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  1. He can do what Viss and others were doing, just mask the screen when you are starting the game, for a minute, then put it back, streamsnipers would get confused when to click Join, this will drastically reduce the number.. Edit: I only noticed someone mentioned it later.. he had good aim, and sometimes plays very smart moves and adapts to games quickly, I dont want to bash him, he is not pro level, and he knows it.. he is pro level streamer.. Personally I like PUBG more, dont watch shroud or other streamers much, I do watch highlights though, I used to like shroud until he started bashing it before he switched to blackout, all of his friends streamers where waiting for the game to die (j9 and lurn), and were waiting for the "proper AAA game" to take over, he complained the game was boring and unplayable cuz of bugs, where he just got a contract to play that other game(speculation). so he cut pubg off, for me that was it I dont care about him much, I enjoy the game, and never stopped playing it when all streamers went crazy on other games, and personally I dont care he is back to PUBG anymore, but I respect other streamers who always enjoyed it and felt the same to what I felt, like Fuzzface, Kaymind, Halifax and Chacotaco, in fact thats why I got all his skins.. just to be thankful!
  2. Interesting thought: if players can carry & move loot boxes to cover, to loot them without dancing around them.. thats a positive gamechanging suggestion!! you still disarm your weapons while you carry it, so its balanced by default!! Edit: In fact thinking about it, adding to the twist: players can hide or discard of loot boxes say in water, so others cant see it and loot from it.. lol I got excited about my own suggestion, I must be a genius!!
  3. Nice Addition, attaching Keychains is very interesting.. weapons will feel more personal.. and I love how knockdowns are valued more than kills here, this will foster better gameplay, PUBG corp listens to feedback.. Two Thumbs up.. 👍👍
  4. I have another challenge not counting, Its survive for at least 10 minutes without dealing any damage to enemies, I have done it 2/3 by playing randomly, for the third time I purposefully played alone, landed far away from everyone, got into fights only after 15 min, Didnt count, did it second time, didnt count either..
  5. thank you for finding them, my search results were very random, I will still try my best to recreate the bug, or capture it.. I know as a dev, its very difficult to capture the inconsistant bugs.. so I will try my best..
  6. I tried to search for post someone reporting this I am surprised no one did, Every now and then I noticed that the gun doesnt automatically go to the default mode.. this happens frequently if you switch guns, picked up two smgs, and then picked up a g36 the g36 was on single mode. this got me killed multiple times, now I am returning to the original way being single and toggling it manually because of the inconsistancy of this
  7. its just like a horse, a buggy might refuse you. 😋 you could even see the deathcam..
  8. sorry you have to delete the A2 to C43.. Here is a fresh copy, Stats New.xlsm I also fixed an error, with the second chart so please use the second one. Edit: unfortunately I cant edit the Primary post..
  9. Hello Everyone, I am posting here and on reddit, First, I am happy that PUBG listened to the feedback about matchmaking issues, when number of online players in a region gets lower, the map variety becomes an issue, I am happy that it got better, but since I was curious of the actual numbers, and I had a Idea of logging it, and since I know a thing or two in Excel, I made it really easy to log it, with one click you can see a lot of stuff, Why is this? I saw a lot of people complaining, and none had an idea of the actual stats, I really wish PUBG where more transparent, but maybe too much transparency is not advised, I understand. but in this case I feel different, regarding matchmaking and sanhok becoming the main map, esp FPP, certain regions and non peak times, the map variety gets really low, so here is an initiative to actually show community based numbers, I wanted to share my experience, and with this we can agree when there are issues and when there is not, and thus as a fanbase we can be fair to PUBG when they actually fix stuff, and we can be critical with evidence when we are experiencing issues. Why share? the more people show their data, the more clear the overall image of where pubg should work on(for the fanbase), and we as fanbase can agree on things, they see the data from their end, but its nice when all have insight, so I wish if someone else uses it, after a couple of weeks they would take a picture of the chart like below he gets and posts it. so each game you play you click the button and it calculates your personal: - All time map percentage - All time map percentage by time of day - Map percentage per day You have to have excel and you have to enable content for the macros, all code inside is open to see and modify. I had the colors being Sanhok, Vikindi, Erangel & Miramar I play on NA server, unfortunately I am able to play mostly during the morning, expect time off, here is my summary for the past 3 days, - 48% Sanhok, Almost 100% in the early morning for a couple of hours - 43% Vikindi - 10% erangel (only after 12pm) - 0% miramar in my playtime, I havent seen Mirmar yet, unfortunately.. this is based only on 3 days, and I might be not the best sample since I dont play during peak hours, let me know guys what you think. again thanks for PUBG for listening and fixing the issue. and wish things get even better.. Let me know guys what you thing.. Stats.xlsm
  10. depending on region / time of the day / and esp if FPP, if the player count gets really low, and then the Quick join almost always ends up in Sanhok. I am in NA, I can only play in the mornings, and FPP, so my condition is probably the worst. I remember during the pass my percentage of getting maps, where 60% sanhok, 35% vikindi, 5% Erangel and 0.05% Miramar. ( I played Miramar maybe 2-3 times in the two month period - while I used to play a lot and Miramar is my favorite) in peak hours or closer to peak hours, you start getting variety, but not off peak. you can see a lot of people complaining about it in the forum, some moderators hinted that they fixed the issue, waiting for the next patch..
