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  1. SmittyKelso

    Gernades in fpp vs tpp

    I like to carry 3+ grenades and a molotov or two, I really like mollying knocks. I carry my own mini redzone anywhere I go.
  2. SmittyKelso

    Death by Blue Zone 80% of the time!!!

    Sounds like you're at the point that many of us hit. Grinding too hard, trying too hard for kills/wins whatever it may be. Take a break, often a multi-day to a week break is a great refreshing thing that my squad does. Have you tried teaming up with anybody? There are a ton of people in the "Looking For Group" regularly. Also are you playing with a headset or running sound through your TV/Speakers? Makes a big difference as well. I've found myself in a long slump and it's really frustrating. It took me probably a good 3-4 months before I got my first chicken dinner and it was with a squad of randoms. Take a break and come back playing relaxed, not for kills, not for the win, but to try to get better.
  3. SmittyKelso

    Death by Blue Zone 80% of the time!!!

    Chill bro, the forums aren't as lively on the weekends, it sounds like you're still experiencing the same growing pains that everybody else that's been playing since day one or yesterday have to experience. I suggest dropping to a spot with a vehicle to begin with and then move to where you would have parachuted, use the vehicle to go from place to place. If you want to get better at shooting and the firefights that seem to be killing you one shot, every time, then drop hot and fight it out with somebody. I promise that the blue zone isn't out there making a personal vendetta against just you. It feels like the game is coming after you at points, I get that. Don't get salty about it, just know that's all part of the game. If you're not having fun then find another game, that's fine. You should also try to find another 3 people to play with. I've had a better time on a massive shit luck streak with my friends than I have on a multi-chicken day by myself.
  4. SmittyKelso

    PTS won’t launch since the new update

    Have you done a hard reset of the console yet? If so and still no luck, you might have to uninstall/reinstall
  5. SmittyKelso

    Solo only??

    Welcome to the PTS. Enjoy insta-killing the teamsters as opposed to them being able to revive. Keep on slaying.
  6. SmittyKelso

    Repost For Squad PTS in NA

    It will be when the test server is actually to test gameplay. This was just for crates, go earn your BP on the live server so you can get 27 beige crossbows on the 4th!