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  1. The sanhok boys who wanted Ernagel to have that kind of loot. Now it's just spreading.
  2. Gosh darnit! I want to be instantly good at everything I do! WTH man? Why can't we just press a button and learn something, similar to matrix learning. Get with the program!
  3. That there is a twitchbag scrub. Good job with the kill!
  4. The M416 and M16A4 you're trying to relate the differences in trucks with have completely different stats which effect how you use them. Kind of like the different types of vehicles: car, buggy, motorbike, trucks. If I had to decide which of those guns to use for 200-300m shots, I'll take the M16A4, even though the M416 would/could work. If i'm going CQC and had to decide between those two guns then I take the M416. Deciding if the truck is a bronco or blazer is really irrelevant to the actual gameplay, unlike distinguishing the difference between the M416 and M16A4. The truck only gets you from point A to point B... maybe at a different pace and route than if you took the fast Merado car or motorbike. The Kiddo part was meant to come across lighthearted, which is what the whole mom part was supposed to do to. I probably should have put a smiley face or something in there since I didn't word the text part well to convey that. Sure it can be fun to troll. But you seem to be taking this much more seriously on what to call this truck when it's similar to both. If I had to choose I'd say it's a blazer. But it really does not matter.
  5. I will call it a bronco, blazer, truck, vehicle, mobile, 4x4, or your mom if I damm well want to. Got it kiddo? It's a video game anyway. It can be a bronco or a blazer. My dad had both when I was growing up. The vehicle is similar enough to both to call it whatever I want.
  6. West end of Poly? Come on man! I thought better of you. That's like the crappy side of town. haha
  7. Has to get 7 kills to find loot when he never runs into anyone. How does he kill with no loot? And how does he kill if he never runs into anyone? Trolling for sure. Too easy to sniff out though. His game needs work.
  8. Hmm... something about this post seems.... trolly.
  9. I normally only care 45-50 rounds of 7.62 if I have a Kar or M24. Not sure why I didn't drop the extra in this round though. Even AR or SMG ammo, I stay at roughly 120. Only weapon I horde ammo for is the VSS. If I can get 300+ I'll get 300+. Then I find a vantage point and just start making it rain on anyone I see. That side of Poly is my favorite to land in that town. But I didn't want to land there that round. So I landed at the Farm. Didn't want to drive into the town mid game as I would be going in blind... not something i'm a fan of. Yeah. I figure I had the best spot... but also in hindsight (it's got 20/20 vision ya know) I think had I been going against a better quality (more experienced?) player the fight would have been much better and maybe different outcome. I feel I'd be thinking the last enemy would have been hiding in the garage already, and probably tried creeping along the base of the red building on the north side of the circle. I would probably have smoked the whole area out if I had the option to.
  10. Should we be limited on amount of health we have? Number of first aid kits, bandages, painkillers, energy drinks, etc. What about ammo? Should we have a max on that as well?
  11. They're still crying. I got killed by a nade on Saturday to finish in 2nd place of 1-man squad. But I didn't cry or say how BS it was... is something wrong with me?
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