  11. true that, ping matchmaking was not a thing then and some issues where seriously bad, esp the desync, a person who likes pubg playstyle will really appreciate the way PUBG plays today. you are right, maybe good for PUBG corp not for the players, but the whole environment surrounding PUBG was positive back then, from streamers to youtube, not anymore though, but again today the actual gameplay today is solid comparing to back then (unfortunately when the it became less popular)
  12. I have been calling PUBG™ SANHOK™ the problem is that the forum is filled with stuff like this, people complaining about map selection and sanhok becoming a new face of pubg (which sucks), and we have been calling it for close to a month even before, but what they did is just look at the playerbase complain, even earlier moderator responses where infuriating (because of the lack of knowledge of the problem) this is a huge deal, to have 4 maps (hardwork), and alot of players are mostly forced on Sanhok.. It is a huge turn off for a lot of players, esp the ones that stuck with you and played earlier maps, a good management team would have foreseen that, never mention fix it when it first shows up, or if they are late at least address it in a proper announcement or at least a sticky thread, they are so slow when it comes to fixes and communication with the fan base, it is frustrating. Although there is a moderator response once on one of the forums another more recent that something is cooked for the next patch.. "Hang tight" a proper announcement should have been made, to avoid all these threads and people becoming more upset. the player base should no be looking for solutions for them online or discussing about it, a good management team would have dealt with it before it got this bad.
  13. no, not out of PUBG corp. but looks like he wont be not involved as much as he used to (to my understanding) I dont know what PUBG special projects quoting "tasked with exploring, experimenting and creating new technologies, tools, pipelines and gameplay we will explore new possibilities of interaction and connection within the game space" still doesnt explain anything there is an thread on reddit with quite some interesting comments.
  14. look it up here is a news article you are right it was the peak concurrent player count 3 million.. good old days
  15. look, 3 million people already bought the game, dont expect much more sales,, the problem not having people, is that the game has slow development, and they were not able to keep the playerbase hooked. yes, there is a lot of hardcore fans like in any game (me included) and some player base is always going to be there. but in general, free to play = bad idea, (look at cs go, its even more of a hacker infestation - now that its F2P) reduce price OK, but mainly you have to be more aggressive with feature updates, or passes. I dont know what to say. since their peak playercount, I knew this is going to go really bad, because of the way they managed it, they didnt know who to keep it entertaining and rewarding they banked on the money and didnt go for the right decisions to invest on more devs or fix the game properly or add way more updates to keep the player base hooked.. bad investment choice.. it was their choice even now the way they handle serious issues, like matchmaking problem, pushes people off, I used to play alot, after the pass ended and now the game became PUBG™ SANHOK™.. not interested anymore. in the past 2 weeks I probably played only 2 hours max.. now that brendan is officially doing something else, It feels like the hopes for this game to go somewhere, is gone.. just enjoy the game while it lasts.. I would say.. I am not a hater, this is my Favorite game of all times, it is perfect the way its made, yet the management and slow development was very disappointing.. it really hurts writing this post, remembering all the good times I have had with this game
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