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  1. I caught up with one of our design leads earlier this week to talk about the solution his team has developed for this problem. Once our solution goes live, it’ll work this way: When bullet hit an arm or a hand, the game will automatically check to see if there’s any body part behind the limb in the bullet’s trajectory. If there is, the game will check to see how much damage the incoming bullet would do if it hit that part instead. The system will then apply the higher number of the two. We’re not applying this system to legs—only arms, forearms, and hands.
  2. The 2nd zone being available for only about a minute kinda sucks. You can't really play an edge of the first circle and try to keep people out (at least in squads), you've gotta rotate so quickly you don't have time to play out a fight. The second circle moves so far that you've basically gotta be on the move almost as soon as you see it appear. see: ShowBox Kodi Lucky Patcher
  3. I'm hoping for a few new weapons maybe like how Miramar got the Winchester and the R45. They aren't that great but do add some uniqueness to the map they are on. Sidenote: Wasn't this map supposed to have a bit of snow on it? I hope the idea wasn't scrapped and is implemented into the next map. (Still waiting for that Snow Leopard skirt btw, it looks sick) see: ShowBox VidMate Mobdro
  4. Hi all, With the latest patch, we updated bluezone balance to speed up the early game phase (and make the end-game less punishing). Next week, we’ll implement more improvements based on your feedback. So please tell us what you think about the latest changes! Thank you for playing PUBG!
  5. During the creation of Savage, the PUBG Art Team traveled to Southeast Asia to capture the look and feel of the map. We took some time putting together an article for you to explain our process and to communicate one of the ways we've improved how we create new maps.
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