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  1. As far as troll attempts go, this has to be one of the worst efforts ever. I am literally laughing at the fact that the OP wasted his time trying to be creative, and only has the epic fail to show for it. I can't even say sarcastically say "nice try" because it's so pathetic and weak. L....O.....L
  2. The majority isn't asked for a change to the status quo. The minority is. So apply your logic to that scenario. You are advocating to change the current setup to appease the minority, and somehow that is sustainable, but leaving things alone to suit the majority isn't sustainable? You make no sense.
  3. During the plane drop period, every door is closed and every window unbroken. Couldn't they lock this period so that those variables aren't even a factor, and prioritize loot spawn?
  4. The M16 is an AR-15. The M16 has burst fire, while the AR-15 is just the single fire civilian version. Why would we want that in the game?
  5. No, but you DO come here complaining about others' posts where they complain about things that bother them. Surely you see the hypocrisy there. You want them to control themselves. Maybe you should lead by example and stop complaining about people complaining.
  6. So, you're a hypocrite. Got it. At least we all know and can effectively ignore all of your future posts. P.S. My mom passed away 4 years ago of cancer.
  7. I feel fine, thank you. I do appreciate your concern, though.
  8. It isn't a temper tantrum. It's a frustrating issue that has existed and persisted since early access, and the devs haven't done enough (if anything) to fix it. OP has a very legit complaint, and it is another example of reasons why players leave PUGB. I'm not a hot-dropper, but if I were, this would be enough to cause me to leave the game, too.
  9. Maybe you should heed your own advice whenever you read a post you disagree with. OP doesn't affect you at all. Why the need to tell him what to do? Just ignore it and move on. Or be a hypocrite, if that's your thing.
  10. Preach. If they fixed this, I would play Vikendi.
  11. For ARs and DMRs, this makes sense. For Bolt Action Rifles, this is stupid.
  12. You are so off base it isn't even funny. I've never played COD or Fortnite. I turn 45 in two weeks. My duo and squad mates are also older, mature guys who mostly played CSGO prior to PUBG. Sanhok is a perfectly balanced map in every regard. From the length of each round, to the size of the map, to loot levels and distribution, Sanhok is perfect for BR...especially Duos. I can flip the script on someone like you. Let's see...why don't you go play RUST or ARK or some other survival based game, if that's what you crave? Look, the majority of players have spoken for over a year now, and Sanhok is the preferred map. To get upset about that is just stupid. It's denying reality.
  13. Who was calling for them to be balanced? The M24 has been a better weapon, and should continue to be a better weapon. This is change just for change's sake. Also, they use the same bullet, so it makes ZERO sense for the faster round to do less damage than the slower round. Again, this is just a dumb change that nobody asked for.
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