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  1. For grinding out SP ranking and rewards (like the Parachute skin) for 6,000 points and Top 1000 ranking.
  2. It's on the shelf next to the little wall that separates the two large rooms. It's on the other side of that wall from where the ammo is. Other items on that shelf include the Crossbow Quiver and a few other guns.
  3. Neither of us are developers, so I think the discussion is better served without the aggressive and hostile attitude you are displaying. BTW welcome to the forum. 😉 You are asserting that the continuous crunching / crashing sound as shown in the OP's video is an intentional element designed to balance the use of handbrakes vs. exiting the vehicle faster (i.e., it's a trade off). I am asserting that it is not a game balance mechanic, and is a bug in the game that has existed since before full release. For context, I have well over 3,000 hours in the game and have been playing since early release. My perspective is based on that experience. I have crashed countless buggies into the sides countless shacks on Erangel without waiting to fully engage the handbrake. Sometimes it continues to make a crunching sound long after exiting the vehicle. Sometimes it doesn't. While using the handbrake 100% of the time might stop or prevent crashing noise 100% of the time, it doesn't mean that the continuous sound is an intentional part of the game. There have been other engine and vehicle related sounds that were confirmed bugs, and the devs have tackled them in the past. For instance, some engines used to run continuously, at random, even when the handbrake was used. Therefore, the OP brought the issue to the forum asking for help, and I think his perspective is a valid one. If the devs want to chime in and say that this is indeed a game design and balance element, and therefore intentional, then so be it. Otherwise, it is a bug and will hopefully be fixed.
  4. That would be fine if this issue was an intentional part of the game design and was consistent / predictable 100% of the time you make the choice. However, it isn't...and is definitely a bug that has existed since early release. In other words, this isn't a game-balancing mechanic. It's a bug.
  5. When you don't lean, the angle between bullet 1 and bullet 2 is straight up (180). When you do lean, the angle between bullet 1 and bullet 2 is 45 degrees...in other words, on the same line as your lean. Then, bullets 3, 4, 5, etc...will go straight up (180). It's like this. Also note that the distance from bullet 1 to bullet 2 is greater than bullets 3, 4, 5, etc. No Lean * <--Bullet 4 * <--Bullet 3 * <--Bullet 2 * <--Bullet 1 Lean Left * <-Bullet 4 * <--Bullet 3 * <--Bullet 2 * <-- Bullet 1 Lean Right * <--Bullet 4 * <--Bullet 3 * <--Bullet 2 * <--Bullet 1
  6. Definitely sounds like a keyboard switch / key issue. I'd use some compressed air and clean it out really well, and even try removing the ASDF key caps (if yours are removable) and check the contacts. Also, make sure your Keyboard software and drivers are updated. If all else fails, try a replacement keyboard. Good luck!
  7. Whenever I go into Training mode and toggle between TPP and FPP, everything zooms in, and the field of view shrinks. Why? Because the TPP camera is behind the character, further away from the model. Moving the camera to the forehead absolutely causes things to zoom in. As a result, the character movement in FPP has the feeling of a TPP character (because that's how the character movement is programmed).
  8. It sounds like you don't understand how changing a camera angle effects visual perception of objects, and therefore movement relative to otherwise fixed objects, in simulated three dimensional space. All of the textures, ground, elevations, buildings---everything---needs to be adjusted to scale appropriately (and relatively) to the adjusted camera angle. Otherwise, you feel like a midget in the Wizard of Oz....and that's exactly what we have with this game.
  9. It's also a game that is coded for TPP, and when people wanted an FPP version, the devs just "zoomed in" the players' perspective. So what you are feeling is a TPP game being played in FPP mode, rather than a game that was coded specifically for FPP. That's also why your eyeballs seem to be at the same level as doorknobs. I hate the way the game feels, and transitional movements aren't smooth at all (i.e., changing directions while running). But, I've gotten used to it over 3,000 hours of play.
  10. How would you prevent double, triple, quadruple, etc., dipping when elements of certain missions / season passes overlap with one another? For example, should an M16 kill count simultaneously for 7 different missions across 4 different "still open" season passes? That seems absurd to me.
  11. It's mentioned in the latest update to patch notes: *World Removed some inner doors from select buildings on Erangel to improve ease of movement during gameplay. https://www.pubg.com/2019/04/17/update-28-patch-notes/
  12. It's excessive. I also fart in real life, but my in-game character doesn't. Weird.
  13. Only way they can introduce a new map is to have a seasonal map rotation (i.e., Vikendi in the winter and the new map in the summer). Yes, I understand that the seasons are different in different regions; however, the PUBG Universe could have four seasons that apply to everyone at the same time.
  14. This is the ONLY reason I don't play Vikendi. I would love to play the map more, but the constant wind noise is the equivalent (to me, anyway) of the Red Zone going off nonstop. For whatever reason, it blocks the frequency of footsteps on snow, and I can't hear enemies moving around. If it were occasional (like the annoying flies buzzing) or random (like fog/rain/red zone) then I could deal with it. As is, I'm 100% with the OP. I have over 3,000 hours in the game, and it effects me enough to not play the map.
  15. It's a known issue with Nvidia drivers. Not a PUBG issue.
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