envy to play PUBG. Treating customers like donkey, selling poor "challenge passes" is the only thing they can make... business is business.... I'm definitely to old to take part of such crap. I had hopes but now I really understand that this game will never run correctly on console. It's simply a core issue, and they are even talking about a goal at 60 FPS? Nice joke! Fix this rendering first dude! I will come back if they can adress the main issues, have a working menu and some performance improvements... The current state is far away from this so I will wait a long, long time... One year and 7 months, and they couldn't fix the half of issues... pfff... Sad.
  13. They could state that PUBG is a PC game and will never work on console, at least we could let down our hopes and move on to other things... or endure the current state. Make it simply clear. I mean, all the bugs reports, feedback reports made here became finally useless, counting on players/customers to improve the game and look after 7 month 1.0 release... you have to avoid the populated drops because of the fricking loading rendering issue... bad joke. Dev letters, that's a funny chapter too... weekly then bi-weekly and now they have been disapear... what about custom game? that's funny episode too....... well embarrasing situation at this point, an please don't delete CUSTOMERS opinions who contribute a little for months to give some feedbacks...
  14. Maybe they could take all the data, experiences, errors and issues and invest in a new engine... Have a look how firestorm run on xbox... simply amazing, the game has less soul ok but technically way better as PUBG.
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