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  1. Dead Muppet

    Bravo on new ban policy.

    Moded controllers? Anti Recoil devices?
  2. It's a weird video, I watched PC ones after, doesn't even remotely look the same.
  3. I went from getting used to 2 paddles to all 4 paddles, the adjustment time for me was well worth it, now I get killed using all 4 paddles instead of just 2
  4. I have read about that and understand it, I was more referring to auto aim. Even recoil would have issues no? I mean does it know what gun or what attachments you have on them? A fully kitted M4 is a lot different than an AK for example, same goes for UMP to say a fully auto MK14.
  5. How does a modded controller have auto aim? I get drop shot as its a button press combination, I guess id understand if the game itself has some form of auto aim but it doesnt, how can a modded controller aim for you?
  6. Dead Muppet

    How is the sound for everyone?

    Yeah I messed ao\round with all the custom settings, just didnt see an FPS option. Maybe I need to update my software - thanks though 👍
  7. Dead Muppet

    How is the sound for everyone?

    I have same headset, where is the FPS option?
  8. Dead Muppet

    I want a new account...

    Ive seen a beef curtains in a custom game - Ill stuck with Dead Muppet as that happened to be my creative peak lol
  9. Dead Muppet

    Pubg owes me a military jacket

    The biker vests still elude me....since day 1
  10. Dead Muppet

    What's in the new store?

    To each his own, I was rocking constable outfit sans pants.
  11. Dead Muppet

    Default back to main sight after switching to canted

    I kind of like my lightning fast red dot
  12. Dead Muppet

    People just don't care anymore

    Meh, still the best $30 Ive spent on a video game. Ever
  13. Dead Muppet

    Does anyone else's sensitivity feel off?

    Yes!!!! something is amiss
  14. Dead Muppet

    Xbox Update #5 - Feedback Topic

    Did they fix them? I dont see it in teh notes - maybe im blind
  15. Dead Muppet

    Controller Mods

    LMAO OMG thats impossible! what with the 1000's of radar users tossing grenades up my ass? even if I jump out a window Im then faced with the 1000's of M&K players - who will shoot me full auto AKM from 300M headshots with zero recoil..... Even if I get thru all of this, I will be shot from under the map... 🙄🙄 Yes this post comes to you with a large slice of sarcasm - play the game people!!