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  1. Why you little... On a serious note, I totally get it! Take what you can get at the time you can get it. But in the moment i'm like fuck... just assess a second longer and I do some work for you. lol
  2. I'm that person that will shoot the tires. If i'm going down, I'm going to make it much harder for you to succeed. But... to keep with the theme of the post... I hate it when someone shoots me as i'm getting ready to pop someone. It's like dude! Wait one second and your life becomes much easier!
  3. That is one reason. I carry a pistol with about 1 extra full reload of ammo for it (if different from other guns). I will always pick up a silencer for it and use it to break windows at people, or get them to reposition around whatever cover they're near without being heard. Or to shoot out tires of vehicles without being heard so the players behind me racing to the zone don't have that option. Helps me setup ambushes by limiting their approach into the zone. Plus when running you run faster with a pistol than you do with SMG/AR/DMR/SR. So I have that out if I get surprised by someone when going through tree's or hills when I need to go a long ways. When solo I generally run everywhere. I hate making noise with a vehicle. Also you can really mess with your teammates by dropping some silenced pistol rounds at their feet or wall they're next to and watching them react. My buddies and I have had some good laughs at this.
  4. Not lame at all. That's called smart tactics and playing to your ability. Playing to your strengths and limiting your weaknesses. To me the best kills are the ambush kills where the other player doesn't even get a shot off, or even knows you're there.
  5. Just part of the randomness the fighting environment brings to the table. Not everything needs to be "fixed" to a perfect state to accommodate every annoyance one encounters during their fight. To me that is a realistic situation one might encounter.
  6. Yup. Wonder if he chucks his computer out and buys a new one if something on it stops working right?
  7. I would love it if BH decided to troll the Vikendi whiners and increase the wind noise so that it actually did prevent you from hearing anything. Let's get it so heavy wind is actually realistic with preventing you from hearing things. It would be epic. Wind is not too loud, and those claiming that can't hear anything are exaggerating the BS to try and force a change. It's the original rain whine all over again. It's complete BS.
  8. Oh the old TPP vs FPP which is better argument. It's so stupid. Each perspective requires a slightly different approach. Each requires skill to be successful. Are there more skilled FPP players vs TPP players? Maybe. But that doesn't mean a FPP is going to automatically own if they go back to TPP, and a TPP going to FPP could still own. Play what you want. I can't stand the elitist attitude some FPP people display towards TPP gameplay. It's so stupid.
  9. I just do not agree. The gun fires fast enough, the gun does good enough damage, and is accurate enough to be deadly. Stats are not the end all be all when it comes to winning or losing fights. Otherwise there would be zero reason to even pick up some guns. People put way too much stock into that stuff. Let's not forget, fights are so situationally random that the whole stats thing is a moot point.
  10. Because no other game brings the same type challenge where a very simple mistake will cause you to lose.
  11. I don't know about you guys, but I do extremely well with the UMP. I don't know why a gun has to suck or not suck based on some basic stats when so much depends on the user and the situation. When I got the gun decked I find it to be extremely accurate with good damage. If you guys don't like it, that's fine. But for me the gun works extremely well for how I fight.
  12. I've already started using the AR less and less. UMP is a beast already, and now it's getting a slight boost.
  13. That's a big jump in conclusions.
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