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  1. which pisses me off..
  2. Dead Muppet

    Leveling up (Vikendi Pass)

    I'll let mine go buy a new pair of shoes or something - I get teh beard you get the shoes
  3. Dead Muppet

    Leveling up (Vikendi Pass)

    I said screw it and bought my way to level 100
  4. Dead Muppet

    250,000 BP later...

    Ive blown thru 2 million BP on xbox trying to get the black biker vest ....to no avail...however when or if I do get it - I will be like a pig in shit..
  5. Dead Muppet

    People using XIM?

    Pretty sure the games themselves limit how fast you can turn, which means the mouse wouldn't be able to turn any faster? Its probably just more controllable when the in-game settings are set to max compared to a controller, which IMO is a massive unfair advantage. However doesn't Playstation license the Horipad trac mouse or whatever its called? And if so is using M&K even considered cheating anymore?
  6. Dead Muppet

    Lobby Failures | Defect

    We gave up and played custom games instead which means we couldnt even play the new map...
  7. Dead Muppet

    Vikendi is Not Good

    Yeah you dont wanna do that man, its unplayable with HDR10
  8. Dead Muppet

    Vikendi is Not Good

    Try playing in with a HDR10 monitor....unplayable as its eye scorchingly bright, other than that - love it
  9. Dead Muppet

    Lobby Failures | Defect

    Massive issues with friends joining games yesterday
  10. Rotation, rotation, rotation
  11. Dead Muppet

    HDR issues?

    Anyone else having huge brightness issues in HDR? I mean it was never great but its almost unplayable after this update. I have Viewsonic XG3220 gaming monitor - anyone familiar this model have settings ideas? No joke It's gone from looking pretty slick to pretty dick.
  12. Dead Muppet

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    Have custom games gone completely?
  13. Dead Muppet

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    Would've of been so hard to of made it a different color lol
  14. Dead Muppet

    My idea for the next map.

    This would be sweet
  15. Dead Muppet

    Custom games on new patch VIKENDI

    I love the custom games. laggy yes but no other way to play with 8 friends