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  1. caprichromis

    Individual Map Selection

    Wait... Sanhok and "regular" maps is the same option??? OMG a lot quit to lobby incoming for me and my friends. Sanhok sucks...
  2. caprichromis

    Type A vs Type B

    Type A with short triggers. Holding breath is weird on type B for me.
  3. caprichromis

    Where are the updates?

    The best game ever with the worse development/execution ever seen in the recent story of video games... That's my definition of PUBG xbox.
  4. caprichromis

    Duos removed from pts

    I know but we had suddenly duos on Friday/Saturday, so pretty surprised...
  5. caprichromis

    Duos removed from pts

    and all this without any word to the community, like as always... nice job!
  6. caprichromis

    European Servers

    I think decrease from players last time is real... Unable to find EU solo matches on PTS No wonder, - lack of communication - lack of community care - lack of responsive and proper work - lack of small fixes requested from ages! - lack of "working update" - awful server state - weird matchmaking etc... etc... this is how to loose player database properly and very fast... people are not patient, and not dumb too, why would people test something they don't play anymore??? PUBG xbox is a sad story.
  7. caprichromis

    PTS down?

    Depends of your own definition. If bugs and issues affect your skills and gameplay, it's not enjoyable at all, so yeah unplayable, it's not woking as intended so... and personally I don't want to be stuck into mediocrity, wich is the correct word to define this game right now. Mediocre.
  8. caprichromis

    Devs why won’t you

    The live server is awful to play, chopy and clunky as hell... It doesn't feel smooth at all. CQC fights are terrible, feels in march/april 2018... what is happening??? Beside this, no matches found on the PTS EU... Sadness
  9. caprichromis

    Missing Footsteps sound location

    Another location with same issue Footsteps sound missing
  10. caprichromis

    Full game product

    Half price for half performance... Sounds logical
  11. EU Duos today, awful... We simply had to give up...
  12. caprichromis

    Fix the blurry X2 scope!!

    I just wonder how many people are working in the Xbox developing team? Not enough I guess. Some bugs are existing from 1.0 lauch and takes yeaaaars to fix... I'm not aware about these developing things, but the fact is simple issues (UI text/2x scope for exemple) takes ages to be adressed... The current state is a "Beta unfinished game", sadly.
  13. caprichromis

    Fix the blurry X2 scope!!

    Come on, what about your attitude commenting all negative posts? I do my feedbacks and report bugs... Don't take all too seriously, what are you here? The good conscience on this forum? I'm a big old adult and don't need some education thanks.
  14. caprichromis

    Fix the blurry X2 scope!!

    Maybe I'm wrong, not sure if it was holo or 2 times... but yeah still waiting for the easy fix btw...
  15. caprichromis

    Fix the blurry X2 scope!!

    Thanks! We only wait 6-7 months, it's actually fixed........ On the PTS... hum! Nice job.