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  1. Cheater since 3 hours inside Solo FPP EU. Blatantly use of Wallhack/ESP and less use of no-recoil / snaps. Been unplayable against these cheater for 3 hours. Even the NA servers seem more clean than EU ones atm.
  2. Hello there, inside the One Shot One Kill Event, we had some huge lag spikes and network lag. So I disconnected from current match and rejoined it. No network isses after reconnecting. At first I wondered why my teammates were shooting at me after dropping/landing next to them. Well, my colored Team Indicator was gone and I weren't been visible within the Team Group on the left screen at all. Though personally for me I had a yellow marker just as our "Team/Group Leader" as seen on the minimap. Been killed by Friendly Fire a few times. This time I was kinda lucky to insta spawned or I would had reported my teammembers for nothing, ... until I noticed where the real issue had been and started. P.s.: Not sure if this issue also might happen on regular gameplay. Regards, N3
  3. Same goes with bandages. It is kinda hard to report since we spawn too quickly after these happenings.
  4. One Shot One Kill Event: Not sure if it is intentional, but a player just used Painkillers while running. Solo EU FPP OSOK Event. Regards, N3
  5. Lots of No-Recoil Cheater online, EU FPP Solo. Everytime from ~7pm - 4am CEST every day. Those piece of crap cheaters. I really dont care if it is a script or a hack. BAN AND HARM THOSE DAMN BADA$$ES
  6. He was a cheater. As wel as those I mentioned.
  7. A damned no-recoiler again. The 2nd one withon past 2 matches. Killed me by a MicroUzi. He didnt know where I was, I was suspecting him though since I whad been in that house and heared his motor cycle incoming. I camped for 10 secs. He openend the door, I shot with my DP-28, did like -20% HP on him, he kinda insta killed me. All happened within close quarters, ~3meters. No-Recoil was THAT blatant. He didnt aim, all was @ one line. Sry, cheaters.. past 2 games in a row.
  8. The whole day there were no any cheater present and since last 3 games in a row, I got killed by 3 obvious ESP/Wallhacker. So, I am done for today. 8pm ~ 9:30pm (CEST) FPP EU Solo ?
  9. I have just met a no-recoiler again @ FPP Solo EU it massively sucks... but still better than playing against 3 wallhacker noobs in CSGO.
  10. Since 2 matches (~6pm, GMT+1) within FPP Solo EU, there are again these No-Spread / Aimbot losers. At first they dont hit anything from 300+ meters and then immediately all bullets hit. > Lock-on > No-Spread > Kill me in 3 hits with M416 against my Tier-2 equipment As usually around TOP10 pfft At least I made 3 EUR by selling crates within these 60 minutes, but lost 2 games for "nothing". I gonna do a next one or two week break.
  11. Uhh, today I have seen my 1st video clips of cheater in where those teleport straight next to players and insta kill them and teleport straight onto weapon piles. Just check the Steam Forums to review those video clips. In my whole AntiCheating career within past 17 years I have never seen such a ridiculous joke yet. Even spawning weapons would be easier...
  12. I wouldnt post here unless I had a serious issue about PUBG. Where is the sense in playing when I cannot even reach TOP 10 anymore. Preparing 30 minutes to being killed by a little brainless cheater. Fun-killer. I am gonna do a break until a next ban wave appears for PUBG. This cheater outbreak on EU Servers is a mess!!
  13. I stood still and the cheater didn't hit me 3 times, I begun to run he increased his fire and every single shot hit me. He used 8x Scope with a silenced M416 and killed me from about 400 meters. This is going out of a control and I suggest a next ban wave please!!
  14. Greetins over there, Lately a lot of no-recoil cheater are present who ruin late gameplay with 10 players and less. Also it cannot be that a player with a silencer has a better recoil than me with a compensator. We both were using single-shot and had same weapons (M416). I already spotted him seconds before he spotted me. I generally use single-shot mode except for my UMP, so this recoil thing is real. So: From obviously cheater we have met, those "subtile" cheater are playing as well and since we predict rage cheater in-game so we lose the aim against these subtiles. It is simply a mess if a cheater oneshots me with his SCAR while I was wearing Tier3 gear. These cheater immediately snap onto targets' heads when those are hit and then kill me with a better recoil or even no-recoil at all. And what I have noticed is, all those cheater have same health left when they killed me, about 65%. I report everyone I can from these fishy happenings. And I thought EU Servers were clean..... until yesterday. I need to tell, these "subtile" cheater have overcomed in the EU Servers since ~yesterday/2 days ago. It was way better at start of this week. Within my actual vacation, I have played PUBG Solo FPP for about 10 hours non-stop every day. I feel this change which has appeared in-game. Hey, those subtiles don't even use wallhacks or ESP hacks but of course think, they can use no-recoil and a lock-on since the replays could be bugged about this which has been discussed a few times already. If you are Anti-Cheater as I am, please report them and keep the Servers clean. Especially the EU Servers. This is really disturbing the fun. I always do it under Top 5. BEST REGARDS, N3
  15. Hi there, I just exploded on a vehicle when I tried to use it. I wasnt be able to drive it, was kinda stuck, and then my vehicle with me exploded. Replay is here (attachement): https://ufile.io/g3uwz p.s.: this upload host is my 1st time i have been used yet. you will see on this demo, i joined a vehicle and exploded... Regards N3
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