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  1. King Galahad


    It would if they knew how to code it that way. Unfortunately they don't
  2. King Galahad

    Can we discuss the missions for Vikendi: Pass?

    Before they upped the carry weight of grenades the most I ever collected was 8. That was from my own plus looting my team mates after they had died in squads and I was the only one left.
  3. King Galahad

    Grenade kills mission

    One of the times it was after first circle had closed in, so that was well after the three minutes. Another time was near end of game, I think about 16 people were left when I got the grenade kill. One was in a solo game, so there was no knock, simply a nade kill.
  4. King Galahad

    Grenade kills mission

    I had a grenade kill with at least fifteen minutes alive, but it never counted. Just had one actually, probably about 5-10 minutes in when I got the kill, went on another 5 after that and it never counted.
  5. King Galahad

    My favorite complaints on this board

    What happened was they introduced "predictive rendering" and it all went downhill from there. I think it was the second patch after mirimar was released. When mirimar first released I had no problems with buildings or loot rendering, as the buildings and loot were waiting for me when I hit the ground, then they added in predictive rendering and all of a sudden I was landing on playdoh buildings with a 50% chance loot would be loaded when I landed. It's really a shame how much they have broken this game since it left game preview. I still love playing pubg, but the rendering and lag issues can get so frustrating.
  6. King Galahad

    Idea for performance

    A lot of those games are running on custom engines and not the unreal engine. Although the unreal engine has won a lot of awards, it is nowhere near as good of an engine as a lot of those custom engines the triple A companies develop on their own. Fortnight runs better on the unreal engine, but epic makes the unreal engine and so they know all the tips and tricks to their own engine. If bluehole is going to stick with the unreal engine, they will need to hire some programmers with unreal experience, as it seems their devs don't have the required experience.
  7. King Galahad

    My favorite complaints on this board

    Especially considering they had it running at 60 fps on the One X prior to release into game preview. It was only when they tried to "fix" the game for the OG and S that it stopped playing well with the X. Only Xbox One X enhanced game that actually plays worse on the One X than OG
  8. King Galahad


    Anyone else having issues with parachuting in where the game just throws you from one side to the other without even doing anything or if you do try to correct it just slightly it throws you to the complete other side (and a lot of times into buildings)
  9. King Galahad

    Feb 8th dev update

    nope https://forums.pubg.com/topic/319578-xbox-december-21-pts-patch-notes/
  10. King Galahad

    My favorite complaints on this board

    I had bought an X long before I bought pubg in order to enjoy other games. (The graphics truly are much better with most games on the X). The ironic part was with pubg I also had to buy a SSD in order to get back the performance I had during Game Preview with just my One X alone.
  11. King Galahad

    Grenade kills mission

    Is anyone else having trouble with this mission? On two occasions I killed people with grenades, but the kills didn't count towards this mission for me. Is this happening to other people too?
  12. They could have looted as well though. Instead they grabbed a jeep, took advantage of the poor rendering and distracted my team while their team looted and rushed.
  13. The rendering is really bad early game for people with og xboxes and no ssd. I was ran over in a building at the start of a match yesterday. The guy ran out and grabbed a jeep and tried running over my team mates. Ended up hitting me. In a case like this, do you blame the player for abusing the bad rendering, or bluehole for making such a mess of rendering?
  14. King Galahad

    What happened here?

    Looks like you got hit with some bad desync
  15. How about this one? https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/king-galahad/video/68748045