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  1. GG's everyone!! WainZ0r you did a great job with the commentary
  2. what will game be called? will miss the FPP one, but in for other 2
  3. If its still at 4pm Chicago time I'm in, will info be posted on this thread?
  4. Maybe he went on a bender til 3am, then had to wake up at 9am for work ....not in the best of moods
  5. Noooo I can finally play in one this weekend.... the streams were awesome!!! and audiences take time to build. Your casting was absolutely top notch, you will find viewers, you should try keep it up.
  6. OMG couldnt agree more spend more time quitting out of vikendi than actually playing, or it sure feels that way
  7. I had a few suspect moments with randomly placed nades, checked PUBG lookup after each and they had below 1 K/D - kind of felt stupid after that, so even if they were they still suck and just got lucky. I have also killed people with random nades ...so...
  8. Really hoping to make this today the 4pm Chicago time hasn't changed?
  9. Love it, put on all maps, bit worried it would soon become the new UMP with LWG tho....
  10. My god man, Im bad enough when I can see people!!
  11. I fully expected to see a picture of Oddjob in this thread
  12. damn champions league final at 2pm Chicago time
  13. General sens on 15 - AA on 8. I have scopes and sights set a lot lower though - scaling back from 11 for the 1x down to 7 for 6x and 8x
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