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  1. Not only just the super bullets, but the desync in general. I have had situations where the enemy was in a full out run towards me and I was shot dead while they were still running. Then there are the times where I have the red dot right on their chest, yet there is no blood splatter. The counter to that is the games where you see multiple blood splatters, yet when you check pubglookup, it only records one hit. The really weird one I noticed the other day was bullets put back into my gun. I was knocked while shooting an M16 in burst mode. When I went down the gun had 18 bullets in it. My team mate killed the enemy and picked me up. All of a sudden my gun had 21 bullets in it. The game refunded me one burst of ammo. Now if that isn't a tell tale sign of the desync, I'm not sure what is.
  2. Me too, as this initial loot rebalance didn't seem to add too much at all
  3. Some of the best games my squad and I have played is where we were loot deficient. When you don't have the good guns and loot you want, you have to play a little harder. Saying this I know of a couple games where we went in to final circle with tommy guns and the like and ended up with the chicken dinner. This game has a lot to do with adapting to what you have and not just expecting to be perfectly kitted each game
  4. I just wish vikendi was grouped in there so I could avoid that broken map as well.
  5. https://pubg.report/streams/6742c7a7-9a46-4b8c-aa9d-c2dbb5af6ce6/1207960368 Gotta love it when you anger them enough to call you names! He shouldn't blame me for his potato there though!
  6. Had a game recently. Looked around while landing, not a parachute in sight nearby. A few around but nothing close. Barely looted our first buildings and we were in a gunfight with another squad. We made it out, they didn't. Still woulda been nice if they had rendered in while we were landing though.
  7. It's always a bummer when you get shot by the glitchers.
  8. I agree, then my squad could just turn off the two maps we don't want to play (vikendi and sanhok) and things would be good.
  9. will you be going back to regular dev letters? It sometimes seem like there isn't much communication from your end on a lot of these issues (such as this emergency maintenance which came out of nowhere)
  10. pubg still runs far better on the one x with ssd than on the OG xbox. It just doesn't run as good as it did on the one x prior to all the rendering nerfs
  11. It is actually ridiculous how badly they messed up the xbox one x performance. I had far better rendering a year ago with no SSD, than I do now with the SSD. Not to mention the fact that there were no playdoh buildings at any distance a year ago. If you could scope in a building, it was rendered.
  12. I had a game yesterday where we were battling from one hill to another on mirimar and the people on the other hill would render in and out while we were aiming as well as skip from one spot to another. It was near impossible to hit any of them unless they were still for a couple seconds. You could try to lead them while they were running but they would magically skip around sporadically.
  13. While it may be a potato, the fact is pubg ran much better on the Xbox one x prior to pubg's "fixes" for rendering. Back in game preview, you could see all the buildings across the map load while you were in the plane. There weren't any playdoh buildings when you hit the ground no matter where you dropped, and you could see the weapons loaded in as you were landing. In order to equalize the playing field with the og Xbox, they took that all away.
  14. Not only is the sound weird, I have had several occasions of sound "stutter" where I'm shooting my gun but it makes no sound and is suddenly empty (faster than normal). Desync is probably the worst I have seen it in a long time. a quarter of the time it works for me, 75% of the time I die to magic bullets. Have had a few instances of game crashes again. One where the game locks up and makes the "ng ng ng ng" sound and you have to manually close the game, and also where the game just crashes to dashboard. Getting "lost connection to host" and when you get that error you can't even join back in. It just kicks you out and leaves your team to fend for themselves. Buildings that used to be rendered prior to this patch are now a playdoh mess at 300m. Almost no point to having a 4x or 8x as you can see further than the buildings will render. More instances of being shot through buildings that didn't render for people that drove up on them. I don't know how they did it, but they broke more than they fixed with this patch by a large margin. I really wish they would actually fix the game instead of punishing the Xbox one x users by nerfing the rendering into oblivion.
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