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  1. Unless another developer takes over the game is dead. Blue hole PUBG Corp don’t care. They’ve beat the dead horse and made what money they’re going to make
  2. Chud Patrol

    Apex Vs PUBG??!!!

    Apex until PUBG fixes their crap... looks like I’m never coming back.
  3. Chud Patrol

    What would bring people back?

  4. Chud Patrol

    Waiting for better performance

    I like PUBG more then Apex, but playing apex for a few days and coming back legit kills my eyes. Slllooooow and clunky. I doubt PUBG will perform any better though. I think there will come a time when communication and updates stop all together soon
  5. Chud Patrol

    Played around 8 hours a day until...

    After running Apex the last couple days I can say it’s really hard to come back to PUBG. So clunky, and the frame rate just kills my eyes. Pubg is a great game that got pissed away.
  6. Chud Patrol

    PUBG falling behind?

    They’ll milk it as long as they can, and offer minimal updates until the death of game. Shame, such a great game completely destroyed by incompetence. Not to say I’m going to quit playing, but after a 13 months since the release, it’s very appairment they don’t have the talent to bring the game to a working level
  7. Chud Patrol

    Just curious

  8. Chud Patrol

    Ready up glitch is getting boring.

    Wish they’d comment on the issues other then putting out stupid poetry winner announcements.
  9. Chud Patrol

    "oh,the things you'll break" challenge guide!

    Legit thought this was about PUBG being complete trash after the update
  10. Chud Patrol

    Fix this broken game already

    I agree, when I originally bought my Xbox one X, everything was basically rendered when I jumped out of the plane. They ruined that somewhere around July/August
  11. Chud Patrol

    Fix this broken game already

    For the most part I fully agree with OP.
  12. Chud Patrol

    New content we want to see in 2019

    Maybe the one update we get this year will be worthwhile. 😆😂
  13. Chud Patrol

    Where are the updates?

    Disappointing to see Fortnite excelling, while PUBG, a vastly superior game stays stagnet with chunks of the population constantly leaving. Even simple things such as adding PAID cosmetics they screw up. I love the game and it just frustrates me to see the endless potential pissed away week by week. I think the real reason they don’t put out any information anymore, is because they themselves know they can’t meet any type of deadline. Reminds me me of Halo after 343 took over. Awesome game series, ruined by a subpar company.. Just my two cents on the matter based on last thirteen months I’ve been playing Xbox PUBG. 🤦‍♂️
  14. Chud Patrol

    Xbox update

    Nothing regarding Vikendi... or actual timeframes for fixes coming to the game. 😒