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  1. sendingfeedback

    PUBG free to play?

    depending on region / time of the day / and esp if FPP, if the player count gets really low, and then the Quick join almost always ends up in Sanhok. I am in NA, I can only play in the mornings, and FPP, so my condition is probably the worst. I remember during the pass my percentage of getting maps, where 60% sanhok, 35% vikindi, 5% Erangel and 0.05% Miramar. ( I played Miramar maybe 2-3 times in the two month period - while I used to play a lot and Miramar is my favorite) in peak hours or closer to peak hours, you start getting variety, but not off peak. you can see a lot of people complaining about it in the forum, some moderators hinted that they fixed the issue, waiting for the next patch..
  2. sendingfeedback

    PUBG free to play?

    true that, ping matchmaking was not a thing then and some issues where seriously bad, esp the desync, a person who likes pubg playstyle will really appreciate the way PUBG plays today. you are right, maybe good for PUBG corp not for the players, but the whole environment surrounding PUBG was positive back then, from streamers to youtube, not anymore though, but again today the actual gameplay today is solid comparing to back then (unfortunately when the it became less popular)
  3. sendingfeedback

    Sanhok killed Pubg

    I have been calling PUBG™ SANHOK™ the problem is that the forum is filled with stuff like this, people complaining about map selection and sanhok becoming a new face of pubg (which sucks), and we have been calling it for close to a month even before, but what they did is just look at the playerbase complain, even earlier moderator responses where infuriating (because of the lack of knowledge of the problem) this is a huge deal, to have 4 maps (hardwork), and alot of players are mostly forced on Sanhok.. It is a huge turn off for a lot of players, esp the ones that stuck with you and played earlier maps, a good management team would have foreseen that, never mention fix it when it first shows up, or if they are late at least address it in a proper announcement or at least a sticky thread, they are so slow when it comes to fixes and communication with the fan base, it is frustrating. Although there is a moderator response once on one of the forums another more recent that something is cooked for the next patch.. "Hang tight" a proper announcement should have been made, to avoid all these threads and people becoming more upset. the player base should no be looking for solutions for them online or discussing about it, a good management team would have dealt with it before it got this bad.
  4. sendingfeedback

    PUBG free to play?

    no, not out of PUBG corp. but looks like he wont be not involved as much as he used to (to my understanding) I dont know what PUBG special projects quoting "tasked with exploring, experimenting and creating new technologies, tools, pipelines and gameplay we will explore new possibilities of interaction and connection within the game space" still doesnt explain anything there is an thread on reddit with quite some interesting comments.
  5. sendingfeedback

    PUBG free to play?

    look it up here is a news article you are right it was the peak concurrent player count 3 million.. good old days
  6. sendingfeedback

    PUBG free to play?

    look, 3 million people already bought the game, dont expect much more sales,, the problem not having people, is that the game has slow development, and they were not able to keep the playerbase hooked. yes, there is a lot of hardcore fans like in any game (me included) and some player base is always going to be there. but in general, free to play = bad idea, (look at cs go, its even more of a hacker infestation - now that its F2P) reduce price OK, but mainly you have to be more aggressive with feature updates, or passes. I dont know what to say. since their peak playercount, I knew this is going to go really bad, because of the way they managed it, they didnt know who to keep it entertaining and rewarding they banked on the money and didnt go for the right decisions to invest on more devs or fix the game properly or add way more updates to keep the player base hooked.. bad investment choice.. it was their choice even now the way they handle serious issues, like matchmaking problem, pushes people off, I used to play alot, after the pass ended and now the game became PUBG™ SANHOK™.. not interested anymore. in the past 2 weeks I probably played only 2 hours max.. now that brendan is officially doing something else, It feels like the hopes for this game to go somewhere, is gone.. just enjoy the game while it lasts.. I would say.. I am not a hater, this is my Favorite game of all times, it is perfect the way its made, yet the management and slow development was very disappointing.. it really hurts writing this post, remembering all the good times I have had with this game
  7. sendingfeedback


    same problem, PUBG has to come up with a solution.
  8. sendingfeedback

    Poll: How to fix matchmaking/map select

    good options right here, well thought of, I am ok with either 3 or 4, either quick join to random, cuz most people already dont mind playing any map, or if they can actually make it work, they have a multiselect, but I am pretty sure, multiselect is going to be buggy.
  9. sendingfeedback

