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    I am still baffled

    If people are lagging that bad it may be you and not them, sure I come across the occasional guy skipping around the map but never multiple a game, match after match.... Also hot dropping works for some to get good and not for others. If I did that first starting out I would have never stuck with the game. If you know the basics ect and want to get better at gun play then hot dropping is great, but so is dropping cold or outside hot zones and looting up to hunt people. Playing 1 man squads is great as well but if your not very good at staying on the move, using cover, utilizing sound, ect your going to have a bad time. As someone else mentioned, watch popular streamers and what they do. I like Feyd101 on mixer for his play style and have gotten better myself by just watching. At the end of the day though if you don’t learn from mistakes and constantly blame the game, which I’m sure we’ve all done at some point, then you’ll never get better.
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    Where would the cut off be for lobby’s? If you couldn’t find top 1000 players would the system pull from the pool of worse players who are now in a stacked lobby? A situation like that seems even more unfair to a noob or someone getting good and is climbing the boards. There needs to be a balance but I don’t think it will every really change from how it is now. WackyJacky did a video on the PC ranking system, not only showing he could get GrandMaster by never firing a gun or picking up an item, but he also did a spread of the ranks in his lobbies for each game. Results showed mostly lower ranks.
  3. The ump has been broken since patch 18. When it first was discovered to be glitched, I used it all the time, but after a while I got sick of it. Decided to tame the AK’s recoil and now I prefer AR’s again. I’ll run the UMP occasionally though, especially when I find a VSS but prefer the thumb grip for quicker ADS speed and to actually have some recoil now. I tend to over compensate for the zero recoil of the light weight and end up shooting their knee caps lol. Although I can’t wait until it’s fixed, it will be hilarious when the players that use the glitch as their crutch have to start controlling recoil again.