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  1. You have wandered off into crazy land with this post. The response rates of oleds are competitive and the pixel density is unmatched. Price is an issue right now but that wont always be the case. I'm not trying to get into a debate or start shit with you but this post is wrong on all four points.
  2. Again, I'm not saying oled burn in is impossible. I'm saying that it's less likely and provides superior picture. Burn in is a concern on all modern TVs. I doubt there is a video I haven't watched on the subject. I've got 93 days played on pubg for example. No burn in. No light spots. If you're making the case that burn in possibilities at the price point are unacceptable then I understand. Otherwise, like i said, bogus.
  3. To add to my previous post: I do wonder where the burn reputation for oleds came from. I've had some burn in on ever other tv I've owned in the last 15 years except my oled. I'm convinced that the number of pixels in an oled helps to offset the effect along with the tech for preventative maintenance. Now that I'm seeing no signs of burn in idk why anyone investing in a nice tv shouldnt seriously consider OLED. Sure you can get a good tv for $800-1200 but for a few hundred more you get a vastly superior picture with a pretty damm good response time. Just my two cents but I'd argue all day long that the suggestion of burn in risk of oled is proper bullshit.
  4. I have an oled and after the giant cost I was worried about this too. After alot of research and time passed by, I've decided that burn in is not a likely outcome. To put it simply, I am a heavy media user but I do vary my intake i.e. games, movies, shows and YouTube. The "pixel refresher" and "screen shift" settings alone would probably be enough to prevent burn in alone but varying your media once awhile cant hurt. Also, check a black screen on YouTube once in a while to look for spots. Lastly, be sure to enable screen saver on your tv and other applicable devices such as xb1x. I'm a year in and my screen is perfect. Just have to use the tools provided and check a black screen every few months.
  5. dgood8635


    Maybe, but when was the last time you heard anyone complaining that its not an option?
  6. dgood8635

    Need hit markers

    Hell Naw!
  7. dgood8635


    The craziest part of this conversation is that every major competitor to Pubg other than fortnite is only FPP. I'm pretty sure most of these guys playing tpp only also play these other games. Maybe just making most of the achievements obtainable only in FPP could help this problem
  8. dgood8635

    Ready up bug

    I'm pretty sure there is a bug with the lobby. I'm usually fpp which has longer queue times but still, if you wait say, 1 minute and then cancel, it often times throws me into a match as I'm hitting the x button. Might want to check this.
  9. dgood8635

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    The thing about this whole discussion that really irritates the fuck out of me is the fact that no one gets upset that the controller is inferior. Obviously we dont want to be using a controller against a mouse. But my point is that the controller should be better. Its poorly designed if it cant keep up with m&k. Console controllers, all of them, switch, xbox and PS should be just as precise as a mouse. Obviously the input number on a keyboard is greater but there are chat pads. We should be pissed at the console devs, not the people who use better tools or the games that allow them that choice. I want some crazy ass orb that floats in front of me where my controller use to be so I can fondle that thing like some orchestra conductor whose only goal is to bring home the chicken!
  10. dgood8635

    Most fustrating game ever

    I was thinking this exactly. TPP is a campers paradise. The TPP view is designed for camping and passive players. As an FPP player i'm biased but its the truth. By using the tpp view to watch another player without coming out of cover is, by definition, camping. In fact, it's camping on another level.
  11. dgood8635

    Finally Giving Up and Leaving

    Theres alot of good advice on here. From experience I'd say the most important factor in getting better is going to be your sensitivity settings. If you cant snap left or right to a target in training or while looting, then you're at a huge disadvantage. Another thing to think about is that your settings may change over time and with new updates. I played with aim acceleration on and set to one for a long time. Now I play with it off. Another thing i used to do quite often is set game DVR to "on" and review my kills and deaths to see where I went wrong strategically or how I failed to manage recoil. Also practice using throwables and switching between them all efficiently. Nothing is more satisfying than throwing a grenade where you think the enemy will flee when he hears the grenade and then, boom, he runs right into it. Also, I'd advise you to adopt the belief that the game truly is random. There is no one way or strategy to win other than the obvious "be the last guy standing". Whatever it takes, do it. Need to claim a house, claim it. Need to crawl through the shrubs in a field for 100 meters, crawl it. Need to cook a nade and throw it so close that you may die from it too, cook it. Be a maniac if it feels right or just sit back and observe how players move and dont fire a shot. Good Luck!
  12. dgood8635

    Wins to Games Played

    Oh I still get the excitement. Not as intense but it's still there. I remember my first few top tens and dinners. There were a few times when sweat dripped from my pits onto my pants and left two wet spots, I kid you not. Other times I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest. There has never been anything like pubg. Its been a wild ride.
  13. dgood8635

    Wins to Games Played

    500+ wins with 5000+ matches. I had...have a pubg addiction. But its finally wearing off. The crew is playing less and less. Hoping Firestorm is good.
  14. dgood8635

    Frags - too OP?

    Nerfing the grenades is NOT the solution. Grenades work this way. If anything, they probably would be more effective in real life. As to a guy holding 6-7 grenades, there would definitely be opportunity cost at play, because a guy carrying that many, even with a three bag, has to be low on other supplies. We need more types of throwables before making one type rarer. The game needs alot of work but it's better than ever. I'm excited to see these changes to my favorite map, Erangel. I'd rather see devs working on things of that sort than grenade nerfs. All just my opinions.
  15. Dummy question here: by factory restore , do you mean pushing that little button on the back or resetting within router config options?