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  1. Lone wolf

    Apex Vs PUBG??!!!

    This pretty much exactly for me too with 1200 hours on pub
  2. Lone wolf

    Apex Vs PUBG??!!!

    Pushing 100 wins rn lol but peacekeeper / wingman are the clutch and op, i used to play alot of gears and titan fall so its very familiar to me, it takes a little to get use to but when you do it’s definitely a blast
  3. Lone wolf

    Apex Vs PUBG??!!!

    Right now apex, but pubg will always be the realistic br i love, just to many bugs , and to much desync to play right now. Never liked fortnite but always liked titan fall. Apex is a little to easy though but it runs smooth so
  4. 60 fps , actual region lock, rendering buildings correctly, new content, cheating delt with? ... etc just curious of what people think would bring people back to the game. I personally haven’t played since the hot fix because no one I know plays anymore plus apex is a good time for me. I think 60 fps would bring back alot of people. For me it’s definitely hard region lock and cheating actually delt with, maybe replay button or actual report button
  5. Lone wolf


    So he can sit home all day and play with no responsibilitys, doesnt mean hes good
  6. Lone wolf

    Has anyone looked at PS4 CONVOS

    The game became a job haha especially when in top mega tribes , def miss it but moved to pub just because i dont have to devote to much time to it , but yes they were ontop of bugs pretty well, also banning and stopping exploiting was surprisingly fast
  7. Lone wolf

    Has anyone looked at PS4 CONVOS

    I use to play alot of ark like alot. The bugs that they had on there were nothing compared to pubg. You just get use to it
  8. Lone wolf

    Has anyone looked at PS4 CONVOS

    First post is about M&K haha. Happy they share that issue at least
  9. Next patch they are reducing spawns thankfully
  10. Lone wolf

    sECRET CAve vikendi

    What if you can drive through the unrendered entrance will it be there?
  11. Lone wolf

    Custom red dot

    I use the purple red dot and I cannot see it, i just use a halo on vikendi
  12. Lone wolf


    Its amazing but i get sanhok 1/10 games so its like do i risk the hot drop or do i land ruins and play it out for the win
  13. Lone wolf

    I'll pay for sahhook

    They will take the money, they are forcing other maps on us. Should bring battle royal back and keep sanhok mini. Once the season pass is done throw that in with sanhok
  14. Lone wolf

    Submit your Random/Funny/Awesome Pubg clips!

    Just some magic https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/lone-wolf-1437/video/68533574 car disappeared and teammate goes invisible
  15. Lone wolf

    Stairways broken

    Has the issue with stairways been addressed? Many staircases are bugged so you can’t walk up them but have to jump. Very irritating when you get stuck on it mid firefight