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  1. King Galahad

    Not looking so bad now is it?

    Same here. I still remember when mirimar released, how much better the rendering was. All the buildings were rendered by the time I landed and I could see the weapons on the ground waiting for me. That was all without the ssd too. Now, I have to run the ssd just to get the buildings to render, and it now takes even longer for weapons to load in. I have landed, ran in a building seeing nothing, turned around and all of a sudden there are guns where I had just ran past that weren't there initially. As well as those rendering issues, I have experienced weird stalling lag in the first 30 seconds and sometimes it takes forever just to pick up a simple item. Last night, there was also a game where mid match while in a gunfight, the game just glitches right out. It was like it was running in slow motion for me while everyone else was normal speed, combined with a strange sound glitch. I had the jump on a guy but wasn't able to put him down because of this weird glitch. It's almost like they decided since they can't fix the game, they will make it play equally bad for everyone. I think that they should have to quit marketing this game as "Xbox one x enhanced" as there is nothing enhanced about it. I just wish they would take the rendering back to when it actually worked.
  2. King Galahad

    Do we have an update on this?

    It ran even better during game preview before they brought out the predictive rendering and completely messed rendering up. Prior to predictive rendering, you could see the entire map render while in the plane, and no buildings were playdoh. You could look across los leones and all the buildings were rendered. It was beautiful, and then they messed it up.
  3. King Galahad

    think Im going to move on for a bit.

    The squad I play with no longer plays vikendi either. Just too many issues on that map from getting shot through walls or people under the map, it is just frustrating to play. If they fixed the map it would be my second favourite map after mirimar but as it is I don't want to play it at all.
  4. King Galahad

    Do we have an update on this?

    Why is it then that rendering on the one x worked better before they started working on rendering and has only gotten worse with subsequent updates? It is truly sad that I had to purchase an ssd just to get the same level of rendering I had back in game preview before the introduction of predictive rendering.
  5. King Galahad

    What's Your Biggest Pet Peeve

    Going through two full houses and coming out with a pistol, meanwhile the enemy that landed with you comes out of one house with level two vest, helmet, and backpack along with an AR. Another pet pet peeve is landing right on top of a gun but it hasn't rendered so you run over it, meanwhile the person that landed behind you saw it and has now shot you in the back with it. A pet peeve I share with my squad is being forced to play sanhok. If we could shut off that one map, we would. Another pet peeve like that is when you get vikendi 8x in a row on quick join
  6. King Galahad


    So let me see if I have this straight, the majority of players prefer to play tpp which the game was initially designed for. Some players want to play fpp but there aren't enough people playing fpp to allow them to play fpp any time they want to. So the fpp players feel that the majority that are playing tpp should be forced to play fpp so that the fpp players can get a game? that makes no sense at all. To be honest, if they did decide to force all the tpp players to play fpp, I would probably go play one of the many fpp games that runs dramatically better than pubg does. I don't think they want to alienate their playerbase like this.
  7. King Galahad

    Cave is Toxic

    Just make it so players take damage if the entrances are still blocked, so if they cheat their way in, they take damage. If the rocks are gone, then the toxic gas is released and you are good to enter.
  8. King Galahad

    PUBG plans to remaster Erangel

    Lots of people (myself included) complain about the lack of proper loot on Erangel. Personally I feel it would be great if they just returned the loot back to the level it was before they introduced Mirimar, then it would be good. For instance when you dropped novo, and there were things inside most of the crates there, rather than 1 out of 10.
  9. The only reason I think they should consider it are mainly from duos. I have played many games where either myself or my team mate was knocked and the other team mate was engaging the enemy. In those cases the enemy finishes off their knock rather than try to kill the living team mate. So now, I'm either missing my duo partner or he's missing me, since it is generally easy to kill the enemy player when he is only concentrating on thirsting the knocked player. At least if we could respawn our downed partner, it would make more sense to continue in the game rather than leave and start another one (if it was near the start). At least if there is respawn, it would get more players to engage the active player rather than just going for the thirst, as even if he does get the kill, the guy could still be revived. A nice balance for this would be to offer both modes, respawn enabled and respawn disabled. The problem is the playerbase is already fractured as it is and couldn't really support another mode.
  10. King Galahad

    New client for xbox one X

    No, actually it's not ok for the majority of players to have issues. This game shouldn't have the issues that it does. It's also not okay that they punish the Xbox One X users and handicap our consoles the way they do. We have the most powerful gaming console on the market, why are we punished for that?
  11. King Galahad

    New client for xbox one X

    They had to lower visuals AFTER they had already handicapped the One X. The crux of the matter is that the game ran better on the One X in game preview before they "fixed" rendering. (aside from some other memory leaks, and crashes entirely unrelated and patched separately) It wasn't until they started holding back the One X to force parity with the OG Xboxes that we really started having issues.
  12. King Galahad

    New client for xbox one X

    I do understand it has to work on all consoles. However, they don't have to hold back the One X for that to happen. How are you not understanding this?
  13. King Galahad

    Open minded TPP players

    But every other shooter being FPP is one of the reasons I play TPP. For me, tpp is a pleasant change from all the generic fpp games there are out there. If I want to play fpp, I will go play one of them, since most of them are at 60 fps and don't give me a headache in fpp the way pubg does. Even playing tpp gives me a headache from playing tpp but I can play longer on tpp than I can on fpp. I play tpp on pubg because it is different. That said, I do occasionally play fpp with my squad when we want to try something different, just not for many matches.
  14. King Galahad

    New client for xbox one X

    They don't need to sacrifice some looks in the name of gameplay though. On the One X things rendered fine before they handicapped it to allow the OG xboxes to catch up. The performance was there on the One X, but they took it away. The truly furstrating part was that they introduced handicaps to the xbox one x that required the addition of the SSD just to get the rendering back to where it was before the handicaps. They shouldn't be handicapping the One X, they should be unleashing it's full potential!
  15. King Galahad

    New client for xbox one X

    I agree, it doesn't make sense to get rid of the OG Xbox players, but on the other hand, it also doesn't make sense to handicap the xbox one x down to OG xbox level. I remember during preview before they "fixed" rendering, the entire map would be loaded on my one X before I jumped out of the plane. When mirimar dropped, I could hot jump pecado without any problems rendering, the buildings would be there as well as the guns. All this was without a SSD. I think it is ridiculous that I had to go and buy a SSD just to get the same rendering I had BEFORE. Another thing that happened when they "fixed" rendering is now buildings at a slight distance are playdoh, for example in Los Leones, if you look across the town, the other side is playdoh. It wasn't like that when Mirimar originally released. The entire city would be rendered. The advertise this game as Xbox One X enhanced yet it is the only Xbox One X enhanced game that plays worse on the One X than on the OG xbox.