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  1. I said "normally don't play for ranking". I've been playing for two years and never cared about ranking until I hit 5,000 last season. With 6,000 points in reach (or so I thought) I started playing 8-10 hours a day thinking I'd hit 6,000 before the end of the season. After grinding relentlessly and making little progress, it finally dawned on me that something wasn't normal with how points were accruing. That became my point of frustration (and contention) with the game. Without an explanation from the devs, that is why I quit. With Takari's response above, I now feel like at least someone from PUBG cared enough to acknowledge the issue and concern, and I can play again. I won't care about ranking next season, because now I know it is impossible (for me) to hit 6,000 points.
  2. Thank you. Truly. I appreciate the response. I also appreciate that the devs want to keep the SP earn-rate info private; however, if it is going to fall off a cliff (as it did last season post 5000-points) they could at least tip us off to that fact. It would be nice to know, and it seems they could communicate it to us without showing the exact formula. (Edit: perhaps you just did? 😁) Either way, again, I appreciate you responding. This has been a very sensitive subject for me (obviously) and your reply at least gives me some sort of closure on the topic. Cheers.
  3. Thanks, Takari. I truly appreciate you responding. So to be clear, I finished last season (Season 2 Beta) with 5,474 SP (Expert). Does this mean I'll start with Season 3 with some number of SP greater than 0? Also, can we get an answer on the SP earning-rate for Season 3, especially whether or not the rate will change at some specific point (like it did last season at 5,000 points). Really this means a lot to me...so much so that I can't play the game again unless I can get this clarified. I really feel burned by this from last season, and clearly it's enough to cause me to quit PUBG. I don't want to quit. I'm not being dramatic about it....it's just a big deal to me. Again, thanks for responding.
  4. Thanks. I normally don't play for ranking either, but last season I was on a great pace and hit 5,000 points. All of a sudden, it seemed that 6,000 (i.e., Lone Survivor) was in reach, especially when I saw that I was ranked in the Top 500 on Duo FPP. I kept grinding and realized at about 5,100 points that my points weren't accruing as fast as before. I was confused, thought maybe it was a bug, etc. I kept asking for someone to verify if it was correct, and none of the mods or devs would comment on my posts. Also, it was confusing because the SP description never said you had to be at 6,000 points AND in the Top 1000. It just said that the Top 1000 would get the same reward as Survivor...so many of us thought that it was either or (i.e., Have 6,000 points or be in the Top 1000 ranking). Yet, here we are again. Yet another thread on the topic, and no response from anyone at PUBG. I guess they just don't want my money or game-time anymore. I don't get it. All I need is an explanation and some transparency, and I'll be right back in there grinding away. #SadFormerPlayer
  5. I just want to know how the points are accrued, and whether or not the rate will change after you reach a certain threshold (e.g., 5000 points). Last season, the number of points dropped dramatically after reaching 5,000, and that was a nasty surprise after grinding the whole season and leveling up at a certain pace. PUBG should disclose this to all players before the season starts, so that we can avoid being punched in the gut. I really want to come back to the game, but won't do it without transparency from the developers. They are going to lose a good customer otherwise. I buy the pass and skins every season, and have 3,000 hours in the game.
  6. In the latest patch notes, it says the following: Improved Survival Point (SP) Balance We have rebalanced the rate in which you gain Survivor Points (SP) based on player feedback and it will now be easier to rank up, compared to Season 2 Survival Points (SP) earned during Beta Season 2 will be soft reset, meaning you don’t have to start completely from scratch As you probably already know from my other posts on this topic, I quit playing PUBG last Thursday (out of protest and frustration) because nobody from PUBG responded to my questions and concerns about points accruing past the 5000-mark. I had given up on the game (after almost two years of playing) because there was no transparency in how points were accrued. Furthermore, to play for almost an entire season and accrue points at a certain rate, only to have the rug pulled out from under us upon reaching 5,000 points, was inexcusable. I asked numerous times for an explanation, but nobody from PUBG seemed to care. I was on a path to reach 6,000 points, but all that changed once I passed 5,000. I was shocked, and felt like I had wasted my time. Now all that said, I see in the new patch notes that the rate of SP is being changed. Can we PLEASE know what the formula is before the season starts? Is in a linear progression now, or is there a rate change at some point during the progression (e.g., fewer points earned after 5,000)? I am willing to give PUBG another shot...I miss the game badly...but not unless you are upfront about the SP and how they are earned AT ALL LEVELS throughout the season. Please, I beg of you, please tell us what the formula is, and whether or not it is the same across all levels. Also, what does the second bullet above mean? SP being soft reset? I don't understand this one. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond. I really want to play PUBG again.
  7. Gorf_Denroh

    Passed 5,000 Points, Now it's slow going?

