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  1. I prefer these ones when it's 'war mode' (ie, respawn) in general, get a bit of practice in. Yeah, it's cool we've got custom events but so far only 1 has worked for me (I'm guessing due to the host).
  2. Works great for me, I'm sure people are moaning just for the sake of it.
  3. RobPhoboS

    They nailed it! Desync is gone!

    Funny how we see it the other way around. However without insulting each other the reason I think it's easier is due to more players of various skill levels on NA servers.
  4. RobPhoboS

    Who else plays Sanhok only?

    In solo I pretty much only play Sanhok, in teams we always mix it up. They're all good in their own way, can't wait for the snow level!
  5. RobPhoboS

    Big PUBG news incoming! (XO18)

    I bought my X, steering wheel, pedals, shifter, seat, tv, stereo for Project Cars 2 (It was worth it!)
  6. RobPhoboS

    Overpower [Nov 1-4] Feedback topic

    1st Person is great! (as I can't get into the normally) But it's instant death, I can't see the point of having reviving (imho).
  7. RobPhoboS

    Regional lock

    I play with mates in the USA, I'm in the UK... If more US players are in our squad, we join NA server, visa versa. What do you suggest o great ones. Ffs.
  8. RobPhoboS

    Where are the PTS players?

    I doubt very that's the main cause. There are plenty of people that don't have it or want it. Go to the Live version, you get into games quickly like normal (5-10 sec for me). I don't think a lot of people realise that there is a PTS, even more so after the release of v1 (incl my mates that play).
  9. RobPhoboS

    What’s the point of the PTS

    Seems like it's for the Training mode at this point.
  10. That was great fun ! I was surprised that even in the urban areas that it was still brilliant ! I usually shy away from the Kar98 but now I feel that really helped with distances/aiming. I say this is joint 1st with my favourite (I loved the madness of the 1st Event Mode). No lag my end, except from the occasional high ping player.
  11. RobPhoboS

    PTS Training mode Feedback topic

    It's excellent, looking forward to dialing in my settings properly now. It's a shame this wasn't in the game from the start but hey, it works fantastically! And something I've forgotten. Can we stay zoomed in if using a bolt action sniper rifle? (I thought we could)
  12. There wouldn't be enough people want to play this mode, you'll/someone be complaining about waiting for connections.
  13. RobPhoboS

    Poor replay value

    That's great you decided to involve the whole forum with this valuable information. Thank you for your hard work, thoughts and constructive criticism.
  14. RobPhoboS

    Thank you ??

    They've done a great job !
  15. RobPhoboS


    3 posts Troll. The new shizz is excellent.