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  1. And also let us crouch jump if you’re going to have bad vault mechanics so we can just jump through the windows. Is that too much to ask cor?!
  2. Vaulting is absolutely dumb on this game. I knew it would be trash when certain windows facing a certain way were unvaultable for a time. Just make vaulting quick and fast like it used to be on PC. If I’m trying to go through a window, chances are I’m going out as fast as possible. Not taking the time to put my leg into the window and slowly hop. I’m going head first. And that’s how it used to be. That’s how it should be.
  3. Was exploring Castle on my first drop, things were going good. Haven’t played PUBG in months so I figured I’d try the snow map out. Then some dbag kills me from under the floor, and then kills several others as well. Not sure if he intentionally glitched under the castle or if the terrible loading glitched him under it. But he sure did take advantage of it.