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  1. Garand1987

    Constant "Server Lag Detected"

    Gotcha will do. I played on squads and they didn’t seem to be having the same issue I was, it was absolutly constant. Tried resetting my router but that was of no help. Would a clean install be in order you think?
  2. Anyone else getting this? Ive tried training mode and FPS Solo. Also i have verified game files etc. But every time im in any kind of game at all i get the "Server Lag Detected" every min or less. Is it just me or is anyone else getting that?
  3. Garand1987

    Got bullied

    Well, it at least lends some credibility to his claim. He did in fact get the same team twice, which is really the more incredible part of the story. Getting TK’ed by randos is quite believable, getting the same team 2x in a row is something else.
  4. Garand1987

    An alternative to the computer

    Personally I would invest mostly in a new GPU, something like a 1070ti SC would do just fine, you don’t need to blow all sorts of money on a 1080 or 1080ti (a 1070 ti is a 1080 that’s been cut a bit, the SC versions of the 1070 ti are the same as or even better than a base 1080 and they’re cheaper). Secondly is ram. You’re likely running DDR3, which is fine, but you’re MOBO has an LGA 1366 socket which is going to limit the potential of your rig since you can only use quite old CPU’s, and if you decide to get a new MOBO later, chances are it’ll be DDR4 which will make any RAM you buy now useless. So I would just get a cheapo (even used) 8gb stick and slap it in there. Doesn’t need to be ‘gamer ram’ a bare green stick will do the same job. You’re CPU can’t really take full advantage of an up to date card so you won’t see it’s full potential until you replace CPU, and by necessity, MOBO. A good setup that won’t brake the bank is an ASROCK B450 pro 4 (or the m4 if your case takes a Micro ATX board) and a Ryzen 5 2600. Whole thing should be less than $250 and it performs quite well, but will need DDR4 RAM. *A SIDE NOTE OF CAUTION* if you decide to first invest in a GPU (since that will be transferable to whatever to build/buy next it’s the best place to start spending) make ABSOLUTLY SURE your powersupply is up to the task. You don’t want to be sucking an old low output PSU dry constantly because of you pop that you risk every component in your rig.
  5. Also, how big is your monitor? Large 4K monitors running lower FPS are great for movies and single player RPG’s but can be a hinderance for competitive shooters. If it’s in the budget I would suggest a 24” 1080P monitor with a min of a 120hz refresh. You can get a pretty decent one these days relatively cheap. But that would depend really on what it is you mostly do with your PC. If you only play shooters now and then and mostly play RPG’s and movies it might not be worth it to you.
  6. I’ve got a 1070 ti, 16gb DDR4 @ 3000 and a Ryzen 5 2600 and I can’t get a consistent 120 FPS on low never mind 144 you’re right on that. Started a couple of patches ago for me, used to get much higher frames but no longer.
  7. I have my graphics all set to low except for textures (medium) and view distance (medium). All else low otherwise you tend to get pretty bad FPS, and lowering vegetation, shadows etc makes spotting easier. Also make sure to turn the brightness and FOV up. As far as mouse, it’s pretty subjective but the base for me is 400 dpi, windows sensitivity 7 and game sensitivity 4. I find having lower sensitivities is better because it helps prevent you from over swinging on your targets, and also helps with making shots that require a finer amount of motion out far. I forget what my zoom sensitivities are set to right now but I can post them later, would at least give you a base to work from that you can tweak to your liking because everyone is a little different. But lower is better and if you don’t already have a large gaming mousepad I would suggest you get one.
  8. Garand1987

    Footsteps on snow map?

    I’d like it. As others say it would add something to the game as far as stalking goes. But also, gives you an opportunity to use it to your advantage. Knowing you leave footprints you could have your squad walk up an area and then split left and right 2 each and circle around, then wait for a team to try and follow you by your footprints and then you could light them up on both flanks.
  9. Garand1987

    FPS Issues of my own now.

    Well, no bueno unfortunately. Still the same. Even getting about 190 frames in the lobby which used to be near 300, once in the game back down to 90-110 with my medium and low settings again. Just for giggles I decided to fire up Arma 3 on Ultra which I haven’t played in forever. 200 frames no prob. Weird.
  10. Garand1987

    BEST GAMES - get in middle of circle quick

    I tend to run the middle in the first few circles then work the edge as it gets small, that way what remains of the map is in front of me and I don’t have to spin to watch over what’s happening and it’s unlikly that someone will come up from behind. Only time I’ll work the edge from start to finish is if the circle falls on a cliff then that offers a lot of protection so long as the circle stays there.
  11. Garand1987

    FPS Issues of my own now.

    Huh. I did not know that. Well if all else fails and it seems to be a driver issue then I suppose I could revert and then try this.
  12. Garand1987

    FPS Issues of my own now.

    It for sure does lol. I forgot to check stuff when I did the driver update because I installed BFV and had to do the update to play it so was in a bit of a rush hopefully that’s it tho. Fingers crossed.
  13. Garand1987

    FPS Issues of my own now.

    Ah, you know what? I never checked my Nvidia settings after doing the recent driver update. That might be it especially if it’s running auto capture in the background. I’ll have to give that a look see. Would be nice to put it back to medium setting again and get the post patch 140-150 I used to. On Very Low stuff looks like the ‘Play-Doh’ houses I used to get on console 😂. Thanks for that and hopefully that’s it, for some reason checking that the Nvidia settings hadn’t changed didn’t cross my mind.
  14. Coming back to the game after about a month off and am having FPS issues I can’t figure out. I’ve helped people fix their before, but I can’t seem to get it right. Here’s the rig I’m working with. Ryzen 5 2600 16gb DDR4 RAM @3000 GTX 1070ti SC used to was I got over 200 frames with this running a mix of low and medium settings in the graphics. Then after an update it dropped to 150ish, but when I got back into it yesterday, 90-110 frames. Went into settings and noticed they had all been reverted to High after an update. Changed ALL settings to Very Low and it’s set to Full Screen, but only picked up about 10 frames which makes no danged sense. Only 100-120 frames with this when I used to get double that on medium? Has something changed that I’m not seeing or is this a normal thing for people to experience after some recent patch?
  15. Garand1987

    Event Mode: Public Beta - Flare Gun

    Can’t wait til after work now to try this ?