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  1. I would like them to uncap the fps in PTS to see how the game would run. This is the biggest reason why I haven't touched the game in months now.
  2. 55" tcl 605 series. 13 ms in game mode. Blacks are ultra black. 4K (except for PUBG) images still wow me.
  3. I've been playing other games for more than a whole year now waiting for PUBG to get better. I play it every few updates and see progress but PUBG still hasn't gotten anywhere close for me to spend a lot of time with it. They need to increase framerate, fix desync, and do something about the terible right stick feeling. I am addicted to F1 2018 currently. Got to make Mclaren competitive!
  4. I'm interested in knowing what kind of cpu time is freed up by reducing loading.
  5. Rendering was fine a year ago before they introduced predictive level streaming. It has taken a whole year to fix it (if reducing the data size is the trick.) As of right now the only thing that can get myself or my friends to play the game regularly is fix the desync, improve frame rate, and fix the weird right stick feeling. The first two are the biggest reasons I won't touch this game and my friends quit at 1.0.
  6. I have been complaining about the input lag ever since I started playing the game in 2017. I once played PUBG for a couple of hours and got so used to it that when I switched to FH4 I literally was turning into corners too early to account for the input lag I had gotten used to and had to retrain my brain for the responsiveness. I was using the 4K30 option as well so it wasn't even the difference in fps that I could blame.
  7. I have an X with an SSD so I never had issues with loading. I just want higher frame rate. Will reducing the game size help free up cpu resources for an fps increase?
  8. I wonder what kind of CPU resources will be freed up by reducing the data size of the game. Surely less overall data should mean less CPU time right? That alone should lead to some performance gains.
  9. Yeah the servers always feel so much better after maintenance. I don't get why they just don't do a weekly maintenance.
  10. AverageSniper has been playing FPP on PC and said it takes ten minutes to get into a game sometimes. This game was built for TPP and most people prefer it so they can pan around. I never liked TPP for anything other than GTA.
  11. I forgot this was even a thing! Apparently someone reported me for cheating in the last six months. Definitely not from PUBG. It's got to be from BF1.
  12. That would get me to try the game again for sure!
  13. A lot! When I used to play and had a frame drop in a gun fight I would instantly go to settings and bump everything up. Next smooth gunfight I was all over the place!
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