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  1. Mmm, it’s just hard to play something that runs smooth and come back to how choppy this game is. The frames are a dealbreaker for me. PUBG is a better game, just very poorly put together with a dev team that is not up to the challenge.
  2. I’d leave Apex in a heartbeat... if they just fixed the frame rate. 🙄
  3. Unless another developer takes over the game is dead. Blue hole PUBG Corp don’t care. They’ve beat the dead horse and made what money they’re going to make
  4. Apex until PUBG fixes their crap... looks like I’m never coming back.
  5. Game 5, attempted to blow a crate off a roof and frag just stuck to my body. Same with Molotovs. I throw them, but they don’t leave my hand
  6. Two games in a row I’ve thrown a grenade, but it just sticks to my body and I blow up. Tested it outside a building, and ran into a different building and it just blows up on me. 🙄
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