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  1. Smokey, you clearly do not have an understanding of what a keyboard/mouse emulator does on an xBox. Though I agree games that are designed for a keyboard and mouse are better served by using said devices, especially on a PC. However that is not how it translates over with an emulator. The link you provided had PC players with true keyboard and mouse support playing on a PC going against players on a console with controllers. Not close to the same thing as what is being discussed here. Put those same console players on a PC with controllers or the same mouse players on a console with an emulator and I would be willing to bet the difference between them was blurred significantly. Games on the xBox currently are not designed to work with a keyboard and mouse and an emulator for the most part can't do anything not designed in the game for the console. They are still 100% limited by the design of that game for controllers as all they do is "emulated" a controller through keyboard and mouse functions. For example, I can't turn faster than what is designed in the game and attempting to do so is very counter productive. Also I can't assign lean or separate out multi function buttons (example: hit X to use, hold X to reload) to dedicated buttons outside of what the developer has assigned it to on the controller. I could assign the X button to different keys, but that is also counter intuitive. There are questionable emulators out there that allow you to do things they shouldn't like create macros so one key press will do multiple things (example: drop shot) but the one I use does not do that as they consider that cheating, and I would agree. Even with mouse movement, though you will hear a lot of whining about it being more accurate and having better control than a controller, it really is not that simple. Am I better with a keyboard and mouse over a controller on the xBox? Yes, by a hair, but I have used a KB+M in games for decades at this point and don't use a controller nearly as often thus I have trained myself on them. If there was a way to get full 1:1 correlation between the emulated stick movement with the mouse then I would expect my KB+M use over a controller would be better than a hair. However, that is not truly possible for a few different reasons, especially in this game at the moment. At best you have people that spend hours upon hours trying to get it as close as possible to that 1:1 feel so when you aim it goes where you tell it. However, I can tell you after decades of KB+M use on a PC and for years on xBox that the quick 180 or snap right on target is not even close to the same as it is on a PC. Trained controller users can do it just as easy and they can do it without accidentally moving to fast and doing a 20 degree movement instead of a 180 as you can with an emulator. Some here will have you believe that emulators make you some magical aim fairy that can snap on someones head 300 yards away with iron sights and a full auto weapon and get 3 head shots in a row and that we only use emulators for that "cheating" purpose. In their small minds they can't comprehend that people use them for any other reason besides "to get an edge and cheat". They can't except that there are people better than them and insist that they are constantly killed by emulator users when they probably have less than a 5% chance of that happening. If they win the fight, it was another controller user. If they lose, it has to be an emulator. People will form their own opinions and continue to post false information based on "knowledge" they have acquired through assumptions and other false statements made by some. I personally am not defending anything as I really don't care what they think and will continue to use the XIM which allows me to use the controller device of my choice in the games of my choice. I just want to make sure the truth and correct information is out there from someone that actually uses both devices and has for years. Whether they like that or not isn't a concern of mine.
  2. So is assuming just because he is playing with an emulator AND assuming it gives a 1:1 ratio like the PC. Yes I did and I think you mean, someone like you can't do it so therefore it must be impossible. Go test the damn gun yourself and then maybe during that process you will teach yourself how to control it with a controller just as I and many others have. You clearly have a comprehension problem. Yes, I have a XIM and I mostly use it. However, it is connected to my xBox at a desk in my basement. When I just feel like hopping on or when others may be around that want to watch/play as well then I will get on the one in the living room connected to the 65" or the one in the home theater room connected to a 100" or if I am feeling like playing in bed, I will sit there and play it and each of them only have a controller. So yes, yet again you display your shear stupidity in making assumptions based on your limited knowledge and experience and then apply that across the board as fact.
  3. I have already completely debunked your recoil argument. I have already completely debunked your assumption that people only use a XIM on the console to gain an advantage over others. Just because the answers don't fit your narrative and you don't like them, makes them no less true. So keep on whining as I can only hope I am the reason for your next rant of how someone hit some impossible shot that can't be done with a controller, so it must be a KB+M user. Hopefully on that shot, I am on one of the other 3 xBoxes in the house that I use a controller on. Poor baby!
  4. Yes, for the umpteenth time, I am saying that the mouse and keyboard does not give you a HUGE advantage in aiming and practically no advantage in recoil control as both mouse and controller players will learn to control recoil just as well regardless of the device they use. However, let me let you in on a little fun fact about recoil which again shows you making wrong assumptions and stating them as fact, as most egotistical people that have no knowledge on the subject do. As I mouse user or even when I do use the controller, I don't really need to control recoil with the device. Why? Because I am a smart player and understand the game so regardless of controller type I know that I should single fire most times or don't let more than 5 bullets go at a time in auto mode to control not only the vertical recoil, but also the horizontal recoil. I also know that if you are close up when you are in full panic auto fire mode, then the recoil is going to have very little affect on if you are hitting someone or not, thus it is a none factor. So you see again that YES, you are making wrong assumptions based on information you truly know nothing about, nor understand.
  5. LOL, a pro player that has logged hundreds of hours on the PC plays a few games on the xBox with it and does pretty well and that is proof that it takes mediocre players and converts them to Elite? Clearly you have not used one and thus have no clue of their abilities whether they be advantages or disadvantages. Did you watch the video mentioned above about StoneMountain64? As a pro, he still didnt just snap on target as you imply. Also, the micro adjustments you guys speak of... simply aren't there any more for a mouse as they are for a controller because of the game mechanics. Only people like you that continue to whine and cry about them and provide wrong assumptions and false information are really the joke. They aren't going anywhere no matter how much you whine and cry about them. Accept that and move on.
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