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  1. yes friend SA server sorry for my bad language but I needed to download my anger 😂. I have been in the game for a long time (around 1600 hours) and a lot of money invested, xbox one x, ssd and joystick razer. I still have the hope of seeing a smooth and problem-free game
  2. You are killing the game and shooing your players. It can not be that to play a game in the conditions in which we have to leave because some member always expels it. I do not understand that in each update they always worsen something that worked well. Sorry i don't speak inglish
  3. Ustedes están matando el juego y espantando a sus jugadores. No puede ser que jugar un juego en las condiciones en las que tenemos que irnos porque algún miembro siempre lo expulsa. No entiendo que en cada actualización siempre empeoren algo que funcionó bien.
  4. Thank you very much for your experience. I like very much when someone shares this type of data. It is very useful, I still use a turtle beach ss2 with a steel series v2 headphones and at the moment they fulfill me very well. but without hesitation when I change I will do it for what you have.
  5. this happens because of the disconnections, if you are in the room before starting and one of your colleagues takes it out the whole squad comes out, that's it.
  6. again I have melted plastic houses nearby and the worst of all is not as smooth as before the update, my case is weird, after the previous hotfix was the best experience I've had in terms of softness. now I feel everything very stuck or rough, I play in xbox one x with ssd. I hope to leave it again as before this update.
  7. the surround I put it in 3 is how I better appreciate the direction of the sounds. the equalizer test to your liking. I recommend using open headphones are much sharper.
  8. I totally agree with you, friend. Less and less importance is given to knowing when to have to take time and be smart when looting. What is next?
  9. excellent configuration should sound fine fine, a pity that where I live costs so much to get these configurations, thanks for sharing them.
  10. pedazo de configuración felicitaciones! una pregunta, como conectas el creative a la xbox?
  11. Como el amigo te dijo, todo depende de tu presupuesto. Por supuesto hay mejores soluciones. Lo que puedo decirles es que con el dss2 se puede escuchar más alto, más claro y, sobre todo, los sonidos que se encuentran con el control del joystick se ubican mucho mejor, se conectan a la salida spdif de la consola y tienen varias configuraciones. del sonido sourroud. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m4084.l1313&_nkw=dss2
  12. It amplifies the sound and makes an enveloping effect very well achieved. I can pinpoint my enemies when I walk and shoot
  13. I recommend dds 2 of turtle beach ... I have some siberia v2 with this dac and the truth I hear everything before my friends who use other solutions
  14. Creo que la publicación atrapa ese grado de dificultad y ese deseo constante de dominarlo. Últimamente están agregando cosas que lo convierten en un juego más informal, odio las armas que se cargan por sí mismas y esas cosas que le quitan realismo y comienzan a convertirlo en un juego ordinario, por favor, no mates el único juego que aman las personas adultas, si quieren atraer a los niños a hacer otro juego con otro nombre, pero en mi opinión, la publicación debe acercarse más y más al "real" y proponer un desafío para dominar eso.
  15. I do not know if I would call it hardcore. but if I ask that the game does not lose its personality. Each time they are adding things that make it more casual. I do not like the auto recharge of weapons, I do not like that they will automate the coupling of elements to weapons. everything they are doing in favor of casual players. pubg I like it for its challenging difficulty I do not want another battlefield or call of duty 😫
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