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  1. xTekx_1

    Cheating Discussion

    I disagree. I've only encountered 2 players recently that I was sure was cheating. And that was last weekend. Since Vikendi was released I haven't seen a lot of suspicious players nor a lot of desync (still get some at times). End of 2017 to early 2018 time frame is when cheating went ridiculously bonkers. In my opinion it is currently no where near that level. I am from California and play FPP, generally between 6-9PM PST. I will get some games in on the weekends at times to.
  2. xTekx_1

    G36C on Erangel?

    I could get behind this. Though, I can just see people complaining about how the loot is broken because they can never find the gun they want.
  3. xTekx_1

    G36C on Erangel?

    By making putting all guns on all maps you literally kill the variety that the maps bring. As to your timeframe it is just pure speculation with no evidence to support.
  4. xTekx_1

    G36C on Erangel?

    There is no reason to do it.
  5. xTekx_1

    G36C on Erangel?

    I like that different maps have different weapons to choose from. Gives each map a more unique identity. And can we stop asking for things that give us everything with relative ease?
  6. They do listen to the players. Just look at removal of original rain, fog, plane sound level, map selection... just to name a few. However, they still need to stick to their vision of the game. And listening to any Tom, Dick and Jane whine about no sniper guns or it's not TDM enough just doesn't do anything.
  7. Well that sucks. I quit! I'll be back tomorrow.
  8. xTekx_1


    Do you know the ping of those 10 players compared to the players that drop with you at Castle?
  9. xTekx_1


    Hot drop issue. Fix? Don't hot drop Castle. Go in afterwards, or work your way there when the plane path is not that close to it.
  10. xTekx_1

    Vikendi UI visibility

    Well... for the map, I can clearly see the boundary lines. I have no issues with that at all. As far as the grids, I guess my experience in the game allows me to gauge distance just by glancing at the map because I know how much distance the map represents. I can see why this might be an issue for newer players.... but... I still think players can adapt and learn. For the left two pieces you marked, I can see how that can be an issue if you use those. I don't use those for anything and hardly even know they are there. I know if i'm crouched, and seeing your own characters name, version number and server ID number does not impact your game play at all. So while it's an issue, that part is extremely minor. I don't even pay attention to the gun icons just to the left of the mini-map. Maybe it's just me, but I know what guns I have based on what I picked up, and what slot they're in. I just know these things because I picked them up.
  11. xTekx_1

    Vikendi UI visibility

    Here are two short videos from NYE or just before that. I had changed my crosshairs to a pink color a while back. The dotted line going to the safe zone boundary I can see, and the safe zone boundary line I can see as well. They're both shown in the video's. Hard left flank. Why shoot at me in this situation? He made a really bad decision and shows how only playing for kills can, well, get you killed.
  12. xTekx_1

    Vikendi UI visibility

    I can see the HUD just fine as well on that map.
  13. xTekx_1

    sanhok is the superior map

    If they removed all weapons but crossbows and pistols the map would be awesome! As it is now, the map is horrible for a BR and is more geared toward TDM style play. Worst map of the 4. You can't change my mind on that opinion.
  14. Could be like me and completely ignore any and all missions created and listed by the devs, and create your own mission. My mission? Kill anything that moves and then jump up and down on their body! Ok... that doesn't always happen... but sometimes I decide to go through a round using only a crossbow and an SMG. Or see if I can get any kills with the Win94. I'll drop different spots to try different attack options on players around hot drop locations. Sometimes my mission changes and I want to become a bridge troll.
  15. xTekx_1

    crouch "run" the new OP stance

    I disagree with this. You can move silently depending on what you're walking on (or in) and the shoes you're wearing. Not all environments/terrain allow silent movement, but slow methodical and careful movements can allow someone to be as silent as they want.