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  1. I've never been a big fan of these hand holding changes but...I'm excited about ledge grab. Could be a huge draw to new and old players. I just hope that players now about the change and dont rage quit because they think the guy on the roof is hacking.
  2. I cant comment on "bugs" but when a squad gets a win, then each team member gets a single win. The exceptions are: 1) a player backing out early will not get the win. 2) a disconnected player will not get the win. Also, just my opinion here, but any third party system for stat tracking PUBG should not be more accurate than Xbox stats since Microsoft is providing the source data.
  3. First, they added auto reload and automatic fire mode settings. Now they want to add "Auto attach". Wtf is happening? How long before they add aim assist because they cannot adapt this game for controller? The game is hard. It always was!!! Nobody wants a fucking mindless, handholding, snooze fest of a game. This annoys me, really. There are hundreds of ways to improve this game and/or make it more approachable to a greater number of gamers and this type of shit ain't it. While I'm whining, I'll add this: skins and emotes are bullshit too. What a bunch of horseshit, not to be confused with horse head, which is actually a thing, sadly. This is one of my favorite games, ever. Its historically unique too. Why they would steer so far away from the core of what makes PUBG great just blows my mind. One more jaw dropping move that represents two steps back instead of progress.
  4. They need to be combustible. Period.
  5. Oh man You hit the Nail on the head with this post. This observation also highlights the fact that TPP rewards the guys sitting still rather than the guys on the move.
  6. My suggestions were from a utilitarian point of view man. I'm beyond the point of trying to convince tpp players to come over. But any tpp player that says x-ray is not a huge advantage is lying. My point is, if you handicapped the tpp view somehow, then you level the playing field for everyone. Its not as if fpp was never thriving, but its failing now. I have my preferred mode and you have yours. The problem is, fpp players have to queue up in your matches to play. The shoe could easily be on the other foot bud. And, I started in Tpp just like everyone else, I just see Fpp as a better form of pubg, just my opinion. If you or anyone else doesn't understand what I'm getting at, then make the same amount of effort I have, and play 20-50 matches of Tpp while remaining in fpp view. Its generally easy, most times you just mollywop guys staring at the back of a tree, but when it gets to top tens and top five, those guys have mastered the tpp view and its seriously unfair. If pubg had never introduced fpp or they take it away tomorrow I'd have no argument, but as it stands it's an issue. Either way, I dont believe view mode has anything to do with what makes pubg awesome, but making the game more well rounded, fair and approachable for all play styles is the best way to go. It can be done, doesn't have to be the sort of changes that would alienate tpp players.
  7. Its becoming apparent that Fpp on consoles is in trouble and if crossplay doesn't happen it will definitely not survive. My suggestion would be that the devs somehow find a way to merge rhe two modes. I know Tpp players would never agree to give up x-ray vision but maybe they would agree to a handicap system of some sort. I always play in Fpp view regardless of the game mode I'm in and I've noticed that throwables are one way for an fpp player to counter the x-ray vision by pushing a tpp player out of cover, even though they can see it coming. My suggestion would be to add higher carry capacity for Fpp players as one example, i.e. more ammo, throwables, whatever. I'd just like to hear everyone's opinions one way or the other.
  8. We sometimes refer to the "towers" as "yurts" and usually just call the UAZ a jeep. The second group of buildings to the east of quarry we refer to as the "dinner" cluster in honor of our first 3-man squad win. Good post btw
  9. Maybe, but when was the last time you heard anyone complaining that its not an option?
  10. The craziest part of this conversation is that every major competitor to Pubg other than fortnite is only FPP. I'm pretty sure most of these guys playing tpp only also play these other games. Maybe just making most of the achievements obtainable only in FPP could help this problem
  11. The thing about this whole discussion that really irritates the fuck out of me is the fact that no one gets upset that the controller is inferior. Obviously we dont want to be using a controller against a mouse. But my point is that the controller should be better. Its poorly designed if it cant keep up with m&k. Console controllers, all of them, switch, xbox and PS should be just as precise as a mouse. Obviously the input number on a keyboard is greater but there are chat pads. We should be pissed at the console devs, not the people who use better tools or the games that allow them that choice. I want some crazy ass orb that floats in front of me where my controller use to be so I can fondle that thing like some orchestra conductor whose only goal is to bring home the chicken!
  12. I had this problem a while back and it is related to forward running sensitivity. The first fix for this that I found on these forumns was to set forward running sensitivity to a minimum of 20. I had previously been at zero and I'd sink like a stone. Disclaimer though, some people have said that this doesn't fix the problem for them. I know that you've said you figured it out but apparently there are sensitivity setting combinations that render this type of fix useless. Just a heads up In case you give out this advice.
  13. Flying flat to achieve greater distance before pulling chute is left stick forward only.
  14. PUBG Movie! It couldn't be worse than the original battle royalale movie cuz that was garbage, imo. Doing the blue wall would probably be trickiest part. If the CGI wall is good then its probably a decent movie, if not, then it could ruin it even if the acting is spot on.
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