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  1. Anilman

    X-Button Reloading delay

    No the blue x button to reload youre weapon Btw every xbox update i receive(alpha preview xbox update‘s) i have to reinstall pubg. last xbox update my ingame game brightness was like -50 changing the value didnt help.. Pubg is the only game i know where it helps to reinstalling helps a lot...
  2. Anilman

    X-Button Reloading delay

    I already used the auto loading feature on pts pickup weapon ammo press fire the difference to press and hold x is huge. And if you spray and pray with vector and autoloading 🤣 And why not tap x to jump inside a vehicle everytime i need to wait 1-3 seconds until my teammate jump inside the vehicle. also switching the seat.... why not press and hold A + dpad up for driver seat? it doesent matter because i switch to the division 2 and anthem soon.
  3. I m just asking why is there a 500ms delay of pressing x for... reloading or to enter a vehicle??? i know that they added this delay many patches before. but can you pls add a option to instant start reloading instead of holding the x button?!
  4. Anilman

    Auto Reload

    I love the autoloading because you dont have the 0.5 - 1second delay anymore
  5. Anilman

    Xbox One x graphic options feedback

    I did test it today many times. only 1 time i have better Performance then normal 4k (i recorded it) 2 smokes on squad mode fps drop to 15 instantly switched to perf mode it was „smooth“ to 30. here is the video skip to 1minute(it is spectator mode) https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/anilman/video/65956554 in cqc there is no improvement!!! Add lower graphic settings as perfomance mode. lower the cpu usage!!! also the 1440p looks like 1080p for me...
  6. Anilman

    Performance Mode....

    I did try the perf mode 0 difference on specific points on the map you have 1-2 fps drops while looking around and switching to 1440p perf mode didnt help... they should change to lower graphic settings. not lower resolution.....
  7. Anilman

    Xbox One x graphic options feedback

    I did test it on specific points on vikendi and no difference on some points there is 1 fps drop if you just look around. and after switching to frame mode no difference!!!!!!!!! you should lower the graphic settings NOT THE RESOLUTION!!!! this game is cpu bottleneck not gpu! add lower graphic settings.
  8. Anilman

    SMG needs regulated

    Ump is more like a shotgun for me i use it only for cqc up to 15m after that i switch to sks/slr and so on. i like ar more but with a AR you are way slower on ads also hipfire accuracy is sooo bad....
  9. Id say desync is less now but i still get killed from players if i stay behind him. i was outrunning a player with ump9 he had a shotgun an he was ads also i did run like forest gump behind him and was knocked from him while he was still aiming where i was seconds before(knocked me) my teammate knocked him finaly but it was hotdrop paradise in sanhok squad within first 30-60 seconds(=bad tickrate) on eu server(weekend!!!) i didnt record it... but overal feel the better connection. but i didnt play much this month...
  10. Anilman

    What's your favorite weapon???

    The ump always for cqc if i dont have one i pick the beryl i use it because the movement is much faster in ads and soft aim accuracy is much better. i use it with lightweight grip or better the laser. 2nd weapon always for distance i use all kind of weapons as 2nd Sks/mutant/m16/slr/beryl. i dont use m24 and kar because i cant kill them After Knockout. only on solo gaming i use sniper.
  11. Anilman

    Any funny/lucky kills?

    Skip to 1min(starts at 1:13) https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/anilman/video/60138058 i was like ok thx for that free kill
  12. My last match today was vs a mnk player i was looking on his stats and he is very bad Aim is better yes but if youre skill is bad i never had issues to play against real pc players(controller on pc without aim assist) just play with controller and find the perfect settings for you. if you patatoe aim always then a mnk wont help you.
  13. No aim assist!! i have no problems to kill players. if you are to bad at aiming you need to learn how to aim. MnK user‘s are just noobs on controller and i have seen players on pc with potato aim. so i dont think a mnk user is automatically better then me for example. one match 23 kills and i always use a controller also if i play on my highend pc i use controller
  14. Wait till it is 24.4.2018 11:59 am in youre country
  15. German xbox store(you can change to youre store/country if you klick on this website) pubg test client download https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/store/p/playerunknowns-battlegrounds-public-test-server/c4t3v1j9j63v 24.4.2018 11:59am you can download this game i guess in germany.