    Maps Selection YES or NO!

    oh trust me, I am down.. all I wanted is just an effort, or even acknowledgment of a problem, because now moderators, only blame players for not waiting enough.. All I see that they are ignoring a disaster heading their way, personally for the past week, I didnt feel like playing PUBG SANHOK™, tired of the same map all the time. I used to play almost daily during the pass if the time estimates were more accurate, people would wait, because from my experience everytime i see Miramar 2minutes I join I leave the pc for half an hour, and still waiting for a match... why would I try again? Clearly their estimates are broken, people lost trust and desire to queue up for less desired maps, dont blame people having choice, blame their bad implementation, I have seen once all maps had estimates while QJ had no time. instead, ? symbol and number of people queuing, this clearly shows that their matchmaking and transparency of, needs a lot of rework this largely depends on region, TTP/FPP and time of the day yes, the current system works when there is enough players, or during peak hours, but doesnt when not, and soon when player count drops even more this issue will plague PUBG
  10. sendingfeedback

    Maps Selection YES or NO!

    Code can be changed! Quick Join can be more than just simple fill already initiated servers.. why are you talking as if nothing can be done? I have put my suggestion many time, (this is just an example): servers can count everytime a map is played, for 10 matches, if a certain map was not played by the server, the server will automatically force initiate that map and pick up the people queuing for it and fill from whatever number from QJ queue.. its a simple middle solution.. I am pretty sure they can come up with something even better. life is not black and white, certainly not in programming.
  11. sendingfeedback

    Maps Selection YES or NO!

    You might be right, I play FPP and off peak hours, almost always Sanhok. but keep in mind what FPP is dealing with now, might eventually become a reality in TPP as player count decreases, and would creep to normal hours too so PUBG should find a good solution before pooh hits the fan 😃 😁 😎 → 🥔 + 🔅 → 🤢 🥔🤢🥔🤢 → 😢 🥔🤮 🥔 → 🥔 😴 🥔 → 🥔🥔 Its a good idea, but would you count Vikindi as a Mini Royal? hey some rework on the (Quick Join to consider balancing maps) would do just fine for me, if map is extremely underplayed to initiate it once in a while..
  12. sendingfeedback

    Maps Selection YES or NO!

    This will piss a lot of people who always were filling posts with BRING MAP SELECTION all I want is a fix to the quick join, where other maps are given a chance, fairly. I don't want to remove the map selection, but PUBG should increase the chance of having other maps. I feel like Sanhok has become the new face of PUBG these days. 🤮 😵
  13. sendingfeedback

    Training Map BR Mode!!

    100 people tiny place!! not much cover All loot on tables across from each other.. all have to race to same spot!! Vox News: PUBG after releasing a new map, was proven to increase risk of having anxiety disorders and panic attacks although I know it wont happen but personally I am down with creating very small island map (or even a city) and having it in always deathmatch mode, adding it as a live training mode with people, where you actually have a cs go like feel but get trained on weapons and aim on actual people, I wish also it shows their health damage (just in this case) and where you instantly respawn after dying and maybe only 20 players in a server.. but map has to be reedited to have balanced cover, maybe balanced loot or random instant spawn loot.. good idea but not the current map, and keep in mind that is contrary to PUBGs big maps and never same fighting location philosophy. (at least I think)
  14. sendingfeedback

    do you play as TPP or FPP

    he had peekers advantage
  15. sendingfeedback

    Map Rotation Idea. Good? Bad?

    Totally Agree, in general I have more chances of getting to top10 if I survive the first bloody 5 minutes of the match, any match Sanhok is very inconsistent for me too. I hate the fact that at the start you have to deal with more people, almost always, and your survival is depending what loot you land on and angles you get caught engaging. and the worst, fights are usually not 2 parties, rather 3 teams, you can bet if you the fight took more than 1 minute, there is someone else joining the fight, so controlling all angles is really impossible, it is frustrating and not rewarding. especially in end circles, say 3-4 teams left, whatever teams get into fight first, both teams are losing. cuz the 3rd party will have advantage because the sizes of the circle.. always ends in frustration or unfair win. Sanhok is a third party map!! oh, I hate Sanhoks gameplay.. It is not rewarding to play it, and unfortunately it dominates map queues!!