    Well I just wanted to chime in one last time. If the Devs goal was to encourage people to play the game, they FAILED when it comes to me. I played every day this season, and reached well over 5,000 points. However, their lack of ANY response to our posts, questions and comments about the point changes after reaching 5,000...well...that has caused me to quit playing. My last log on was Thursday, and I haven't played a single day since. And I am now done with the game. I guess the Devs can laugh at the fact that they got me for almost two years, including my money for skins, passes, etc. But they lost an otherwise dedicated player with their lack of response. I know they read these forums and respond in threads all the time. Not responding to this topic is a deal breaker for me. So that's it. Good luck to everyone. I'm done with PUBG and will eventually find another game to grind for a few years. My player name is GorFex
  8. Gorf_Denroh

    Passed 5,000 Points, Now it's slow going?

    That's been the question and point of my posts all along. The official Top 1000 list is the one in PUBG. Go look at the lists, and you will see that the only people listed all have at least 6,000 points. PUBG did a terrible job communicating the Lone Survivor requirements. Clearly they intended it to be 6,000 points AND in the Top 1000.
  9. Gorf_Denroh

    Passed 5,000 Points, Now it's slow going?

    Link to this? If it's not a requirement, why aren't the in-game Leaderboards populated with the Top 1000 players for each mode?
  10. Gorf_Denroh

    Passed 5,000 Points, Now it's slow going?

    No, it isn't official, but it is accurate. And that is my whole entire point. PUBG made it seem like if you were in the Top 1000 or had 6,000 points, you'd be Lone Survivor. They have still not clarified this, so I am guessing they aren't going to award Lone Survivor unless a player has 6,000 points and is in the Top 1000. Just a terrible terrible system, and shame on them for not communicating with us. I have asked NUMEROUS times for a response, and they just keep ignoring it. I've spent hundreds of dollars on this game, and played thousands of hours. I stopped playing two days ago, and am done with it. Unless they acknowledge the issue, I am not contributing to this game anymore.
  11. Gorf_Denroh

    Season 2 extension

    I agree that there should be another extension. Just look at the Duo Leaderboard. Not even 100 people have made it to 6,000 points (myself included) and yet I am ranked in the Top 200 overall. Furthermore, PUBG was NOT TRANSPARENT about the change in how points are accrued after you reach 5,000. How were we supposed to know that the points would grind to a virtual halt after 5,000? Also, PUBG NEVER said that you had to reach 6,000 points AND be in the Top 1000 ranking to get Lone Survivor. All that was said is be in the Top 1000 and that Lone Survivor would get the same reward as Survivor. Call me stupid, that's fine. But honestly I did not realize that we had to hit 6,000 points to be Lone Survivor until I was at about 5,100 points (I put another post here on the forum on this topic). I feel like this was a bait and switch, and PUBG has still never responded as to why the rate of points changes after 5,000. I mean think of it like this. You only get 3 points for a win after reaching 5,000 points. That means you have to win 334 games to pass 6,000 points. Or, you get 2 points for a Top 10. That means 500 Top Ten finishes. Or, you can have multiple people playing on the same account to grind it around the clock. Oh...yeah....aha...and there we go! The nasty truth is, there are people on the Duo FPP Leaderboard who only have 30 wins and a very very very low Top 10% rate (not to mention KD). Yet, one look at their game history and you can see that their account is being played 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That's not humanly possible, and is CHEATING the system. What's really frustrating is that the top player tier should be based on a percentile of the total player base...not an arbitrary number like 6,000 points and/or Top 1,000 ranking. I think PUBG used the TPP Squad numbers to determine what the thresholds should be for this season, and just applied that to all game modes (i.e., Duo FPP). This makes no sense. There will be Duo FPP players in the Top 100 who don't get Lone Survivor. That's insane. I have been a loyal player since EA, but this issue really sticks with me. I feel cheated---and that's saying a lot considering how many times I have been killed by cheaters.
  12. Gorf_Denroh

    Any news about the season rewards?

    The season doesn't end until next Tuesday. I'm really hoping they extend it another couple of weeks though.
  13. Gorf_Denroh

    Passed 5,000 Points, Now it's slow going?

    Also, the guy I referenced...his account...he shows games being played 24/7. How is this humanly possible?
  14. Gorf_Denroh

    Passed 5,000 Points, Now it's slow going?

    Just a quick update. Would really really really like to hear from the Devs on this. I mean, could we get another two weeks in the season? My Duo Stats 68 total wins 404 Top Tens 49% Top Ten 7.1 % Win Rate #14.5 Average Rank #208 per OPdotGG Yet, I only have 5,467 points. Compare this to a guy who has: 31 total wins 379 Top Ten 13.7% Top Ten 1.0% Win Rate #27.1 Average Rank #46 per OPdotGG and PUBG In Game Leaderboard 6,022 total points I can't understand why the Devs created the system this way.
  15. Gorf_Denroh

    Erangel rework in progress ?

    How much less could you care, exactly?