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  1. Garand1987

    Event Mode: Public Beta - Flare Gun

    Can’t wait til after work now to try this ?
  2. Garand1987

    Cheating Discussion

    Should be able to see them in the replay tho, if you watch it that way and it’s an obvious hack, clip it and submit it via their reporting channels.
  3. Only had a couple of crashes on PC, and I’ve opted to send a crash report so PUBG Corp can get more data on the game. But, each time I’ve tried to send it, the crash report crashes with an error and it doesn’t send. Any idea what the issue may be?
  4. Garand1987

    Cheating Discussion

    Interested to see how battleye will do. Haven’t run into any obvious hacks yet playing FPP. but I did notice the top 10 board for TPP has names that are nothing but numbers. What’s up with that?
  5. Garand1987

    Game crash: Megathread

    I experienced my first crash(s) yesterday in a long time. I crashed on Erangel in the PTS while in the plane. reentered match, was on the ground, started punching fellow crashed player, instantly crashed again, no option to rejoin once back to game. In the next game I didn’t crash but on the third push of the blue 10 players crashed and died to the blue all at once (meaning they were all close to each other and crashed at the same time) on Erangel. No no error codes. Crashed back to dashboard. Xbox One X, 100 Mb/s Download, 100 Mb/s Upload. Hard wired and wired Elite controller.